As some of you may have guessed, 2011 has been a little less than stellar for me. I need to take some time to vent here so you guys understand why the postings on the site have been a bit lacking a below par.

It started three weeks ago when I felt a bit sick. A bit sick quickly snowballed into the full-blown flu. I wrote about this last week and to be honest, I don’t feel like writing about it any more.

Just as I was recovering from the flu, I received an urgent call from my mom, telling me that my grandmother was hospitalized and there might not be much time left. I drove 6 hours home that night and was able to spend the following Saturday visiting my grandmother. I left Sunday and she passed away on Tuesday. Rest in peace, Grandmom. My timing could not have been more perfect as she was no longer talking in her final few days.

The funeral was held this past Sunday. I had to make the 6-hour trek back home once again. About halfway into the drive, I received a phone call from Discover Card’s Fraud Prevention Department. They wanted me to verify a few recent purchases to ensure there was no fraud occurring on my account. Now, I had anticipated a call because I spent quite a few dollars on a new suit, jacket and clothes the night before. However, the fraud department started by asking me to verify computer purchases made at HP and Dell. These were not mine. My credit card information had been stolen.

The scumbags spent $500 at, $490 at, $370 at and opened 2 Netflix accounts for a total of $1376. Discover cancelled my credit card on the spot and issued me a new account leaving me with no credit card for the remainder of my drive back and my stay at home. Almost all of the charges have since been removed, but the Dell purchase is still on my account. A fraud department representative has assured me that it would be taken care of. They have been extremely accommodating and helpful.

So to recap 2011, I’ve had the flu, a death in the family, and my identity stolen. And, it’s only been a month. Oh! And to top it all off, I mistakenly wrote 2010 instead of 2011 in last week’s newsletter. Many of you were quick to point it out and I sincerely thank you. It lets me know that you guys really do read what I have to write. <3I don't think my request to start 2011 over is a feasible one, so I'd like to just move-on and look forward to the future. I have a lot planned in my life and for I've Tried That in the coming months. I do want to thank you all for all the love and support you've shown me these past few years. My life just wouldn't be the same without you guys.This is the last depressing post I have for you guys. Starting tomorrow things will be back to normal around here. I already have the rest of this week's posts queued up and they're good ones.Thanks again and stay tuned.Love, Steve

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  • Lisa

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that was all the negative events getting themselves out of the way early so you can enjoy a happy, healthy 2011. Thanks for all you do!

    Live Well

  • Roland

    Steve ,I have to tell you how much I admire your character- fighting spirit,family supporter, humble,generous,humanitarian in the way you share knowledge and information for people to protect and help themselves.
    For me you are my “warrior in the commercial field against evil things that would hurt me and many”.Thanks Buddy.
    Continue to be strong and surround yourself with honor.
    God Bless

  • Carol

    I was sorry to hear about all that has happened. Hope all gets better now.
    They say things run in three’s hopefully you have had them all.

    Best Wishes

  • Kazine

    Your story reminds me of how easy time and schedules can dictate our involvement with life to a point of neglect. I have neglected to share the appreciation that dances in my head when I open your emails. Perhaps you could accept my gratitude.
    As you find your way to balance, know that your readers are right here reading your misspelled words, wrong dates and we will wait it out helping you along the way.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for being real. Makes me feel like we can trust you.

  • Clairetta

    Steve, my prayers are with you. I agree with one of the posters. I like the fact that you not only share how to make money from home, but that you are a genuine person with problems just like us.

    You’ll meet your grandmother in the air, for she is just asleep, when Christ comes back and then you can visit with her forever. I Thess. 4: 13-18

  • Frokey

    Hey Steve. I had one of those kinds of years last year. Father fell ill unexpectedly at the end of Dec. ’09. In the hospital and then nursing home until his death in October. Mom and sister in serious car accident in the summer. Nephew had a fall and busted up his mouth. I got divorced… I haven’t included everything here. So, needless to say, I know how you feel. So, here’s to making the rest of 2011 a year to remember, IN A GOOD WAY!!!

  • Lynn A.
    Lynn A.

    You, sir, deserve a Hats Off! You have endured and survived the trials of real life and came through with your SELF intact.

    I commend you, offer you my condolences and my respect.

    And I thank you. For telling all of us what you go through, give us strength and knowledge!

  • Carolyn

    Thank you for sharing. It makes you as “real” as the rest of us. Talk about or express anything; we are hear to listen and support as you are here for us.
    Listen……………. I could tell you some stories………………..

    Thank you for being you.

  • Suzanne


    You certainly have every reason to be a little off course. Keep the faith as you travel through the valley; there’s a mountain waiting.

    We all appreciate what you do!

  • Halina

    I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother; I lost my only grandma in 2008 and I miss her even now. I am also just starting to get over the flu. Haven’t had my identity stolen yet, though. Hang in there!

  • Joe

    I warned you not to give your SSN to that rich African woman so she could retrieve her money in your name. But did you listen? Nooooo.

  • Melissa

    I am so sorry for your loss and I hope the rest of the year is spectacular! Take care and thank you for all you do!

  • Deborah

    Hi Steve,

    I am sorry for your loss and I agree with the above poster that 2011 does owe you a productive and healthy New Year.

    I cannot believe you of all people had your identity stolen which should be a cautionary reminder to all of us that this could happen to anyone despite what safeguards we may put in place.

    I personally keep a very low credit line card specifically for on line purchases etc.

    And yes Steve, while I may not post much at all I always read your emails.

    Good to have you back and ready to move forward.


  • Dustin

    You’ve had enough happen to you in the last few weeks, I think that the rest of 2011 owes it to you to be very good lol. Once again I’m sorry for your loss. And always remember “Even though winter may be upon us with all the hardships that come with it, look close enough and you can see that even the white has beauty in it” Thanks for what you do Steve, I think I speak for a lot of peeps when I say, we really appreciate it.

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