Hey guys. How are you? Look what I found. The self-proclaimed “only webpage on the entire Internet that can have you earning over $150,000 CASH this year.” Yes, I copied and pasted that directly from their website, but hooray! We’re all going to be rich!

The Underground Cash Secret Review

Michael Vincent greets us immediately on his presell page. Following his introduction are a few words of reassurance that yes, the thumbnail named guy.jpg which was stolen from a stock photography website is indeed him. The lies begin only a few lines in. I have a feeling this one is going to get ugly.

Michael begins his story. He was this poor guy driving around in a miserable Chervrolet as Ferraris and Rolls Royces driven by retired 30 year old dudes whipped about around him. Surely he was doing something wrong. He was driving an American car for crying out loud! Poor, poor Michael Vincent. He eventually started a conversation with one of these Ferrari enthusiasts and he found out that the secret to making money was to all online! Of course!

Michael was now determined to become a millionaire. He didn’t need any guidance. He wanted to become a millionaire and that’s apparently all you need to achieve this goal. As luck would have it, Michael Vincent found himself at the home of one of the Ferrari drivers a few days after beginning his quest. Even luckier, the Ferrari driver wanted to give Michael every single “secret” he had regarding making money online! For free! How could one person become so lucky!? Two days ago, he was just a regular guy and now he was hanging out with millionaires who couldn’t wait to give him money.

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Alright, even I can’t put up with this crap anymore. I’m not even a quarter of a way down the presell page and I want to gouge my eyes out. Really, Michael? You happened to meet a millionaire who couldn’t wait to give you the secret to his success? This has to be the most unoriginal presell page I’ve read yet. What happened to the creative online scams? These guys aren’t even trying anymore.

So, I finished skimming through the presell page trying to find out if Michael Vincent would reveal what the method was behind the Underground Cash Secret, but he declined to give out any real information. At one point, he kind of alludes to affiliate marketing, but doesn’t make it clear. Instead, he shows off doctored screenshots of Clickbank accounts and bank statements “proving” that he makes thousands of dollars per day. YAWN.

So, what is the Underground Cash Secret?

It isn’t much, that’s for sure. Here are a few quotes from actual customer who spent money on the program:

From Renee:

Hi all

In a moment of weakness, I bought this. Largely due to the recommendation of a heavy hitter marketer who usually promotes good products. This is just rehashed and tired old ebooks that you see everywhere. Even one of the bonuses is linked to another of these dubious sites. Yep, I’ve asked for a refund.

From Latanyar:

All I can say is don’t do it!!! I purchased this AND I had to purchase through midphase, another $166 and also got a pro pack. Than I did the most stupid thing. I purcahse a coach. Everytime I called my so called coach, I always got someone different and I had to explain my situation to them. I didn’t get the answer and had to wait two hours before I get a call back to here A BUNCH OF HYPE. I never received a dime from this program. I cancelled and got my money back except from the coaching part. They give no refund and they call and harrass you about your remainder balance from what you owe them.

From jimc76:

Yep. Signed up myself. Never provided any way to download anything. No responses from emails. Phone calls to number on the credit card resulted in promises of refunds which never happened so I filed disputes with credit card companies. Apparently PayPal has kicked them out ‘cuz they now use Secure Pay which doesn’t seem to have the same refund policy. The “coaching” guy called me & said I needed to spend money (on his services) to make money but I refused. He would not help with the refund – said it was not his job.

There are tons of similar complaints. I just don’t have the time or space to list them all.

The Bottom Line

Stay away from The Underground Cash Secret. The only secret not being told is that you will be spending $50 to give away your personal information so you can get harassed to spend thousands of dollars on some sort of training. If you’re looking to give away that kind of money, I know one poor I’ve Tried That writer who would love a few handouts.

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  • AUstyn

    My favorite part is where he says the guy was dressed in cut off shorts …CUT OFF SHORTS! and he was having a hard time decided if he should walk up to him lol It read like a terrible romance novel… from then on lol because all i could do was relate each thing he said to something ….gay related or well related to seeing a grown man in cutoffs..actually I pictured Nickswardson when he plays Terry on Reno911…remember that? .

    “He said hes a retired school teacher and does al his work from a website …” lol escort?

    I duno I’ve listened to too many of these to have an inquiring mind anymore lol but i was glued to it because every line was unfoldign like he was going up to a prostitute! AWESOME … hows that for a review ? —i try to do the affiliate thing but no luck yet…check out my site to learn how to get tons of traffic atleast thats DEFINATE(penny a visit)

  • j garrett
    j garrett

    i got talked out of $115. then they wanted to mentor me for $5405 once a week for 6 months. i said no it was too much money. thats when they started harassing me. stay away

  • Joyce Vogelsang
    Joyce Vogelsang

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to add a note about this Michael Vincent. I did not buy into his program, too many red flags showing, but I did give my email address only,for more info. When I did not respond to their follow up emails, they apparently did some searching, and found my name, address and phone # and began calling my home several times a day trying to speak with me about my interest in their program. Told them at least 10 times, not interested, everyday they kept calling, different persons each time. I got online got off their lists, they still kept calling, finally had to relist my name on my state and national “do not call” list.
    I told them if they call my home again, I will report them to the A.G. of my state. Finally, after close to a month, the calls stopped. They used very hard sell tactics, assuring me I would make lots of money with their program. Bunch of jerks would not take a polite “no thanks” for an answer. So look out, if you have given your email address, they will go from there and bug you in the privacy of your own home.
    Take care,

  • Miriam

    Hi all,
    I just love reading this article. I too have tried the “underground Cash Secret”. The first $50.00 dollars you spend is only the beginning. It is a total rip-off. I am glad to know that pay-pal kicked them out. I am tired of people taking advantage of us newbies.

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