With a product named ‘The Greatest Vitamin in the World,’ you would think Don Lapre might actually be legitimate. After all, it is the greatest vitamin in the world. Hell, Don Lapre claims this vitamin will cure diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer! Surely, he’s on to something.

The Claims

Don Lapre has found the cure to most of the world’s worst illnesses that are currently plaguing the Earth. Surprisingly, he’s been able to capture these cures into one tiny vitamin and now he needs your help distributing it! Because, you know, cures for cancer and diabetes have a hard time selling themselves. Never mind that. Just be grateful Don Lapre has decided to turn to you to help him sell the product!

For just $30, you’ll be given sales materials, your own website, and a guaranteed formula that will help you make millions from the comfort of your home while helping others cure cancer! What more could you ask for? All praise Don Lapre for not wanting to keep all of these profits to himself!

The Truth

First things first, the FDA has declared Dan Lapre’s vitamin to be a complete hoax. All of the claims made on his website about the vitamin’s ability to cure diseases are fraudulent. Surely, you can’t be surprised. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near the biggest scam run by Don Lapre.

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Oh no, Don Lapre’s biggest scam has got to be the millions of dollars he is receiving due to the hard work of the suckers he duped into selling this crap. The way it works is Don Lapre sets up “independent advertisers” (the work at home crowd) with websites and information on how to sell the vitamins to customers. Unfortunately, no one will visit your website. There are over 20,000 carbon copies out there already and yours will be no different. Low and behold, Don Lapre has the solution for you. It is a marketing package that will drive raging customers to your website. However, it’s going to cost you a few thousand dollars.

Okay, you bought the stupid website and you paid the jerk Lapre $1,500 to have customers come visit it. SURELY you will be making money now, right?


Lapre claims he will send you $1,000 for every 20 customers you get to buy his product. Considering the product retails for about $45, Lapre will be taking on huge losses due to his inability to do simple math. Regardless of his losses, Don Lapre simply will not pay those who make commissions. I have yet to read a single statement saying Don Lapre has handed out any commission.

Let’s review what happens when you spend $30 to enter Don Lapre’s program.

  • You’ll receive information on how to sell a vitamin the doesn’t do anything
  • You’ll setup a website that no one will ever visit
  • You’ll have to pay a few thousand dollars to buy an “advertising package” that doesn’t work
  • Don Lapre, himself, will reach into your pocket, pull out your wallet, and dump whatever money you have into a sack with a giant dollar symbol on the outside

I’ve had enough. Don Lapre and the Greatest Vitamin in the World are complete scams. Do not waste any time even thinking about giving this moron your money.

This review was sparked by I’ve Tried That reader Mike. He had the following to say:

The Greatest Vitamin In The World. Remember Don Lapre a scam artist from Arizona who continues to make money off of trusting people. I got duped trust me. What you get is your own web site to sell vitamins off of. Your job, just get people to go to the site and the site sells it self. If someone is interested enough to go you will get buyers. Common sense right. I never saw a penny but know I sold. I had more people check out my site then I thought possible. People who where interested and bought. After doing some research I found people with the same experiences. I also looked up Don Lapres record hes got plenty of lawsuits from this and other get rich quick schemes. Check it out for your self what a total waste of time.

Be sure to visit our contact page by clicking here. Feel free to submit a program you’d like us to take a look at. If you have had any experience with Don Lapre, please leave a comment below. We want to hear your story.

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  • Pauline Evans
    Pauline Evans

    I got caught up in Don Lapre mess I was so upset even till now.
    He is a damn con artist, SCAMMER I lost so much I cant even talk about and as you said we never get that commission we were offered.
    He is a damn theif

  • John Cosgrove
    John Cosgrove

    I too fell for the scam I so my 20th bottle and I got a letter saying that they went out of busines

  • Danny

    I to fail for the scam and lost a lot of money the truth is
    I really was thinking there was a way of making quick money
    fast without working for it even online you must work and make it happen. As many of you may or may not know Don killed himself so I pray for his family well being regardless of his
    out come we can pay the debts off and live for another day somethings money cannot buy or heal.For those who are able to forgive and move on pray for his kids and wife I know some will not but for those who will thank you!

  • Will

    Its sad to hear of peoples losses of course but come on, how could you people be so blind? I would be damned if I allowed anybody to take money from me to that degree. A little due diligence would have gone a long way. He played to peoples greed and delusions and was good at it. You people are the same people replying to those emails from the prince of Nigeria.

  • an

    This man is an evil. I hope there is a justice to all the people who victimized him. We lost $3000 and struggling to pay our credit card. I hope he’s still in jail and paying all the damages that had been done.

  • R C Pulliam
    R C Pulliam

    A Lot of Talk and Nothing’s being Done About Retrieving everyones Money Back. Is the or is there not a Class Action Suit in the Works? If Not It’s Time to Hound the Authorites or Maybe the TV Stations who love to Rave about who has the Best TV News Investigative Reporter. John Quiniones is the Best and doesn’t Back Off. I think he’s with the ABC Network that I can Recall. I’m in on joining a C. A. L. S. Contact me thru my E-mail.

  • Jamarcus

    i be tried theh vitamins to sell and dons phone peeples told me i was gona be rich like don so i gave them the 12,000 dollars they aksed four. it was every penny i had, it was to be for my mommas operation but i thought this way i would have way more than just 12,000. luckily i found don’s phone number thru a friend of mines and he repaid me my monies.
    Don Lapre’s Phone Number – 602-690-5505

  • Aldo Berardi
    Aldo Berardi

    I had the same experience before myself. And the 30 day money back guarenty is bull. 28 days I requested my money back after spending $1500 on the package and $1100 on the media service, I got nothing back, all was lost hope they gettheir heads in the vise and squezed till their eyes pop out.

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    I lost $8,300 to the greatest vitamin in the world scam run by Don Lapre.I wish there was some way to start a class action lawsuit against him. It’s terrible to lose that kind of money to a scam artist like him. It has caused me a lot of shame and depression. I don’t see how he can look at himself in the mirror and sleep at night. This man has ruined a lot of people’s lives. I know one day he will answer to a higher power that his smile and slick personality won’t fool.

    • Joe

      How did he get the $8,300, Gary? Really sorry to hear about that.

  • Scammed

    Yes this guy is a scammer! I lost my money on his marketing programs, whereas I found out that each customer service rep. was able to manage their own scamming (rip-off) prices for the marketing tools. I called two reps. approx. 3-5 minutes apart concerning the same marketing tool price and was given two different price listings. I tried dual calling on several occassions to discover whether or not they were quoting the same prices…they weren’t.

    The staffing are taught his scam practices and I really can’t see why anyone would be that desperate for work, where they are trained to rip off the public! I would be interested in hearing from his Ex-Staff Members….

    People if you hear of this company or man run far away….people are not warning you of this scammer because they are not “cut out” for a business or they failed their business…in this case the business failed them and it will fail you…”Run Away”.

  • TeraLea

    I thought it was an answer to everything I was looking for. I spoke to my “Mentor” who talked me into spending over $2,000 on this program. Sad to say, I’ve lost all of it and even though I tried to get my money back with their “one year money back guarantee” I was scammed out of every penny. Now I’m stuck paying high interest rates on the credit cards I used to pay for this piece of $#!+ program.

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