We’ve received quite a few requests over these past few days regarding the Mystery Millionaire. For those of you just getting started with making money online, he appears to be a godsend. However, to veterans, it’s obvious to see where these claims fall short.

The Mystery Millionaire Claims

The following are actual lines taken from his presell page. No, I’m not making this stuff up.

  • Yet it can allow you to earn a consistent $1,200 per day or more from the computer you are on right now!
  • No experience or technical knowledge required.
  • It allowed me to go from a dead broke construction worker making about $16 an hour (with zero computer experience) to doing over $200 million dollars on the Internet in less than 36 months.
  • By the end of 7 days you will know everything I do about making millions online

So, Mr. Jim W. “The Phoenix” claims to have been a broke construction worker that discovered a secret online that transformed him from a manual laborer to making close to a quarter of a billion dollars online in less than three years. How has he made this money? Well, according to the Phoenix himself, he gives away free information online.

Are you as lost as I am at this point? I’ll rephrase what his presell page is saying for you, and you try to make sense of it. Jim W. gives away free information on the Internet and has made over $200,000,000 by doing so.

Yea, I don’t freaking get it either. Nonetheless, I will be looking into this particular program over the next couple of days thanks to Wendy, an avid I’ve Tried That reader, who has shared her login information with me.

Be Wary of the “Mystery” Membership

The cost of joining the Mystery Millionaire program is a whopping $1. Jim says that your $1 will go to charity and you’ll be signed up for a trial membership for the “IMC Membership Club.” Jim neglects to point out what the IMC Membership Club is, but he does say that if you don’t cancel the trial membership you were automatically signed up for, he’s going to charge you $97.00 per month.

Jim doesn’t make it clear on how to cancel your membership other than to email insiders@imcentourage.com, which I did, but haven’t heard anything yet. I did dig through the terms and conditions page and found this line, “Members wanting to cancel please contact Pat at pat@imcentourage.com for full details.” I sent Pat an email to see if he would give me more details or a phone number to call, but so far, I have yet to hear back from him as well.

Who is the Mystery Millionaire

For a guy who claims to have made over $200,000,000 (yes, two-hundred-million dollars) on the Internet, you would think he would have a bit more fame attached to his name. I decided to do a bit of sleuthing and checked the domain registration information of mysterymillionaire.com and found that the page is registered to a Sonja Vukas and Real Estate Fortunes. Well, Mr. Vukas, if that is his real name, has quite the rap sheet on Rip-off Report. Click here to read more about him.

The only real mystery here is how does anyone believe this stuff? I’ll take the logical approach, as I usually do, and point out that if anyone could be making $1,200 per day with no prior experience or technical knowledge, then why isn’t everyone else already doing it? The word ‘recession’ would be obsolete.

Always do your homework on these types of programs before giving away any personal information. Sure, $200,000,000 looks appealing, but it’s not at all realistic. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Jane

    Back in 2008 I did try the program. I was charged $197 to get the benefit of using their custom built website. The first few days deals with the psychological aspect of attracting wealth.

    You can even advance to the subsequent days in the back office of your system so that you can review all seven days at once.

    It was good information but the program wasn’t for me. It was very down to earth. I clicked on terms and conditions and got the necessary instructions for cancellation policy. I faxed the info to the appropriate party, mailed back the contents, and just as they assured I got a complete refund – the entire $197.

    All communication was done by email. The representative told me every step of the way the status of my refund. I had to log into my back office with my password.

    I was not use to communications via email only but they kept their word and acted very professional with me. You have to know the terms of agreement prior to signing up, be aware of the limitations, and keep good records.

    All and all a positive experience. The refund was prompt and professional.

  • amy

    I did as many others on her have. I received the too good to be true eamil and wondered if it could be true…but like mama always said if it sounds easy and simple and too good to be true, it most likely is- having a baby is the only profitable gift u can be given!



  • JMR

    I have been doing marketing strategies and small business management for 20 or so years. I have a close relationship with Sheri B lessner (Customer service analyst) . It is obvious that this is a combination of a “Dollar scam”, “clone Marketing” and “Virtual laundering for interest”.
    I intended on writing a full explanation on how these scams work but I decided that this is not a proper forum for a 10 paragraph explanation of legitimate business practices that are twisted and exploited in order to scam honest people out of there hard earned money. So I will just give you a quick look at how it works.
    It works like this:
    1) Get a million people to send you a dollar (Presumably Non-Refundable) = One Million Dollars. ( How many people do you know that would invest $1 to start a profitable business?) It might not be the actual number but it sounds like a good goal to aim for. This money would normally be put in what I call a “Dead End Account” and it will never be seen again.

