We received this email earlier from a rather distressed reader:

I have checked your site and can’t find the company listed. My brother says he has dropped $14,000 (yes 3 zeros) into US Online America Group and so far no call backs from the staff or his “business coach” and his “business” isn’t up and running yet. I believe it to be a scam but he doesn’t think so. Please advise.

Eesh… $14,000. Fourteen. Thousand. Dollars! Now, I have no idea what The U.S. Online America Group sells or promotes or does for that matter, but whatever they do, for $14,000 you better be getting some damn call backs from the staff.

So I ventured out on to the web to find a bit more about this company. Where to start? Google of course! A search for “The US Online America Group” yields some interesting results. The first listing is for the actual website, but every other result after that links to a page warning you to stay away from USOAG. That can’t be good. I’ll avoid those for now and try and take an impartial look at the site.

What is The U.S. Online America Group?

No. Clue.

I looked around the site, read a few pages, but could not come up with a clear consensus as to what the hell you would be doing. I found various links to Amazon and eBay and confusing as hell pricing charts, but no real clear answer as to what the hell they do. They reference setting up a website for $199 plus $89/mo hosting fees (really? $89 PER MONTH? REALLY?) but what you’ll be doing with that website, I have no idea.

Back to the Google search results.

I spent some time reading hundreds or even thousands of complaints against this company. Apparently they suck you in by offering to setup a website that sells satellite TV dishes. Approximately half of the complaints say that the company refused to setup a website until the victim sent in more money and the other half said after spending thousands of dollars, they received a website that never made a single sale.

First they suck you in by offering to setup your website. If they even get it up and running, it will perform poorly. Traffic will be pretty much non-existent and that’s when they’ll hit you with the “advertising package.” They claim the advertising package will send thousands of targeted visitors to your new website, at a price of course. The cost of the advertising package varies, but I’ve read stories of victims getting burned for anywhere between $2,500 and $15,000!

I have yet to read a story where someone has made a single sale.

That’s right. The advertising packages don’t work and no one is making any money. Well, except for the scammers who are running The U.S. Online America Group.

There is just one piece of the website that I do have to share with you guys. There’s a testimonial link on the homepage of the USOAG which you just have to see to believe.

The US Online America Group

Have you ever seen anything more pathetic?

Now, what advice do I have for the original emailer and any of those who have sent money or are thinking about sending money to these guys?

  1. Stop communicating with them immediately. Don’t send them another dime.
  2. Demand a refund for everything you’ve sent them. If they refuse, threaten to contact that Attorney General in Arizona and to chargeback the amount of money they’ve taken from you.
  3. Get in contact with the Attorney General’s office in Arizona anyway. Let them know about the company and their shady business practices.
  4. Do a chargeback on the money they’ve taken if they refuse to give you a refund.
  5. Talk to your bank/credit card company and get your card numbers changed to ensure they can’t take another dime.
  6. Good luck.

Company information:
U.S. Online America Group
404 W. Broadway Rd. Suite #107
Tempe, Arizona
Phone: 1-800-237-9354

Please leave a comment below outlining any experiences you’ve had with the company. We’d love to hear them.

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  • Got taken in by Online America
    Got taken in by Online America

    I’m writing from Richmond, BC, Canada. I too was taken by this company (American Group) back in 2008….I put on credit $2000 and never made one dollar from the site……I’m still paying on it years later.. Don’t spend your time and working money for this company… Its looks good but that’s how they get you. You should phone the BBC to make sure.. I didn’t do that until it was to late.


  • Yvonne Neary
    Yvonne Neary

    I too was ripped off by this company, had to cancel my credit card, they got about $1800.00, I am a single person struggling to pay a mortgage for 14 years, and these smooth talkers and scammers took advantage of me. I hope somebody will try to get my money back but I’m a bit doubtful, Although I did learn something from this horrible ordeal…Now you can’t even get a hold of these people, number is no longer in service.

  • Diane Wilson
    Diane Wilson

    HI , I am another Canadian, who, Approximately 2 years ago I also taken by those liars . I lost money also with this company. I can,t believe I fell for this scam. They sounded so convincing but after months with no returns, I too complained, and complained and complained. After several threats and letters I did finally get some of my money back, but not all of it. I can’t believe they are still out there on the internet sucking people in!!!! All I can say, is if you have been taken by them, don’t give up. Keep fighting.

