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This review is a little outside our normal territory, but is so awesome I just had to tell you about it. It has saved our grocery budget and slashed my wife’s dinner-time stress. And if you try it, too, I’ll send you a free copy of our Complete Guide to Telecommuting.

What Is E-mealz?

It’s a simple online meals planner. For $1.25/week you get weekly meals, recipes, and shopping lists delivered right to your computer screen. Click here to visit

No more wondering what to make for dinner. No more complaints of “Spaghetti again?” With a membership, you get seven awesome weekly meals that will add variety and balance to your family’s diet.

Our Story
My wife (Her Hotness) is one of the busiest people I know. Kids’ sports, music lessons, parent-teacher conferences, and on and on. Before she signed up for, she used to think about dinner at about, oh, 5:30. And by that time it was too late to be creative or inspired, so she would go to the old defaults. Spaghetti. Pancakes and scrambled eggs. Rice and beans. Hamburger hash. All with frozen corn or canned green beans.

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Or on the flip side, she would run to the store for just a few things to throw dinner together. As a result, our grocery budget was running out when we still had month left. changed everything. She paid for three months up front. Fifteen bucks. For that small price, she has ended meal-time chaos, stopped the daily grocery shopping, and stretched our grocery budget. All of this has done wonders for her disposition.


After you sign up for e-mealz, you get access to the members area. You choose the options you want, and then download and print your meal plan. It’s that simple.

Her Hotness signed up for the “any store plan.” It is not store-specific, which means you can buy the ingredients at any store. (If you sign up for a store-specific plan, will plan your weekly menus based on what’s on sale at that store that week!) Here is a glimpse at one of our weekly meal plans (click the image for the full-sized, readable view). I’ve blacked out some of the details out to protect’s business. On one page we have the menus, ingredients, and instructions. On another page, we have the shopping list. The system is so simple, even I can make great dinners.Sample meal plan

To see more samples and meal options, go to e-mealz and click “See Samples.” The link is about 1/3 of the way down the center column.

Will It Fit My Needs?

Probably. You can choose from a variety of meal plan options, including 2-person plans, vegetarian, low fat and low carb.

Start Today and Get a Free Telecommuting Guide

I’m a big fan of eliminating clutter and busy-ness whenever possible. is one of the easiest ways to do that, especially if you’re a busy parent with mouths to feed. Click here to check it out and start simplifying your life today.

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  • lisa

    I love it! Thanks for sharing this one!
    Was your link a referral link-If so, I signed up :)

    • Joe

      I’m glad you like it, Lisa. Yes, it’s a referral link. So thank you!

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