“Processing Auctions?” What the hell does that even mean?

We are proud to sound the warning on a new business on the work-at-home scene: processing auctions at home. The site is processauctions.com, but we expect we’ll soon see many other domains selling the same idea.

We are going to take a close look at this “opportunity” over the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to post this quick “heads up.” The person who tipped us off to this site states that the Process Auctions site is owned by Processathome.com, the now infamous rebate processing “company” that was the biggest work-at-home ripoff of 2007 and 2008 (judging only by our traffic). Click here to read the dirty details about rebate processing.

Even if “Processing Auctions” and “Processing Rebates” are not the same pig in different lipstick, there are a lot of similarities:

  • The price. You can buy into processing auctions and the Angela Penbrook rebate processing program for $197.
  • Borrowed legitimacy. Both sites use the logos of well-known companies, such as HP, Blockbuster, Home Depot, and Netflix, to make you think they’re affiliated.
  • A face and a name. Angela Penbrook or Angel Stevens has morphed into Linda Pierce. All of them are “America’s #1 Work at Home Consultants.” Or something. This time, however, the site includes a disclaimer about “Linda Pierce.”
  • The processauctions.com sale page acknowledges that Linda Pierce is not a real person: “For purposes of family privacy, the creator of Process Rebates At Home is using the pen name Linda Pierce. This story is based on real-life events from the life of the founder of Process Rebates At Home.” Did you notice something odd? This is processing auctions, right? Looks like the html coder forgot to swap out “rebates.” In the event that this is fixed later on, here’s a lovely screenshot:
    process auctions
  • The sales tactics. More on this later.

What Is the Claim?

The site claims you will make at least $13 for each auction item you list. List five items, make $65; list 10, make $130. List as many as you want, make as much as you want, yada yada yada. We’ve seen this all before.

What Is the Offer?

For $197 you supposedly get a training program that will teach you how to tile your house with gold. The program includes a 63-page manual that tells you all about processing auctions, a “Members area” (naturally), automation tools, a free mystery gift (naturally), and “much, much more” (of course).

How Do You Process an Auction?

Like I said, we’re not entirely sure yet because we haven’t signed up. But it looks like affiliate marketing through eBay. According to the site, you:

  1. Sign up for an account, probably through Clickbank.
  2. You select which products you want to list.
  3. You click the button to automatically list the products on eBay
  4. And then (here’s the key), you fill out a few forms to process the customer’s purchase, and Voila!, you just made $13.

The Catch

That list item is the giveaway. Did you see the little qualifier they slipped in? “Process the customer’s purchase.” That means you get paid only if someone buys the product after clicking on your ad. Have you ever clicked ads on eBay and then not bought anything? Yeah, me too. $13 per listing? I call bull shit. $13 per listing IF you list a product that pays a $13 commission, and IF someone buys the product after clicking on the ad you listed.

Well, at least they’re not calling it a “job” this time. So that’s an improvement. But the cautions are the same. You might be able to make money doing this, but you don’t need to spend $200 to learn how. Plus, if past experience with affiliate marketing programs is any indicator, $200 will only be the beginning. You’ll be asked to buy into lots more and will have to fork out lots more money.

Again, this is speculation. We’re going to have a closer look and do some more digging, so stay tuned. We’ll bring up the dirt on auction processing, processauctions.com and Linda Pierce relatively soon.

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  • ameze

    Hi, just tried to find out the legitimacy of this program for the “auction listing agent position”, i received in my inbox today. The sad thing is, I fell for something similar in the past trying to make money on “google ads”. I used my prepaid debit card as my credit card to pay for the information for a low fee of$ 1.97, but then other charges came for some other shit. good thing is I only had $10 on the card. They took all of that, but when they tried again, the card declined, then the phone calls started coming in. One young lady was even rude to me, and said, call me back when you are serious about your financial future. Anyways, I never used that card again because, the security of it was compromised. But, I’ll be a rat’s ass, if fall for that shit again. Thanks for clarifying the issue for everyone.


