I like membership sites, and I like them for two reasons: firstly they are a great way of making money online, and secondly, it is great to be a part of one, to learn and to grow with others.

When I first saw Net Success Lab, my initial thoughts was that this was a membership site as it has a cheap 7 day trial ($5 bucks or thereabout) and then starts billing you for an excessive $97 every month.

While that price is a bit much for my tastes, I had to see what this was like, to see how it compared to other membership systems out there. I had to see if it has the community, the depth of knowledge and support that would make paying out nearly $100 bucks a month worthwhile.

I’ll tell you now I was sorely disappointed.

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Before You’re in the Door

I listened to the sales video. Well I tried to. Most of the time sales videos are ok, sometimes irritating, and occasionally downright funny. This one was simply boring. I left it running until the “buy me now” box eventually popped up.

Inside Net Success Labs

What I was expecting when I logged in was the usual sort of things you find in membership sites: links to training to help you grow, links to tools to help your productivity, a forum perhaps, maybe even some live chat! Instead I found a rather clean but basic looking single page.

It advised me to follow some steps to get started, all fairly basic stuff: obtain hosting, domain etc.

They do offer 2 years’ worth of free hosting which is nice, although it is obviously a reseller package so pretty much a shared host that you can pick up yourself for under $10 a month.

Part of the sales pitch I listened to that interested me was the mention of 20 free websites with which you can earn money, and behold, they were there.

I downloaded these before checking out the provided videos and “Marketing Mastery Newsletter” as, well, I’m a web geek and they called to me.

“Wow! These sites are awesome! …

… Well, no, not really.

In this day and age where we have several fully formed CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, why oh why would somebody offer me 20-line HTML based websites?

These sites generally consist of 3 files: an index file containing the rather minimal code, an image and a text file with some very basic data you need.

What you will get when or if you upload these “website” to your hosting is a single page site, reminiscent of the early days of the web, though to be fair they don’t look that bad and there is no scrolling text (thankfully!).

Now, I’m starting to get a bit concerned. I haven’t read anything else yet, but my first thoughts were: how will a novice deal with this? There will certainly need to be code edits. And how will this work with Google and SEO? There is virtually nothing to this site, or any of the 20 websites provided.

Further to that some of the templates will need more code work doing to them as for example one has an image that looks like a video, but no video was included and adding one in will require HTML knowledge.

28 lines of code is a website... barely!

28 lines of code is a website… barely!

Example Site from Net Success Lab

An image only site offers NO SEO benefits.

The “Training” Videos

Moving past the downloads, I checked out the 4 core videos. These are not exactly training videos, but a setup guide for the websites, Aweber etc.

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My fears of these being perhaps too complicated for a beginner were realised, you do need to edit the HTML file, and you WILL need to use things like FTP.

While someone used to computers and websites will have no issues with this, most people beginning their online business journey do not have these skills. Those who do possess these skills likely wouldn’t be bothering with such basic websites either. In both scenarios, a system like WordPress is ideal.

Another thing that I did not like was the video quality, expanding to full screen resulted in a blurry experience and the sound had such a gum to it that I was very glad these were short videos, but even the shortest became uncomfortable for me.

It doesn’t take much to improve sound quality and for someone selling a product buying a reasonable microphone for $100 bucks shouldn’t be an issue but apparently here it was.

The Monthly Newsletter

You receive part of the monthly newsletter directly from the website; the rest will be mailed each month.

The document was a 33 page e-book, I couldn’t tell if this was produced by Mike at Net Success Labs or if it was a PLR produced mass produced.

It was actually quite good, detailing things like adding banners and location of banners, how you can create your own banners, how to write good copy, call to action placement and a few other bits.

Besides the fact that this was a reasonable support e-book, I was shocked to find there was nothing else to guide the purchaser.

Think about it, you have got your domain, obtained hosting from Net Success or elsewhere, signed up to Aweber and Clickbank, fiddled with HTML and FTP and got your site uploaded.

Now what?


You are left hanging, possibly having to wait for the next month’s newsletter to find out more.

There should have been another e-book outlining some steps to take, what to actually do with the website.

The Bottom Line

This is a poor quality, overpriced product with no guidance and the likelihood of a beginner or even intermediate online marketer having success is doubtful.

The websites are way, way, way too “thin” in this era of Google wanting quality websites, so the chances of your site ranking are virtually zero. This means you would need to rely on other lead generation: social networks, PPC adverts and so on, which is still going to be hard what with a single page site offering virtually no value to the person visiting.

I would hope that these newsletters improve, but for $97 a month, I’m certainly not sticking around.

Alongside this, is the extremely expensive price tag.

As an example let’s use Wealthy Affiliate for comparison. Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to hundreds of training articles, dozens of training videos, free hosting and an easy to use CMS (WordPress), live chat, tools, and there is probably more. All of this for half the price of Net Success Labs.

Is Net Success Labs a scam? Borderline. You get something in return for your money, but it really is not value for money.

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In my opinion, avoid it!

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  • Harry Center
    Harry Center

    Thank you for your comments on Net Success Lab. I ordered it about 3 months ago through the League of Power, and as you suggested, this newbie could not get past the first several steps. The time difference between Arizona and Great Britain made support a huge problem.

    I am now trying to withdraw from the program and terminate my monthly payment ($19, not the much higher $97 quoted in your writeup). I have emailed the support line, but after 3 days have not received a response. Can you offer any suggestions as to how I might be able to accomplish the termination? Thank you, Harry Center, Chandler AZ (USA), hscenter@cox.net

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