What do Google Money Tree, Google Success Kit, Google Profit System, and Google Cash Kit all have in common? They all are illegally using Google’s trademark and exist solely to take as much money from you as possible without you knowing about it.

Neil and His Money Blog

Neil Anderson of NeilsMoneyBlog.com claims to make between $5,000 and $7,000 per month posting links on Google. He claims this isn’t a ton of money, but he gets by. Uhm, excuse me? Neil, you just get by on an annual salary of $84,000 per year? You poor thing! However, I think you’re lying Neil because the very next paragraph you claim to have made over $51,000 in February of 2009 by vacationing in France. Following that, you have a very poorly doctored screenshot of Adsense earnings totaling $2,300 in one day.

So far, the only thing I’ve learned from this presell page is that Mr. Neil Anderson can’t keep his lies in order across two whole paragraphs. His earnings are falsified and grossly exaggerated to try to get you to believe that yes, you too, can go from earning minimal wage to making six-figures in just four weeks using Google.

News flash! I’ve never heard of anyone getting paid to post website links on Google. Oh, you most certainly can BUY advertising space on Google, but that will COST you money, A LOT of money. Money you probably don’t have right now to throw away thanks to a stupid presell page that is outright lying to you.

Neil claims to make all of this money thanks to a nifty little program called the Google Cash Kit.

What is the Google Cash Kit?

I’ll be upfront, I don’t know. Nor do I care to find out specifics. I can tell you this, if you are considering spending or have already spent the $2.95 “shipping costs,” you’re in for a big surprise. Included in this FREE Google Cash Kit are three MONTHLY memberships that you are automatically enrolled into. They will continue to charge ridiculous fees to your credit or bank card until you cancel. Let’s take a look at their fees.

After seven days, if you choose not to cancel, you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the googletreasurechest.com membership…You have also unlocked a fourteen-day trial and twenty one-day trial to the Fraud SafeLockID and GrantSpring for just $38.84 and $24.87 a month thereafter (shows as “SafeLockID” and “GrantSpring”) should you choose not to cancel.

That’s right, Google Treasure Chest (Wait a second, I thought it was Google Cash Kit?) will charge you $135.92 PER MONTH until you call and cancel.


I can see the comments now, “But Steve, if it works $135 per month isn’t that big of a deal if I’m making millions!” News flash round two! It doesn’t work. Let’s look at this logically for a second. If anyone could go from a middle-income earner to making six figures in just four weeks, why the hell are we in a recession? Why isn’t everyone in the world quitting their day jobs, sitting at home, posting links on Google, and bathing in bathtubs filled with cash? Why? Why!

How to Cancel and Get Your Money Back

If you were taken by these false claims, FIGHT for your money. I’ve read too many comments of people just rolling over and letting these guys KEEP their money. Stand up and get your money back. Here’s how:

At any time during the first thirty days, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may call customer service at 866.951.1406 for a refund of your monthly subscription and the shipping fee.

Call that number and keep on them until they refund you your money.

Bottom Line

Stay away from these programs. They are using poor economic downturn to try to dupe you into making a poor decision that will cost you hundreds of dollars. Personally, I can’t wait until the FTC shuts down each and every one of these types of websites. Hell, I’ll even throw a party and invite all of you to join me in celebration.

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  • Tsevier

    um yeah I just ordered and I haven’t even gotten an email and I tried calling the number you said and it doesn’t work and it’s 11:30 central and it says to call back between 8-5 mountain time to speak with a customerservice rep ummm hello It’s past 8am there so wtf!!!

    – Worst idea ever don’t try at all!!!!

  • jeff

    this # you gave has no one answering calls, just automated line saying “no one is available” lol. any other way to approach getting refunds????

    -pissed and deadly :’?

  • Amanda

    This is totally a scam! when i went to sign up, I got a message on my computer from the site saying I was not eligible, so why would i think i would have any charges attached to my account. come to find out today a week later that they did charge me and they overdrew my account. The refunded the 72.21 but now im having to fight for 41$ in overdraft fees which they refuse to refund. Good thing I have prepaid legal to fight for me! Stay away from this scam and get prepaid legal!!!!

  • Deb

    Damn why didn’t I find this blog LAST WEEK???

    Just got my google cash kit in today. AND thanks to you I just got off the phone with them cancelling.

    *thumps self in head*

  • Hoshen7

    That reminds me alot of what was going on with reservation rewards/webloyalty. Its only a matter of time before these guys have a class action against them.

    The google cash kit is nothing more then a 80+ page PDF book, with a outline and instructions on how to do affiliate marketing and adwords/adsense. All of which is free on the net, if you know were to look.

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