I get it, sales videos are meant to hype up a product, to make it seem like the best thing ever, something you simply cannot live without.

Internet marketing sales videos though often make the infomercials and other adverts you see pale in comparison.

When researching the Tube Cash Code system I hit upon a video so full of clichés, bad acting and outrageous promises, that I just had to take a look inside.

The Tube Cash Code Sales Pitch

As videos set the scene, let me tell you about this hour long masterpiece.

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

First up it uses actors, that happens and is OK I suppose though I doubt any of the people supposedly making vast quantities of money have made more than $20 bucks to shoot a 2 minute promo for the product maker Corey Gates.

The main actor, who I’ll call Corey to keep things simple, continually states that this amazing system has made him millions, $32 million in fact and that his average students make $16,000 a week or about $832,000 a year.

Oh and he made $10 million of his $32 million in under 4 months.

Best of all, Corey offers to give away his entire system for free and that yes, you too, will be making $90,000 per day. He states this many, many times. This is not an exaggeration. I’m using his words directly.

The Cost


*Well, not free. It’s $49 unless you keep clicking to leave and then stay and you can get “it” for a mere $9 bucks.

Then of course you need to navigate the different upsells, and it’s a difficult journey as you need to sit through the videos until the option to buy or skip comes up.

There are 3 upsells each with a downsell. Buying all three will set you back between $482 and $772 so really the cheap front end price is just to lure you in.

I used “it” in quotation marks above because you’re never exactly told what you’re paying for. I don’t expect Corey to give away the farm, but some idea of what you’ll be doing other than “easily making money” would have been nice.

The System

This amazing, secret system was discovered by Corey “when [he] happened to hack [his] way into a secret Skype group”.

Again, his words, not mine.

I just had to view this magical secret that will turn me into a millionaire near overnight. I paid the $9 and was left with… nothing. The username and password that was sent to me didn’t work and email replies were automated, leaving me no where. I sent a few questions and had to play the waiting game.

After wasting a lot of time waiting for my login details, contacting support and getting provided with completely wrong login details and finally getting in over a whole day later, I started to get to grips with this amazing system that will make me $90,000 per day!

The member’s area is split into various sections outlining the different parts of the system.

Start Here

Obviously enough this is the place you should begin on your epic journey to $90,000 per day. It is made up of 7 steps, the first being to sign up for the live webinar (18th November 2013).

After that is a short promo to get you to call their “start up specialists” and to get a free gift.

I didn’t do this. Why?

Well, the last time I did something similar I ended up getting phone after phone call from people trying to get me to buy expensive coaching sessions. I am still getting those calls. You can bet that I am very wary of someone that says call, but gives no explanation as to why. In my experience, these are just to get you on the line to sell you unnecessary services.

The next is a time limited and capacity limited offer from Corey to build me a website. The scarcity aspect is a time tested marketing ploy and I bet the thousandth customer will still see this message. In reality, it’s just a hosting upsell.

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

Step Four is a Welcome video. Why isn’t this step one? We’re halfway through the training and I’m just now being welcomed?

The next step actually links you over to the Bonus Live Training option, which I cover below.

“Step Six” and we’re back to upsells. This “step” takes you over to a sales video for Mobile Money Code.

Finally, Step Seven is yet another upsell masquerading as training.

Let’s get this quantified. We have 7 “Training” videos. Four of these seven were upsells. I’m starting to think I paid money to be sold to. But alas, we have the…

Tube Profit Pro Software

This is the software! This is it, the thing that will make me rich!

I downloaded it with high expectations and then my anti-virus took one look at it and removed it.

I can’t say that this is infected with a virus, that wouldn’t be fair as I’m not a security expert. It may just be my anti-virus being overly protective, but it does raise concerns doesn’t it?

Tube Cash Code Security Warning

The software itself is called Video Shadow and was once available for separate purchase at $97 but now the original site is blank, even previous users don’t know what happened to it.

In essence the who Tube Cash Code system revolves around video marketing, which makes sense by the product name, but it isn’t until you actually purchase the product and examine the training that this becomes apparent.

In the sales pitch Corey mentions that you “don’t need a website, domain name or need to know a thing about internet marketing” which in part is true but without the website and the knowledge you will struggle to make a single buck. In fact, further on he pushes website hosting and website creation services at you!

 Step by Step Training

These training videos are based on the original owner of Video Shadow and are detailed and thorough, going over topics such as SEO and using different video editors to make videos, how to drive traffic to the videos and market them.

Bonus Live Training

“We’ll do these BI-Weekly.. That means TWICE a Week!“

Nine webinars that you can sign up to though the first one running at 39 minutes really didn’t tell me anything. It was a high level overview of the website.

The other video available to me was about an hour and consisted of a basic rundown though using YouTube, Google keywords and Fiverr.

Bonus Software

You get a free PDF and some other dubious software (according to my anti-virus) for finding keywords.


Done For You

Forty three premade websites for a variety of niches all of which include various adverts, articles, keywords PLR content, sales letters and a PHP website (not as basic as an HTML site, but not as advanced as a WordPress site).

These sites didn’t rock my world, but there might be something in there that you could use.

The SIMPLEST way to make real money online...
Watch this free video now to see how you can build a part or full-time income online. Click here to watch it now.

Tube Traffic

A final piece of software and the only one not to invoke the wrath of my anti-virus, however the actual installation software advised me to take care as this is from an unknown publisher and has unrestricted access to my site and internet connection.

The Bottom Line: Is Tube Cash Code a Scam?

Is Tube Cash Code a scam? I want to say yes, but rationally it isn’t a scam. For your money, you get a product and you get some detailed training.

My biggest concern was security. I simply didn’t trust any of the software provided to actually use it.

Some people may say I am over reacting and that it is safe, I get that, but we do so many things with our computers such as work, online purchases and communication on a personal level that I am not willing to put the system that pays my bills at risk. If you have a spare computer or don’t care, then go for it, you’re a braver person than I.

The whole sales aspect of the system smells like a scam and is in my opinion underhand. At no point during the lengthy sales pitches does it explain what the system is. Users are blindly purchasing the product on the hope that it will make them ridiculous sums of cash.

Could you use this system to make money? Sure, people have made a boat load of money off of YouTube and other video services. Could you make $90,000 a day (which works out to just over 32 million per year. And yes, that’s what is being advertised in the initial sales video…)? I am doubtful of this claim, unless you are skilled at both marketing and video production or are just damn lucky a number of times.

If you are interested in video marketing then this system might be of benefit to you as the training is pretty good.

Otherwise I would put your wallet away and save yourself some trouble.

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