I’ve been asked to review various MLMs over the years and my answer has always been “Sorry, but I’ve Tried That doesn’t review MLMs or network marketing or pyramid schemes.” I just don’t do full reviews of these types of programs and you’ll see why at the bottom of this post.

Instead, I do “I’ve Tried That Investigates.” I’ll take a look at the program, explain what it’s about, and share with you other people’s experiences that I found on the web. This article is an example of one such review.

Is ROIUnlimited.com a Scam?

The program in question is ROIUnlimited.com. I’ve received a review request from a few different readers. All get angry when I say I don’t touch MLMs.

“But Steve! This one is different,” they say, “It’s a network marketing opportunity!” Against my better judgement, I decided to look around the site. ROIUnlimited is an MLM that sells travel vouchers. However, the main goal is to fill a 2×3 matrix. Once your matrix gets filled, you get y our commissions, plus an added bonus, then you move up a level. The only way to fill your matrix is to recruit others.

For those of you unfamiliar with MLMs and matrices, a 2×3 matrix works like this: You’re at the top of the matrix. Below you are two people, below them are two people, and below them are two people.

I took this screenshot of one of the promo videos at ROIUnlimited.com to give you some visual help.

ROIUnlimited.com Pyramid

Look familiar?

The juxtaposition between the “You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This!” header and the gut-wrenching pyramid shape had my head in my palms.

The FTC estimates that only 14% of people make money in a 2×2 matrix. ROIUnlimited is a 2×3 matrix, meaning there is AN ADDITIONAL level making this even harder to fill. The ONLY people who are making money in these types of programs are the owners and the people at the top.

The majority of people who enter WILL LOSE money. This isn’t something you can argue against. It’s simple math. A matrix can not repeat forever. Eventually it’s going to collapse and MOST people are going to lose out. This is a fact. It’s not up for debate.

MLMs lure you into their programs with ridiculous promises of fast wealth at little work. They’ll use terms like “financial freedom,” “dream life,” or “independence.” Their goal here is to get you to invest every last dollar that’s available to you.

They get you to invest a little bit more, then a little bit more, then want you to recruit your friends, family, coworkers, etc to drain you for all you’re worth. They keep you going by promising a big payoff that’s just within reach. They’ll tell you to stay in and spend just a little more because the life you want is just around the corner.

Your money is eventually going to dry-up and once you’re no longer a viable source of income, you’ll get dropped. They may even go as far as to call you names, insult you, tell you, “You didn’t try hard enough. Obviously this isn’t something you really want.” It happens all the time. People lose tens of thousands of dollars in these things. In a few months ROIUnlimited.com will have a new name, run by the same set of people, promoted by the same group of followers hoping to strike it rich. The people at the top laugh all the way to the bank while those in collapsed matrices suffer from hard losses.

Every time I cover an MLM the same group of people come in. You’ll probably see some of their comments below if this post ranks high enough for ROIUnlimited.com. I’ll be called names, pathetic, told “I don’t get it,” or any number of things. But the fact of the matter remains most people will lose money in an MLM. And for that reason…

I Still Do Not Review MLMs

I don’t touch them. Never have. Never will.

I have a bit advantage being the owner of this blog. I have quite a few loyal followers. I could join practically any MLM, talk it up as the greatest thing that’s going to change your life, and make an absolute KILLING doing so.

But I don’t.

Why? Because I know most of you do not have the same resources available to you and would, therefore, fall very short of what I can make. Most of you would actually LOSE money while I profit off of your failures. That’s not why I started this site.

I value my integrity a bit more than that.

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  • PATY


  • Sharon

    Thanks Steve. Someone close to me just asked me to join Organo Gold. It’s such a coincidence that you were commenting on MLM’s so soon after that invitation. You know what they say: If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck. Everything from the matrix to the big profits sounds the same as what you described. You know something else? This is the second or third time I’ve been asked to join something like this that when I asked,” Is this a pyramid scheme?”, the response I got was “If you think about it all jobs are set up like a pyramid. There’s someone at the top and everyone else is under them.” When I heard this bells started ringing.

  • Renni

    I tried the MLM thing with more than one product and didn’t make much–even from the product I believed in…I’m not a “sale-sy” type of person and only got a smattering of supports from fam and friends. I haven’t touched MLM in many years. I don’t like trying to build a downline and stocking products. IM/AM/SEO/etc is way better.

  • Olga

    My friend went to MLM program and of course he tried to get me join so here is what I got.

    They tried to convince that the product was best and one of it’s kind, that because it’s belong to a company who has stock for a few year that mean it’s no a scam and ect…

    By the end of it i was convince and I started to develop a marking plane and I wanted to use the web (I’m a believer in web marking) then I start to hear the ringing bells (maybe the reason people fall for this is because they trust their friends and so they not putting a lot a thought in those things)

    First of all, I need to only pay… are you sitting? 1484$! that is almost 3 times bigger then what I get paid. Second of all, I need to be a good friend and let my friend join in.

    Amm… make story short. You pay to join and the one who sight you up get some percent from it. You sight up someone you and the one that sight you up get some percent.
    In the mean time you need also keep buying their product (so you can keep believing that he is good) and for each buy you do the one that sight you up get some cash.

    Sorry for the long comment…

  • Sheran

    Thank you Steve for being courageous enough not to touch MLM’s. I don’t believe there is a one is worth wasting your money on. Especially if you don’t have much to start with. Again thanks.

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