Quick Summary of Online Success Plan

Rating: 1 All the hallmarks of a scam

The Good: None that I can think of!

The Bad: Use of typical scammer tactics. Lot's of legalese and loopholes. No definition of what you are actually buying!

The Bottom Line: Avoid Online Success Plan if you can. It has all tell tales signs of a scam.

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Online Success Plan Review

Congratulations! You just hit the jackpot.

That’s what you’re greeted with when you arrive at the Online Success Plan website.

The question is though; have you really hit the jackpot? Is this system to make money online something that actually works, or is it yet another scam?

I know what I’ve put my money on, but let’s examine Online Success Plan in more detail.

The Sales Pitch

Whenever you’re faced with a product or system that is offering you money, or the chance to make big bucks, the first thing you should do is take a good close look at its sales pitch.

There are numerous tricks that dodgy marketers use to try and lure you in to their system.

Online Success Plan (OSP) sadly has many of these features.

The vaguely titled news logos

online success plan news sites

A common tactic to increase the legitimacy of a less than legitimate product is to splash lots of logos from prestigious companies on the sales page. In OSP’s case, they’ve used popular news sites.

In order to get around legal issues, the people behind OSP have used the vague lead line of “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On:”.

This stops them from being sued by MSNBC, Fox etc., but most people will miss the wording and assume OSP has been featured on these sites.

Guaranteed money

Next up is a guarantee that if you watch the video you will get some cash:

Watch this Short Video to get your $500 Payout…. Guaranteed!!

Sounds good right? Get $500 bucks for watching a video! Well, not quite, it’s a hook to get you to watch the video. In fact they only guarantee that you’ll make at least $500 if you buy the product and use it.

Surprisingly this is in their terms, but there’s wriggle room of course:

  • 21 Steps completed in 21 days
  • Requires full participation in the program, including qualifying for products to resell (which may incur additional cost, to ensure profitability)
  • Follow up with Mentor / Coach in a timely manner to fully act on the potential of our powerful system.
  • You’ll see a commission on the products you’re selling within 30 days AFTER the 21 Day Training Phase, or we’ll pay you $500.

According to those terms, it may cost you more money in order to simply qualify for the $500 guarantee, and if you make any commissions, they’re off the hook – even if it’s just a few cents.

Fake security logos

I really hate these. The site is HTTPS which is cool, but the people behind OSP have slapped on some security and ecommerce verified logos.

These mean nothing unless they are accompanied by a link to the verification site in question and these don’t.

They are simply there to lull you into a false sense of security.

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The video

The main part of the sales pitch is the video and this “short” video has a lot of red flags that you need to be aware of.

The first thing is them whetting your appetite by mentioning something called a Millionaire Website. The narrator doesn’t go into detail though, and that’s the point. They will dangle this in front of you in order to try and get you to buy the product.

Scarcity tactics abound in the video, mainly saying that if you leave you forfeit your website and $500 (which is a guarantee but they say it like you will definitely get $500).

online success plan forfeit

Next up comes a number of testimonials. They all say they made lots of money, but there’s something off with them. Firstly, they don’t say how they made the money; it might not even have been with Online Success Plan. Second, there’s no evidence that these are real testimonials.

online success plan testimonials

With the ability to buy a 30 second testimonial for $5 bucks, you should demand evidence before believing any testimonial out there. Especially when the sites terms state that they haven’t even been verified!

online success plan testimonials terms

Marketers make great use of stories as they help people relate to a product. Dodgy marketers are no different, and they all tend to use the same old tropes: I was poor, I made/found/was gifted by aliens a way to make money, now I’m rich and you can be too.

OSP uses the same old story too.

And then, OSP surprised me. It also made me worried. You see, I already know that this system is a scam, there’s simply too many red flags showing already. However many people won’t see this, especially because OSP dangle a bit fat carrot in front of you in the form of a free Mercedes Benz car.

They state “When you follow our system and hit the level of success we expect you to” we will give you a car for free.

A lot of people will pay $97 just for the chance to get a car. It’s scary because their terms are so vague; they can easily move and keep moving the goal posts so that you will never get the car, if the car even exists.

online success plan car

The narrator advises you that the system normally costs $15,500 but you can get it for $97, plus the chance of a free car, plus added bonuses.

Not only that, but if you try to leave, the site automatically offers you a downsell, so you can get access for just $77.

Really, does this sound real to you that a $15,500 product is being pushed for just $77?

It doesn’t? Why that’s because it’s not.

online success plan cost

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How can you discount a $15,500 product by over 98%?

What is Success Plan Online?

Based on their sales video, I have no idea! The “short” video goes on and on but never explains what the product you’re paying for is barring a “millionaire Website” neither does it explain how you make money.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t know exactly what your buying, couple with scam marketing techniques, there’s only one answer: walk away.

There’s nothing that is ringing true here, except alarm bells.

I didn’t buy this product because there’s no need to – the number or red flags being shown confirm to me (after reviewing many similar products) that the only thing you will get for $97 is a $97 hole in your wallet.

It’s your money, but in my opinion, Online Success Plan has all the hallmarks of a scam.

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