  • Susan Simpson
    Susan Simpson

    I was taken in by the high pressure tactics and smooth talking of these liars. In 8 months, I received no return on my investment and when I phoned to complain, I was told that they could not inderstand why. My bank said they couldn’t do anything as this was an American company and the Canadian banks have no agreements concerning fraudulent businesses in the USA. This is why this company is now targeting Canadians. I finally contacted CR Consumer Resources LLC at 602-465-9094 and spoke to Jay Rosen. thoroughly checked them out first and they managed to get all of my mony back in just over 30 days.

  • R, K.
    R, K.

    Thank God, when the US Online America Group called me I had the forethought to go on google and see what I did about this group while I was speaking with him. The first indication of a scam was that he would not call me back in one hour so that I could think about the offer. He told me he would just hold on as long as it took for me to think. Probably didn’t want me to have time to research them because he knew I would get incriminating info about them.

  • phx scams exposed
    phx scams exposed

    Get Rich Schemes and Fake Review Websites

    Some websites are themselves scams; claiming to offer you a good deal, a warning about scam business plans or reviews of other websites and get-rich schemes. The overwhelming majority of the time, Get-Rich-Quick Schemes are shams, actually promoting their own (or others) prices or products, which are terrible and at worst, some are identity thieves! Some use a variety of convoluted businesses to skirt the laws and regulations, as many, if not most Multi-Level Marketing companies do, some are blatant rip-offs.
    What Defines a Get Rich Scheme or a Scam WebSite?

    We all intuitively know when we are being conned or scammed, but there are some clear warning signs to watch for, that we use to define scam websites:


    Hyperbole – The first and most obvious clue to this type of scam is hype. If the website uses exaggerated claims and hype phrases like “earn passive residual income”, “for only pennies a day”, “now you can get slim in just minutes” or “Get rich now!”, “Earn big bucks in minutes per day!” you can bet it is a scam. A simple rule of thumb is if you see multiple dollar signs like “$$$”, you can be certain that a scam is at work!

    Hidden charges – When they offer something for free, but you have to enter a credit card to pay for “shipping and handling”, watch out! Once they have your credit card number, they can bill anything they want to it. Of course, you can dispute it, but they’ve prepared for that; the fine print usually says that you have also agreed to try their product or service, and if you don’t follow their complicate return rules exactly, then you’ve bought it.. something you don’t need, didn’t want and doesn’t work, often for hundreds of dollars.

    No details – They won’t give, up-front, you the slightest clue about HOW you’ll make all this money in no time and for almost no effort. Guess what? You have to buy their magic book of their secrets or sign up to their program! Ooh!

    Bait-and-Switch: If the website’s advertising, or domain name are clearly different from the intent of the website once you get there, it’s a scam.

    Misdirection – if you type in a web address, but it redirects to a different web address, that is usually a sign of a scammer.

    Get-Rich Scams and Work-From-Home Schemes Unmasked!

    See our page that lists the most common get-rich schemes like Isackson and 49GetMoney.com, others
    Reporting a Fraudulent Business Proposal
    In the United States contact:

    U.S. Secret Service
    Financial Crimes Division
    1800 G Street, NW
    Room 942
    Washington, DC 20223

    Phone: (202) 435–5850

    Fax: (202) 435–5031

    Or contact the local U.S. Secret Service Field Office.

    Contact the Foreign Commercial Service (FSC) at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If there is no FCS office, contact the American Citizens Services Unit of the Consular Section or the Regional Security Office.

    Other U.S. Agencies and Websites

    * State and Local Consumer Protection Agencies, Master List for the United States – If you are looking for the best local consumer protection agency to use to report a scam, seek advice, to obtain assistance in resolving a dispute, this list has the contact information!
    * EConsumer.gov, a service of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network
    * Federal Trade Commission, Washington D.C.
    * National Fraud Information Center and Internet Fraud Watch, USA
    * Nigeria – The 419 Coalition, USA
    * Department of Homeland Security
    * US-CERT Computer Emergency Readiness Team
    * National Infrastructure Protection Center (FBI)
    * National white Collar Crime Center
    * Digital Phishnet
    * U. S. Postal Inspection Service
    * U. S. Postal Inspection Service Publication 300a on Frauds and Scams
    * United States Secret Service
    * Scambusters
    * National Fraud Information Center

  • Bob

    I signed up with these people just a few minutes ago… It was only then I had the bright idea to Google their name. After reading HUNDREDS of stories of people who were charged thousands of dollars to keep a website going and not receiving a dime for it, I decided it was time for me to cancel my subscription.

