Quick Summary of My Paying Ads

Rating: 1 It's mostly an ad pack Ponzi scheme.

The Good: Uday Nara, the creator of this program, offers high visibility and even video tutorials. The program has a rather large Facebook group. The program is free to join.

The Bad: You, as the ad pack buyer/advertiser, rely on other ad pack buyers/advertisers to make money. Most of your earnings must be used to buy additional ad packs. The traffic is low quality because it consists mostly of other advertisers doing revshare. You're advertising other scammy work-at-home "opportunities."

The Bottom Line: Our recommendation is to skip My Paying Ads. There are far better business models out there, such as Wealthy Affiliate, that don't rely almost exclusively on member traffic and internal purchases to stay in business.

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My Paying Ads Review

My Paying Ads (MPA) is an online business platform that launched in March 2015 and is the creation of Uday Nara, a mechanical engineer by trade who hails from Singapore.

my paying ads

Uday describes MPA as a “viral advertising site” where you engage in three activities:

1. Ad pack purchases

MPA members purchase ad packs starting at $1 and place their ads on the MPA website. For every dollar spent, 20 credits are returned and can be used to buy text, solo and pay-to-click (PTC) ads, pay-per-click (PPC) and banner ads, and login ads. Clicks on and purchases from these ads result in earnings and commissions until the packs expire.

2. Revshare

Members can join MPA’s revshare program with a minimum $5 ad pack purchase. Members are then expected to click on ads placed within MPA, with a minimum amount of 10 ad clicks/day. Clicking on ads results in revenue sharing.

3. Referrals

Current members can recruit new members and make 10% referral commissions on their purchases. This applies only to Level 1 referrals. Referral commissions are paid out as a 30/70 split between cash and ad repurchase cash.

MPA’s good points

To its credit, MPA offers a decent amount of transparency about what it is and isn’t. If you read the site’s income disclosure, you are warned that MPA gives “NO GUARANTEE OF SHARE EARNINGS AND MONEY SPENT ON ALL PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.” The fact that no refunds are given for purchases is also disclosed.

MPA’s Facebook group is fairly active and seems to be filled with actual people, not spam ads or straw members who are nothing more than program creators. Also, there are over 43,000 group members.

As for Uday, he actually operates a YouTube channel wherein he attempts to explain how MPA works. In one of his YouTube videos, he even explains why MPA has been rejected by Paypal for payment processing.

MyPayingAds Owner Uday

There are only three videos posted by Uday on his channel; nevertheless, it beats having nothing.

MPA’s not-so-good points

Unfortunately, MPA is full of red flags that make this system far from an ideal, or even good enough, business model for individuals looking for online work and/or work-at-home opportunities.

Red flag #1: Member ad revenues come from other members.

As an MPA member, you are encouraged to purchase ad packs and post them to the MPA website in the form of banner, text, PPC, etc., ads. As an MPA member, you’re also encouraged to click on and view at least 10 ads posted on the MPA website.

The problem with this setup is that you, the MPA advertiser, are also the traffic source for other MPA advertisers. This forms a closed system where advertisers are clicking on the ads of other advertisers and hoping for external ad revenue to come in. This is also the schematic behind most ad pack scams.

Furthermore, there is no real interest in your ads; almost all the traffic is originating from MPA advertisers who are participating in the revshare aspect of the program.

Red flag #2: The advertised products are work-at-home and online “opportunities.”

When you enter the MPA platform, you eventually go to its products that you can choose to advertise via your purchased ad packs. Most of these products aren’t physical items like creams, vitamins or coffee beans. Nope, the products are mostly other work-at-home and online “opportunities.”

Sure, if you have your own product(s), you could use your ad pack purchases to advertise those products. However, there’s just one problem…

Red flag #3: The traffic is low quality and composed mostly of advertisers.

MPA says that it offers “high quality Pro traffic,” but how can traffic that is composed mostly of other advertisers (like you) be called high quality?

The traffic sources that MPA boasts aren’t outside streams from search engines like Google. They also aren’t composed of customers looking to actually purchase your products. Nope, the majority of the traffic is from other advertisers who are merely clicking on your ads in the hopes of maintaining their good standing in MPA’s revshare program.

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Red flag #4: Referral commissions make up a large chunk of member earnings.

Another way that MPA members are encouraged to earn money is by recruiting other MPA members. These Level 1 recruits earn existing members 10% referral commission on their product (i.e., ad pack) purchases. Member recruitment is heavily emphasized on the MPA platform.

Because new member recruitment and purchases are major sources of MPA revenues for existing members, this program easily enters into the territory of being an ad pack Ponzi scheme.

Red flag #5: Your earnings are mostly dedicated to buying more ad packs.

Let’s say you make $100 through traffic streams clicking on and viewing your posted MPA ads. If you think you’ll be paid the entire $100 into your Paypal account, think again.

MPA divides your earnings 30/70 into cash payout/ad pack repurchase. That means that you’ll have only $30 of actual cash going into your Paypal account, and the remaining $70 will remain with MPA for you to purchase yet more ad packs with.

We give My Paying Ads a thumbs-down.

Advertising member platforms have been proliferating this year; unfortunately, many of these platforms rely on member recruitment and purchases in order to keep growing and paying out older members. Inevitably, most such platforms collapse under the growing weight of senior members who can’t recruit enough “new blood” to maintain payments.

MPA is a advertising platform that has all the classic signs of going belly up just when it’s time to start paying members their earnings. We do not recommend investing in this platform at all.

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  • Fred Huggy
    Fred Huggy

    MPA just crapped the bed. Cant say I didnt tell the silly pumpers like Mark Fuller and Enrico Jenko that it was an obvious scam. What is their response?

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