Alright, let’s make this one quick. It’s a program called VirtaPay and they’re claiming to be the next greatest virtual currency. They’re also offering an obscene amount of money to “early-bird” users to thank them with developing the program.

Is it real, you ask? Well, let’s find out.

Is VirtaPay a Scam?

This one is tough because there’s nothing really going on here. There’s no product to buy or money to invest. You sign up for an account, receive $25 and VirtaPay promises to “give” you $20 every day that you sign in. Only problem is, you can’t actually do anything with the money. It’s just some arbitrary number that goes up every day.

That’s really all there is to the program.

I checked their Facebook fan page and there are currently some 49,000 people who ‘Like’ Virtapay. Let’s assume the company has 50,000 members total. I’m sure that number is much higher, but the nice rounded number will make for some easy math.

Okay, 50,000 members all receiving a $25 sign on bonus comes out to $1.25 MILLION dollars they’ve just “giving” away for no reason. Plus, they give out $20 per day just for signing in. Again, at 50,000 members this is ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY FOR DOING NOTHING. There’s no way a company can just give away a million dollars EVERY single day for no reason at all. That’s not how businesses work.

Let’s envision this program off the Internet. Say there’s a store that hands out $20 bills just for walking in the front door. You walk in, collect your $20, then walk out.

That’s it!

It sounds completely absurd, no? The line to get into the store would be miles long. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, let me just point out this little paragraph from the Terms & Condition page…

All account balances are held in VirtaPay virtual currency. VirtaPay maintains a virtual currency that is autonomous and independent of all nations and governments. The VirtaPay currency is denominated in dollars and cents (similar to the currency of the United States and over 20 other countries). The VirtaPay currency is currently in a closed system, and cannot be exchanged or spent outside of this system. Our plans include person-to-person transactions, integration with merchants and shopping cart systems, and much more. As is the case with any currency, once the VirtaPay currency comes into widespread use, its value as weighted against other world currencies can and will fluctuate due to market forces such as supply and demand, etc.

That’s straight from VirtaPay’s mouth. The money is useless and means nothing. You can’t exchange it or spend it on anything outside of VirtaPay. It’s absolutely meaningless and VirtaPay agrees.

The Bottom Line

The old mantra “if it sounds too good to be true…” comes into mind here. No one is going to pay you $20 per day just for signing into a website.

It just doesn’t happen.

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  • bowiser
    Reply is run by the same people as website. Why? Just look at both websites: the same design and the same practices inside. In prelaunchx to get money from all ten levels you must upgrade by buying one of two Clickbank products. The same is required for upgrade in VirtaPay. I don’t think it’s all about stealing your login information but getting rich with Clickbank products. That’s all both websites are about. I used to join them both and unfortunately upgraded in Prelaunchx with Forex trading Clickbank product. I don’t do the same mistake twice, sorry Vistapay!

  • Neoglitch

    VirtaPay’s “business” model in a nutshell:

    1. Start luring gullible people into the system by offering them an outrageous (yet meaningless) bonus of $100 “dollars” for signing up and MOAR.

    2. Keep on promoting the system for a couple of years (or more), as to lure as many pigeons as possible.

    3. When Pay Day is finally approaching, notify all pigeons within the system and tell them: “We are finally opening the box this next Friday!! However, you have to pay a small fee of US$100 REAL dollars to be able to use the crapload of VirtaPay money you’ve accumulated over the years!”

    4. Become one of the richest scumbags of the planet.

    5. Nuke the site on Pay Day, leave no traces and flee with the stolen fortune to the Patagonia.

    … can someone explain to me why that stupid site hasn’t been shut already?

  • stam

    I agree with Gaz totally. I also believed that virtapay was going to be an independent program that produces its own unique products but I was wrong. Why do you need to market clickbank products through virtapay when you could do it through clickbank directly and keep all the commissions? I think that virtapay’s offering virtual currency is only a dream that will never manifest to anything.

  • Gaz

    Is Virtapay a scam?

    1) Join Paybox and refer as many people as possible to earn virtual money, with the hope that it will become real money one day like Paypal did, years ago.

    2) They change the name to Virtapay and now we can buy & sell rubbish eBooks for Fake money.

    3) Email customers with news on how we are going to be able to earn real money, & that we should prepare for it by buying some eBooks from Clickback, which they earn 75% from.

    “Why arn’t these eBooks on the Virtapay site, and why can’t we pay for them with our vitual money?”

    4) Join there Ad sharing programme by buying any Clickback eBook that they are affiliated to & that they earn upto 75% for. Just so we can earn commision on 50% of the Ads that our new referals buy. (past referals not included)
    Virtapay claim this a viral way for us to earn money, as we will earn from our referals referals ..etc. But if one of our referals, or referals-referal buy into there Ad sharing, we wont earn from any of there referals.

    To be honest, If any referal we send Virtapays way do join up. It will be for the chance of earning money. So it’s not exactly VIRAL is it? As our earnings stop at them, and why are they going to buy from one of my ads when they can earn the commision by buying through themselves?

    Well done Virtapay. You certainly got me. All this for the traffic and you end up just being another Clickbank seller, earning off the back of all your loyal customers giving you traffic & from commisions on Clickbank software/eBooks that others produce.