  • Ray

    I have been searching for a legitimate work at home program for the longest. If you know of any, please let me know!

  • Shanna

    I received an e-mail from jjohnson@theurbanlifeguide.com, as with your’s jj it is from Jennifer Johnson doing the auction processor thing. Just a heads up to everyone that alot of these are going around with Jennifer Johnson as the “lead sales” person.

  • jj

    There is a different version out that I just received. Auction Processor Position – Easy Work – Great Pay. I received an email from JenniferJohnson@mygeopublishingweb.com. I don’t know who this person is and looked up geopublishingweb and the first page there is a big typo. Company copyright in 2009. I think if you click on the email to go to the site you will agree to subscribe to this site. I didn’t click but I just want to warn others.

  • EJ

    GAH!… Here I am looking for an honest job, and all I see is ads for these scams – Now this broads’ name for “Marketing Perfection, Inc” is Diana DeAngelo and she wants the low low price of $157, AND your credit card.. ( I only looked at the site to see what it was..) Wish there was a way to filter out this BS in my job searching…
    Hell, I’d rather sell Amway or HerbalLife than get caught up in this junk… then again, maybe not… ;)

  • doug

    just echoing the questions, anyone know about Marketing Perfection, Inc? I went to BBB and got nothing, and cant find anything about it even when searching for its title and new york NY, aka its head quarters. somethings a little fishy. anybody that shares info, thanks!

  • R.M.

    I am curious about Marketing Perfection, Inc. Is this a legitimate opportunity? Has anyone tried it out???

  • Sandy

    Here’s another one and they post under different company names. You can google the $195-$495 a day phrase and find it listed under Home Depot jobs on some sites.

    MAKE $195-$495 A DAY Processing Online Auction Listings For Companies Like Home Depot And Ebay:

    Marketing Perfection, Inc
    Company Name Marketing Perfection, Inc

    Job Category Business Opportunity; Job Search Aids
    Location Fremont, CA • Hayward, CA • Washington, DC • Arlington, VA • Alexandria, VA • San Francisco, CA
    Position Type Full-Time, Employee
    Experience Unspecified
    Date Posted September 22, 2009

  • C. M.
    C. M.

    Just thought I would pass on the website for work-at-home jobs


    No funny stuff here – only legitimate jobs. I don’t get paid to
    advertise for them and can only state that there are real jobs, some
    with benefits and 401k and the like.

    It is a paid service – meaning $34.95 for a lifetime membership,
    with weekly job lists.

  • Edward

    There are legitimate ways to make money on line. I have been making a steady on-line income for almost two years now. I made a small investment on EBAy, after countless hours of observing auctions. I was able to take a $250 dollar investment, and by observing, tracking and re-investing, create a several thousand dollar a month income, + a huge inventory of products aquired over that time. But, it took LOTSSSSS of work, as any successful business generaly does. There are many dynamics that most people don’t realize are part of the online business opportunity. Timing, competition, pricing, marketing strategy, creative add building, shipping cost control, etc. I love my at home job, but I work about as much as ever.

  • fayahsoul

    If these auction listing jobs do really pay so much as their promoters(emily thomas et al.) claim then why are they combing the lenght and breath of cyber space looking for $97 from potential home-workers to join their agency?


  • Joe

    Danny, we won’t be looking into this “business” any further. No, it’s not legitimate. It’s misleading you by calling it auction processing. Read this: https://ivetriedthat.com/2008/02/23/rebate-processor-jobs-are-scams/

    “Auction processing” is the same junk as “rebate processing.”

  • Danny

    When the news about if this thing this ligit or not is revealed…..can someone please email me the results? My email address is minaja14@yahoo.com. Seems like every time a come across something that seems to be decent and ligit…. i look a little deeper to find out its just another scammer! I was just about to pawn my belongings just to raise up the money to get this program. The email about it came to me as a testimony about a lady names Cathy Banks.

