Quick Summary of Leaders League 360

Rating: 1 Too many upsells and unrealistic claims about fast earnings.

The Good: The system is free to join and includes simple, step-by-step directions.

The Bad: There are four products/programs you need to sign up for in order to succeed with Leaders League 360.
You are asked to purchase over $1,000 of advertising and marketing products.
The program is overhyped as a fast way to make lots of money.
On the Facebook Group page, some LL360 members report getting limited or even no support from the program founders and their associated ad agencies.

The Bottom Line: Unless you are an experienced marketer who can make use of ad packs, automated traffic generators, affiliate networks, etc., this system has many upsells, is a huge investment of money, and may not be worth your time. Also, some of the products, especially the ad packs, may not deliver on their promises.

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Leaders League 360 Review

If you’re tired of work-at-home scams and overhyped claims of easy money in just days, the Leaders League 360 program promises to give you access to a real home income opportunity that, once set up, runs on autopilot. The program is backed by creators/leaders such as Ari Maccabi, I.M. Bigg, Mark Crosby, Steve Dourdil, and others.

At least that’s how you’re introduced to this program from its sales page:

Leaders League 360

What is Leaders League 360?

Leaders League 360, or LL360, describes itself as an automated funnel system that generates profits for you from four different income streams. It is heavily emphasized that you are making a passive income while keeping your day job or performing your day-to-day activities. The system is offered for free after you provide your name and email in the sales form. You also get access to the LL360 Facebook Group.

What are LL360’s income streams?

1. BeOnPush

This program offers real-time bidding (RTB) of advertising, with RTB being defined as automatic or programmatic buying of advertising placements. The price of the advertising will vary depending on its placement and the campaign in which it is used.

The basic ad pack costs $20, and you are strongly encouraged to purchase a start-up ad pack package of 20 x $20, or to make an up-front investment of $400.

Translation: You’re buying ad packs and hoping that they will appreciate over time to expire at 150% their purchased value. Unless you know some advertisers, you’ll be selling most of your purchased ad packs to new LL360 recruits. This makes this program fall into the dangerous territory of being an ad pack Ponzi scheme.

2. Traffic Monsoon

LL360 states that you can purchase traffic through Traffic Monsoon (TM) to get clicks on your ads and product purchases that will earn you commissions. The traffic is divided into units called “ad packs,” interestingly enough, and an example ad pack discussed by I.M. Bigg costs $50.

You are also required to click 10 ads/day “as part of the profit-sharing portion” of the TM program.

The problem with TM is that it delivers low-quality traffic that is highly unlikely to convert (e.g., generate sales). Also, you are a part of your own traffic and must click on either your own ads or those of others in order to stay in the program.

3. Automated Wealth Network

Steve Dourdil introduces Automated Wealth Network as an affiliate marketing and training platform. There are four portions of this program, and they are priced at $7 (for the Fundamentals training course), $47 (for Core training), $97/month (for Underground training and membership), and $497 (for elite Academy enrollment).

affiliate products costs

So, to get set-up with Leaders League, you need to drop over $650 just on AWN alone, and almost $100/month thereafter.

AWN offers an affiliate program with products- but guess what those products are?

Affiliate products

Yep, you’ll be recruiting other members into AWN in the hopes of earning a commission from them.

4. Power Lead System

Rob Fraser introduces the Power Lead System, or PLS, as a marketing system that helps drive traffic to your ads and also offers generous commissions from any PLS tools you sell to others, including products like BeOnPush. Rob emphasizes several times that you need to buy traffic and ad packs to make your marketing system work. You must also be involved in AWN for this “fool proof strategy” to work.

Leaders League

There is more choice offered in the PLS for purchasing various marketing tools; however, you’ll end up paying roughly $25/month to take advantage of the majority of what the PLS offers.

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Is Leaders League 360 worth it?

LL360 has many upsells.

Do you have over $1K to instantly drop on an untested online income system?

Every affiliate marketing program requires some upfront investment. However, LL360’s upsells and cross-sells are substantial even for most online programs. Likewise, its offered products are not top quality items that buyers are going to instantly purchase.

You’re recruiting affiliates- heavily.

A majority of your efforts will be focused on recruiting others into LL360, which should not be the case if you’re using this program to generate income from third-party buyers and companies. Sure, most affiliate marketing platforms offer an affiliate incentive program. But they first and foremost offer top quality training, and they strongly emphasize that you should be earning money from marketing third-party or your own products in high-demand niches.

Overall, I heard very little about niche markets or selling third-party products to buyers. However, I heard quite a lot about recruiting new LL360 members and selling LL360 products to them, including those $20 ad packs from BeOnPush.

A refund may not happen.

If you choose to terminate your membership in LL360, be aware that a refund may never happen, and refunds are not mentioned at all in LL360’s Terms & Conditions page.

However, it is mentioned that “You will remain liable for the full charge for the period during which you terminated this Agreement and for all usage-based fees through the effective date for termination of this Agreement.”

Our hunch is no.

Given its high startup costs and emphasis on downline recruitment, it’s difficult to wholeheartedly recommend LL360 to prospective members and affiliate marketers. While you’re bound to learn some marketing techniques with LL360, the quality of its products is highly debatable. Likewise, there’s no easy way out of this system once you’ve paid for membership in its many upsold products.

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