    If you think you can earn hundreds or thousands then it’s not a scam.
    If like me you are not prepared to give them anymore referals, because you’ve already been down that road & still haven’t earned a penny. Then it is a Scam.

    Vitual money is worthless and what you “can” spend the virtual money on, is also worthless, out of date and most can be got for free anyway. lol.

  • Jaci

    Thanks for notifying me about this scam! I mean come on! Free money you can’t even use? This is what they said:

    •You start with $100 in your VirtaPay account and it’s free.
    •Earn up to $20 per day in your account for participating as we continue to develop our service.
    •Get a $25 bonus for each new user you refer.

    It sounds way too good to be true. I’m glad I found your site :)
    Thanks soo much :D

  • Sciantel

    At first it all seemed ok until they wanted you to join their affiliate links where you pay to be taught to bring people to their site. I was leery of them then and now recently they are saying to activate ads for their affiliate bonuses you will have to pay a small one time fee. Humm. That does not sound legit to me!

  • Liz

    I never hooked up my PayPal with them, but they are a scam – I’m sure. It’s even worse because I can’t view their website on this brand new computer. I have not visited their website since it came in a month ago… I’m blocked from it.

    However, I had to get a new e-mail account because my e-mail account was being spammed from 6478264783 things. What is bad is that that e-mail account was new, too. And I can unsubscribe as much as I want to, but it will still send me e-mails.

  • Andy Langdon
    Andy Langdon

    I gave up “Virtapay” and over $5000 “virtapay dollars” when they asked me to sign up for facebook and to give them permission to release my personal and my friend’s information to them! Now they are pulling the same stupid scam they pulled back in like November of 2010 where they wanted to make you an affiliate using your own money to pay for some program where they would train you to make money. They are at it again now in August 2011. This was suppose to open up to the public in March or April of this year they said…. well why are they farting around with this “affiliate garbage” they want you to buy. Open it up already “virtapay” keep your promises! These are two punks working out of their basement screwing everyone they can out of as much as they can. They are making money off about 50,000 suckers right now but not me because I had the sense to quit!!!

  • Tracey

    I’ve always had some reservations about VirtaPay (no means to contact them for one thing), but as long as it seemed there was nothing to lose, I figured why not?

    What made me stop short was the newly introduced requirement to log in through Facebook.

    When you logon through Facebook, however, you have to give permission for VirtaPay to gain info on your friends (I don’t remember the details, but I backed right the hell out). They say the FAcebook logon requirement is to protect members from spammers and scammers, but consider this: VirtaPay has no “contact us” link, no street address, no P.O. Box, no phone number, no means of any kind to contact them. Why should I give them carte blanche access to my Facebook friends when they won’t even let me send them an e-mail?

    Even if there were real money down the road (which I very much doubt), if it is to be had by selling out the privacy of my friends, I DON’T WANT IT.

    Seriously, has anyone ever found any way to contact VirtaPay? Any customer service link or address of any kind? Those things are usually very easy to find on websites – how I could I be missing them on VirtaPay?

  • megaancient

    Well boys what got my attention when looking at the site is this part in the PP.
    This means nothing to anyone, they carry on talking about when this system is competitive then only will you get dollar for your Dollars worth. Means absolutely nothing to me. So they can offer me $20 per day, what will that dollar be worth in real world terms?

    “All account balances are held in “VirtaPay virtual currency”. VirtaPay maintains a virtual currency that is “autonomous” and “independent” of all nations and governments. The VirtaPay currency is denominated in dollars and cents (similar to the currency of the United States and over 20 other countries). The VirtaPay currency is currently in a “closed system”, and cannot be exchanged or spent outside of this system. “

  • zephirus

    “This account has been terminated for violating our Terms of Service.
    Reasons may include: Posting prohibited items; abusing server resources; etc.”

    I never posted any item and my only activities on this site was to log in every day, check the blog for news and i only bought 1 item – how can I violate TOS doing this ? It’s obviously some random closing account, since everyone receive free money in their balance every day. I had more than $200 before suspension.

  • Baladya

    I had a question tho… “The VirtaPay currency is currently in a closed system, and cannot be exchanged or spent outside of this system.”
    Does this mean they sell stuff ? Like maybe you can’t spend it outside but you can spend it on stuff they already sell… (either way i know its spam…)

  • Phillip Barroso
    Phillip Barroso

    They just wast­ing peo­ples valu­able time.


  • A man
    A man

    Wake up people!!! Are you blind or what? This guys are going to steal your login information to your PayPal and bank accounts and take control of your money. Check the web sites independent of VirtaPay to educate yourself about VirtaPay. For example You will easily find that is an obsolete website. Compare it with reliable web sites ( for example) you’ll see who is who. Remember MMM ? That is just another way of getting access to your money. I warned you guys. Do not succumb to this scam.

  • Julian


  • Steve

    You covered it all in the third sentence: “They’re also offering an OBSCENE amount of money to ‘early bird’ users…” No need to really add any more. If that isn’t enough to prove it’s a scam and a worthless venture, then I don’t know what else is needed to convince the gullible!!

  • Mike

    I would assume they are harvesting real e-mail addresses for other sorts of scams, ones that probably involve paying for something. They now know 50,000 people who are more likely to be suckered into a scam, simply because they clicked and took the time. That is just my $.02’s though.

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