    So I called the number they gave me. And a nice girl named Jennifer answered. I explained my situation. I told her about the things I’ve read on Google, etc.. etc.. Then she went on and told me stuff like; well you know, every major corporation get complaints once in a while, even microsoft and apple, blah blah blah. I didn’t wanna hear it so I told her straight: I want a refund. She told me the initial payment was unrefundable, as stated in the agreement. I’m not an asshole and I did read the custumer agreement and it DID say that payment was unrefundable. So I said: ok, fine, just cancel monthly fee.

    Then she said: Okay, I’m gonna have to transfer you to a quality representative (or something like that) then i waited for ten minutes and THEY HUNG UP ON ME. SO what do i do? I call back. Same girl, right away she says: sorry we hung up on you there was a technical problem blah blah blah. Then she transferred me again. Finally the line was ringing again. then some recorded voice went on to say: Sorry, all our offices are closed. I hung up

    I was so MAD. So I called again. Different girl this time. I told her what just happened. She said she was sorry and that she was personally gonna try to get in contact with a quality manager.

    Finally I was able to talk to this “quality” guy. He was quite nice actually… But he kept going on and on about how the stories I’ve read on the internet were just a very small percentage of unsatisfied customers. “We have more than 14,000 customers who sign up every year…”. But I told him it wasn’t going to be possible for me and I’d still like to cancel my monthly fee

    Then he was very nice and told me: “Ok we aren’t going to charge you anymore, Unfortunately the initial payment of 60$ cannot be refunded but you won’t have any obligation to pay 20$ a month from now on”

    Then our conversation was over

    So yeah, these people aren’t the worst and I can’t REALLY complain because I haven’t even tried it. But yeah I did lose 60 $… Oh well… Let’s move on.

  • Jean

    HI , I’M also a Canadian who’s been suck dry by those liars . I lost 6000$ + .
    I can’T beleive I fall for this scam .

  • Diane Wilson
    Diane Wilson

    Another Canadian who got suckered in with US Online America’s fast talking, convincing, awful sales pitches. Can’t believe I was that stupid to the tune of about $5000. It’s been almost 1 year and I have yet to make a single penny. I would be happy to get the $4000. dollars back that I paid for there so called advertising impressions. (60000 to be exact)It will be 1 year in July 2010 since I signed up with them. On Monday, March 22,2010 I sent this email to Nick the Sales Manager.
    Hello Nick, Just wondering if the figures were up to date below. I only have a little under 4 months left on my contract and still have not had a sale. It just seems like 51883.00 is a lot of impressions left and I understand there was no guarantees. Please advise. When I check the web sight it does show impressions sent out daily and I now only have Remaining Impressions: 28855.50. Statistics says they send 30 daily but to where and who??? Thank God I am not alone in this. Diane

  • brenda

    I am another SUCKER, they have my sin number, i cancelled my credit card, after the first call, another call came wanting me to invest another $500, when i said NO, i called them to cancel and they told me someone will call me back to finsih the processing, so far no call, my credit card company is going to investigate, but i will send an email to the attorney general and this other site someone added for canadians, it look like we are their target now.

    i won’t give up until i try every avenue, this company need to be shut down, eric m. if your reading this, i hope you sleep well at nights, the first caller, and then samatha the 2nd caller, her mistake was asking me for more money, chit thats when i called my credit card company. I cannt believe i fell for this bull scam, whats worse they have my sin number, nowed im worried.

    i will come back to comment on outcome of this mess i got conned into (big S on my forhead)

  • Sharen

    OH !! How I wish I had had the forethought to research this company before I too signed up. I am including a web address to add to your post so that others might see ahead of time the sales pitch they give to you. I will be following your advice and demanding my money back, which I have already been told by “Nick” –Quality Management Supervisor, that I would not get, because there is no company anywhere that refunds your money after you have had access to their web pages.

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