    2) Charge an amount for a service or product and call it a free trial. (refundable after 7 days, 30 days , or what ever. i think in this case the amount was 157.00 . If you drag your feet when it comes time to return the money you can earn a pretty penny just in interest from the money sitting in your account.
    It gets a lot more complicated then this but I don’t want to give potential scammers a blue print to work from.
    Be smart when you see an offer like this and analyze the claim. In this case he states that you can make money by giving out free information on the internet. If you think about it you might realize that public t.v stations and radio have been doing this for years. Look up some information sites on the internet , it is the same basic principal. IT is not really a secret and their are a lot of free resources to learn. people have been doing it for years. The secret to this guys self proclaimed success is hype and then if you get anything from him it will just be information that is available all over the internet for free.
    An example of a legitimate information site is “AwayBabyCare.com” look at the structure and follow the links and you will learn everything you need to know about how the Free information business works.
    Always remember that a Legitimate business opportunitiy will state up front what they are.

    Good Luck everybody

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith

    I called back right after I got the first packet of junk from ‘jimbo”and requested cancellatin and a refund, all I got was $97.00 withdrawen from my bank account- twice even tho I returned the 2nd package (unopened) and tryed to call agin. I put a stop payment on the account $30.00, had my Legal service send them a letter, and the Bank promised to turn it over to the FBI.

    • Joe

      Good work, Gene. Let us know how it goes.

  • craig taylor
    craig taylor

    just opened and read, “JIMBO’S GARBAGE” have not even closed the e-mail yet. when i got to the part about making money by giving away free info i laughed, thought what kind of scam is this, then googled jim w. “the phoenix” and your page was first on the list. thank you.

  • Angie McDonald
    Angie McDonald

    This is so funny! I hate to laugh at people but sometimes it can’t be helped. I received the “mystery millionaire” email this morning and laughed and thought to myself “never heard” of this person , what a scam, so I went to google and searched “mystery millionaire” and this was the first site that popped up.

    It was sad to see all the folks that actually thought that was a viable way of making money, or anything else for that matter. What was even worse was the response from Gwen that was looking for you to return her money. Priceless!

    Wake up you sick lazy dumb idiots and get a job instead of looking for the Leprechaun with a pot of gold.

  • Charles

    This is the biggest scam going. With all of it’s promises and false comments. It is truly a complete lie that got me for $1000.00 before I had enough sense to get out. I can’t believe that I fell for all of his/ hers or whoever is behind all of the BS they put out there. I am stuck with 50 videos that are worthless. He or she or whoever makes money on everyone they tell you to use.They should be held accountable and refund everyone there money. The worst part is for the people who don’t have much money to start with and are truly counting on this as a last resort. I really feel bad for them.

  • Warren Smith
    Warren Smith

    I went through the 7 day trial then canceled. The part about lining up affiliate networks didn’t set well with me.
    I found it strange that when I canceled, no one from the company asked how they could make it better or what could they do to get me to stay….

    One thing I didn’t like was that after the first few days into the program they mailed me some small kit……..once I canceled, I had to mail that back to get a refund of the upsell I took…….

    I did send that back and have got an email from the company telling me my refund had been credited to my CC, but I haven’t seen that yet.

    For the person above, who said they don’t communicate with you: I had no trouble………each time I submitted a support ticket they did respond in 1-2 days and I even called their office once so there is no problem getting in touch with them.

    All in all, if I were a good negotiator and could line up affiliate networks with no problem, I would have stayed in, but there is no help in that department so I left………….otherwise I didn’t see anything wrong with the company……..everything seemed like it would work OK.

    Good luck to all.

  • Kevin McCloskey
    Kevin McCloskey

    Reporting back in…….paid the $1.00 for the seven day trail…….got all the website info and videos online …one each day……on my last day……..seems to be going well….
    NO PROBLEMS WITH BIG JIM …THE PHOENIX….OR HIS SYSTEM…SO FAR……will report back in…..I like what this guy has to say……

  • John Doussa
    John Doussa

    I am truly exasperated. The first disk, PRODUCTS, did not go beyond page 1. After several attempts to get a replacement, I have finally given up. There is no telephone number to contact them, and the email address does not work properly.I think this is a real scam. What I don’t like is their having access to my credit card and bank debit card. This is very suspicious. Is there even a persom named Jimbo?

