Today’s request comes in from Jillian who has asked us to check out to find out exactly what it is they are offering. It’s tough out there as a freelance writer. There aren’t enough jobs and there are too many freelancers. I’ve been working with freelance writers for over two years and I can understand their plight. So when a site like comes along and says you can get paid between $12 and $50 an hour by doing basic freelance writing, of course I’m going to have to look into it.

The Claims

The actual landing page leaves you with little information. A nice animation pops up claiming that you could be paid up to $50/hour for writing articles or blogging. Seeing as I blog on a daily basis and make nowhere near fifty an hour, I’m a bit interested. I have to give up some information first though. Just my name and my email address, no biggie.

“Congratulations Steve Ivetriedthat!”

Well thank you, Mr. Website. I feel as if I am not congratulated enough on my form filling in skills. Thank you for that boost of self-esteem. Oh, and what’s this? Thousands of smart people are already making $5,000 per week doing easy writing in their spare time? Well hot damn, sign me up. I have plenty of spare time and I consider myself to be a smart person.

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“The jobs come to YOU. Work as little or as much as you want!”

Well, my experience tells me there aren’t enough freelance writing jobs available, but this website is telling me that there aren’t enough writers who want to make about $250,000 per year in their spare time. Screw experience. I want to become rich as quickly as possible.

The writing tasks you’ll be doing will be so easy an 8-year-old child could do them…

Okay, now this one struck me as odd. I know a couple of eight year olds and I know damn well they aren’t capable of making $250,000 per year writing articles. Do you have any proof, Mr. Website, that an eight year old CAN do it? I’d like to see that. Forget child labor laws. The kid will be a millionaire by the time he’s 12. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind spending his childhood writing articles. Forget the child. He’ll just make it harder for me to make money. Onwards and upwards!

Get Started Today For JUST only $2.95!

Alright, now you’re starting to scare me, Mr. Website. On the previous page, you were telling me how I was quickly going to become a millionaire and now you want THREE of my hard earned dollars? I’ll conside– what’s that small text off to the side? “Monthly membership is only $47 dollars.” So, first you wanted just $2.95, now I’ll be giving you close to $50? For what exactly, Mr. Website? You have yet to say and that timer is getting dangerously close to 0. Should I give them my credit card and private information? Ah, I just don’t know. On hand, I can become a millionaire rather quickly and well $1,000,000.00 minus $3.00 is still a bit of a nice profit. But how can I be so sure? What is hiding behind this website!?

The Truth

Well besides fraudulent charges to your credit card and copious amounts of spam, you get nothing worthwhile actually. This website does not have work for you to do. Let me repeat that. will not pay you to write. Instead, they’ll give you a rather outdated list of freelance writing “companies” then continue to charge you $47 a month until you figure out how to cancel and dispute the charges on your credit card.

Schemes like are an insult to freelance writers worldwide. They are a detriment to the freelance community. Avoid websites like these at all costs.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer, join a free community or job board where you can bid on freelance jobs. Try searching craigslist, ifreelance, or getafreelancer. Hell, start by looking at our Freelance Writing Job Directory. Never, ever pay money upfront to do freelance work. How many times have you started a job in real life by giving your employer $50? That NEVER happens. It doesn’t make sense in real life and it shouldn’t make sense online. Don’t be suckered in by the claims of fast easy money. is just another work at home scam. It is a scheme developed to suck you dry of as much money as possible. Don’t fall for it!

Finally, here’s an actual email I received about an hour after giving them my name and email address. That’s it.

Dear Mr. Ivetriedthat user,

Recently you requested information to work at home… Based upon your
profile we have hand picked you for this work at home job. Out of
20,000 applications you were 1 of 25 picked for this job.

We would like to congratulate you for making the right decision
in working with us. You have a 48 hour window to claim your
position before we fill it with the next in que.

Click Here

Michael Stathmore
Freelance Home Writers

Stay away from this garbage.

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  • Mark

    A very informative post Steve, does you credit. I intend to stumble it, because people deserve to know about this scam. I looked into this trash myself, after a reader of mine alerted me to the site. initially they tried to “upgrade” my membership to VIP, and attempted to charge $97! The so called “jobsearch software” they use is nothing but an out dated list of work you can find yourself from e-lance and scriptlance. Worthless trash.

    Thanks for your post Steve.

  • John Peters
    John Peters
    Reply is definately one to avoid. Another one of those ‘scammy’ offers being promoted by a lot of the CPA networks. Lots of feedback on it here:

  • Jay

    I tried out this site recently. I figured $2.95 wasn’t too much to pay just for the chance to look around the site and check out their resources, at least. However, I very deliberately paid the $2.95 with a card that I knew did not have enough available credit left to absorb a $47 or more monthly charge.

    So I looked around the site, downloaded what manuals and ebooks and info they had available, and took a look at the job listings. Just the same feeble stuff you’d find on ifreelance or elance or similar site. Alleged “jobs” from shady characters who want 10 500-word SEO-packed articles a month at $2.00 per article. In other words, offensive and insulting junk.

    They next day, I get messages from the site saying that my membership had been canceled and that they were refunding my $2.95. The message made it sound like I was the one who had canceled, but I most definitely did not. They canceled my membership without my request or permission. Possibly because they found out the card I’d used wouldn’t work if they tried posting a big charge to it?

    It smelled like a scam from the start, and it surely turned out to be one.

  • Kukuruyuk

    Damn!!! Why I read this article after I registed…. uhhhhhhh thanks Steve. Today I register in that site, so can you help me how to cancell the membership, in order they do not charge my card again? Thanks …

  • Joel

    All’s I can say is THANK GOD for this website. I got an email for this “opportunity” and was going to sign up for it but had second thoughts. So I did some research and came across this site. Lucky me.

  • Steve

    Thanks Bill. We try and stay up to date on which ads can be displayed on our pages, but there are new ones every day and we can quickly fall behind.

    As for the membership, how long ago did you become a member? I’d still watch your credit card statement religiously. I’ve read plenty of stories while looking into this one that even after canceling within the 7 days, charges still appeared on the account weeks, or sometimes even months, later.

    My biggest issue with the site is that they say they will pay you to write articles, which is absolutely bogus. When you lure people in like that and then try and rip them off on top of blatantly lying to them, we have a problem.

  • Bill

    I do not expect this one to be published, but don’t you think you should suppress Google ads that advertise the very things you are proving wrong.

    Found on this page:

    Freelance Writing Jobs
    Get Paid to Write Online. We Show You How. Get Started Today!

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  • Bill

    Hey Steve, I spent the $2.95, and found the information on the site was worth about $2.95. No problems cancelling the recurrent charge before the 7 day free trial as long as you are willing to call 800 number during office hours (but then if you are working from home, that should not be a problem).

    Interesting that I had to tell the company which of 3 online offers needed to be cancelled. These on line work companies are nothing but mills.

    The original ad sounds like one person sharing their success, when it is really a company with multiple venues for taking your money.

  • Candy Statts
    Candy Statts

    I apologize, I was reading over all the new stuff and thought I was on the email page. Sorry about that. I am a member of Helium though, just started with only 2 entries. I was curious about this one, but won’t join them. Thanks again for all you do. I was investigating some other sites, so you saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks

  • Candy Statts
    Candy Statts

    Hi Steve,
    Haven’t had chance to catch up on my internet stuff, however, I just got an email trying to get me to work for a company as a payment rep. What do I need to do to earn my money, cash their company’s money orders. I get 10 percent of all money I process. Does this sound eerily like a money laundering opportunity? Anyway, I just wondered what you thought.

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