  • Luly

    I have been looking for a legitimate work at home job these past months, and it has been terrible for me, i feel i have been scamed. i am happy there is information like this for everyone . Pls. let me know a legitimate web that i can find a job from home sooooooooon!!! Thanks!!!

  • jim

    I GIVE UP!

  • George

    I received an email today that sounds a lot like the one you are talking about, but mine was Auction Listing Agent Certification Program by Emily Thomas i thought it sounded to good to be true so i wanted to dig deeper into this program more i have been scammed before and i do not want it to happen again, it just seems that there is no work from home that are legit just scammers if there are any good internet jobs i would like to know because i lost my day job and i am 49 years old company’s will not hire me they will hire somebody younger with less experince than hiring me, so if there is a work at home job that is legit please let me know.

  • anonymous

    I made the mistake of actually trying Work at Home Recruiters. oops. They did not even send a confirmation email to let me know that the order was being processed. Well at least not yet. It’s only been THREE DAYS. I’ve already got the charges in dispute with my credit card co. I tried going to the contact us page on the site and of course they need a receipt #. Well since I never got an email it was fun adding zeros on there until it went through. I made sure to include my name, address, and my email in the comments field.
    They did have someone call me today. They said they had a personal coach to put me on the “fast track” and all I needed was $ 1,000 available on my credit card to invest to get started. I changed the subject to the fact that I had not received confirmation that the order even went through yet. I also mentioned that I thought I was to be listing items on ebay and he said that they would set me up with multiple lines of income. I said I just wanted to get started listing stuff so I could make my money back first and then go from there. Suddenly the phone call that was to last about an hour was done in less than 10 min. He gave me his # and asked me to call him when I had enough credit available. I do have that much available but it’s not going to happen. I wish I had been smart enough to find this site 3 days ago. I guess it was my turn to learn one the hard way. It’s embarrassing but I thought I might help someone else avoid the same problems I had with these scam artists.

  • Vyrna

    I got an e-mail today from Work At Home Recruiters, workathomerecruiters.com/index2.php. It appears to be something similiar to what you’ve described with processing ebay listings. Has anyone tried these people out?

    I’ve been burned before and am very cautious when I get an opportunity e-mailed to me. I always check it out on the web before jumping in. If these people are the same people just different name, then thanks for steering me clear of another deception.



  • Samantha

    Thank you for the insight. I just have one question. Is there any real jobs out there for people to be able to work from home. I am a mother of two and really want to make some income and be able to stay at home with my children. I have found so many scams it seems that is all that is out there. Again thank you for your time and consideration for other peoples money and peace of mind. Have a great day.

    • Joe

      Samantha, yes, there are legitimate jobs. You just have to know where and how to look for them. We like this site: http://www.freelancepulse.com/

  • Percy LE Page
    Percy LE Page

    I receivec the Spam e-mail about process auctions at home and my first quesstion was what does it mean / process auctions didn’t say much for me, but the sales letter on the site was interesting. Howeve I am glad I dug further and found this info. I know there are somelegit opportunities out there, but you really have to check before you click.

  • dyrol

    Listen, I truly do enjoy websites like this because like other people, you have saved me a lot of money and headache. I am a newbie to the web, and like many other newbies trying to dig through all of the bull is the toughest part of actually getting started. Don’t get me wrong… I am a chef by trade so long hours and hard work is the least of my worries; and I have been doing that for almost 20 yrs. now.

    The internet is a scary place for people like myself. It’s like a country boy moving to N.Y. City. Not knowing what to expect and people living life in a much faster lane than you makes you prone for scammers. All I want to see on the net is a little bit of honesty, just a bit. Sites like yours is all well and good, but after the criticism, where is the direction.

    I apologize for that last dig, but that’s just my frustration rearing it’s ugly head. Can one really find ‘legitimate’ work online without all the scams.

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