    Oh, yeah……..and how do you reach them?


  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith

    StiGenell trying to get something going or get out CDs are worthless

  • Kevin McCloskey
    Kevin McCloskey

    Paid the $1…….looking over the 7 day info……..calling office number toverify …things will go right…..No Membership,
    until……I read further !We will see!

  • Dennis Brehm
    Dennis Brehm

    I just signed up for your course on 4-17-09 and recieved my Full Biz Set Up package on 4-25-09 but when I put the CD into my computer it does nothing. Just wondering if I got a bad CD. I tried tried some other CD and they worked fine.

    • Joe

      Dennis, you do realize that it’s not our course, right? We didn’t make or ship the CD. This is a blog warning people NOT to sign up for The Mystery Millionaire.

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith

    I have been trying to cancel out of this mess for the last 10 days,with no sucess, The information to set up was not readable even with a magnifer, any help you can give me will be appreciated. It is easy to see how he is making his money.

  • Amanda

    I was curious about the Mystery Millionaire so I paid the $1 and also took them up on the one time offer of a discounted website. I was to get a new lesson every day for seven days. I was impatient and wanted the information faster than 7 days. I found an e-mail address and asked if I could get faster access. They answered very quickly, in a matter of minutes, and gave me access. After a few days I realized it was not for me. I again e-mailed and the account was cancelled and the amount charged for the website was refunded. I found them very easy to work with and may some day go back to give their program a go.

  • Sally

    If you really have a good complant and what to do someting then
    Call Network Solutions at 1-800-333-7680 using the domain name of PLATINUMACQUISITIONSINC.COM
    I have complain to them, if we get enough complaints going they
    will take some action.

  • Dale W. Arthur
    Dale W. Arthur

    I joined this 7 day program on April 27th and can’t seem to get it up and running. I’m really not sure if jimbo is for real or not but I would be interested in finding out! I have read his 7 day manifesto and believe the FTC would have shut him down if it wasn’t somehow on the level. I also joined a shawn casey program last year for $8,225.00, now it’s about 10,000 my credit score is currently down to 600, my borrowing potential was about $190K, now it’s down to about $50K. This was with a company called prosper learning that I became involved with because of buying and then retuning a product called business in a box, about 10 days later my phone was ringing off the hook with shawns heavey hitters, all scammers, by the time I figured this out and got the contract they had rolled this over into a learning advantage credit accout with HSBC, well I cant afford to pay it and I didn’t learn anything at all really, I called the office of the president of HSBC and asked for a clean contract copy, they told me if I paid them off for the accout they would provide it, the presidents office said they didn’t have one and the FTC is asleep at the switch, they act as though they are too busy playing video games to investigate this. What’s your take on all of this?

  • Lois

    I joined the Mystery Millionaire 6 days ago and am trying to work out how to get out of my subscription. None of the 7 day trial worked apart from the first 2 videos. The guy was out to lunch on the second one claiming that his kid had woken him up for several nights and his wife had left the tap the carpetson so that the carpets got soaked. Thanks for the phone number.

  • nibia ruiz
    nibia ruiz

    Biggest scam out there. They make it sound sooo easy and rewarding financially, it was very easy to get suckered in I know because I was. I paid out $157 and was suppose to receive all I needed right on line to get started immediately and never did and I was also suppose to get a phone number to call for team support or if unhappy for my “guaranteed” 30 day trial refund. Well guess what, your right I received nada! And they have the nerve to continue to e-mail to join, Get them fast!

  • nibia ruiz
    nibia ruiz

    You want to get a hold of Pat…. Well here is the number I was
    given because, after my first day of my free trial I couldn’t log in only to find out from “Pat” that they claim I emailed them after the first day of the 7-day free trial that I requested to have my membership cancelled. So I couldn’t even finished or better yet start the free trail. But, the good news
    is Pat wrote me with a phone number to call so they could record what I was emailing to them and then they would reactivagte me, ha! Do you want the number…..thought so, here it is…1-800-216-7461 and its Pat Monroe to you, lol!

  • Gwendolyn Smith
    Gwendolyn Smith

    I just heard from my bank they let me know that some money was taken from my card. This was suppose to have been done since February and here It Is April. Whatever the transition I want to cancel.Send my money back.

    • Joe

      Gwendolyn, you realize we don’t have anything to do with it, right? Do you understand that we didn’t take your money?

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