The latest product that targets internet marketers is My Simple Passive Income Formula.

The Pitch

The sales page for this product is fairly subdued in comparison with most make money online niche products. That being dsaid it conatins the usual boasts:

  • 1800% profit
  • No email list required
  • No product needed
  • Proof that can’t be proved

And so on. This is all standard fare, with the exception of the author, Mike Menesse, telling you that there is no magic formula and that hard work and dedicatiojn are required. This does offset the rest of the spiel somewhat.

Buying My Simple Passive Income Formula

The product was on a dime sale which has now ended, so it cost $9.95. After purchasing via JVZoo, there are two upsells.

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The first is for $17 and states that it will teach you “little-known tactics” to boost your income.

The second upsell costs $9.95 and seems to be related to improving email list sign ups but I couldn’t tell for sure.

Neither of these upsells seem to be complementary to the front end offer, but rather tacked on in the hope of extra sales.

The Product

The product itself is a PDF e-book. The book is only 19 pages long and that includes several pages of fluff at the start.

In fact by the time he has explained who he is, his history and provided some more proof of earnings, I’m already on page ten.

The core aspect of the product is based around set ‘em and forget ‘em type websites, which hopefully send you commissions over time, even long after you have forgotten about them.

The author has certain criteria he based the system on:

1. I didn’t want to have to learn any new technology

2. Quick to set up

3. Had to be passive, set and forget

4. Rinse and repeat style, easy to replicate

5. Capitalise on other peoples products so I don’t have to create anything

6. Google friendly so as to get page 1 listing

7. Instant paypal payments so either JVZoo or Warriorplus system (or both).

8. Capitalise on social networks (good for seo too)

9. No face to face – not local business etc

The system is broken down into seven steps.

Step 1: Find a Product

The first part of My Simple Passive Income Formula’s system is to find a product to review. The author suggests piggy backing on new launches and products that are selling in droves.

How do you know what’s selling? Well he advises to visit a particular site and also just generally keep your ear to the ground.

Step 2: Get the Product

This is a really short section, which basically says: get a copy of the product to review. I do like the fact that the author suggests actually reviewing the product and only promoting something that you like and is of quality.

Step 3: Promote the Product

The step seems to be one of the main parts to it, and I was a little disappointed. It involves taking out an advert on Warrior Forum to promote the product. I understand his reasons behind it (Warrior Forum gets a lot of targeted traffic), but I also know that if you don’t get your timing exactly right you will have thrown your money away as your post gets buried in the hundreds of posts that get posted daily.

In fact the author even mentions this issue in passing:

Your advert will stay on the front page much longer than a wso, sometimes a whole weekend is not unheard of

My Simple Passive Income Formula Warrior Forum

Step 4: Leveraging Your Promotions

The system doesn’t solely rely on Warrior Forum though. In step 4 he covers using Facebook to leverage more SEO juice to the Warrior Forum advert.

Step 5: CYA

This involves covering your ass with a disclaimer and adding a bonus or two to the advert.

Step 6: Get Feedback

Here he briefly covers getting feedback on your advert in the form of comments.

Step 7: Get Social

Yet another broad section covering obtaining more social network cues such as Facebook likes, using Pinterest and so on.

My Simple Passive Income Formula Keep Calm
Possibly the best advice in the whole e-book

The Bottom Line

While I think that it is possible to make money with My Simple Passive Income Formula, I think that the results will be hit and miss.

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Mike states that some of the adverts are still pulling in occasional sales a year after being made. Well so do some of my blog posts and they didn’t cost me $20 to make.

I ended up working out the amazing 1800% and basically if you take $20 and times it by 1800% you get $360.

That’s not a bad return but using that percentage is just pure hype.

The other issue with the system is that you need to pick the right product and importantly the right time to promote it. Any misstep and you could simply end up losing $20 bucks.

At least Mike does admit that this process won’t work every time.

This system won’t work as a job replacement, though if you are lucky you may get some residual income coming in.

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