Using videos as part of your online marketing presence can help boost your profile as well as your profits. So much so I wrote about why you should be using video content a little while back..

That’s why today’s review is for a product called YouTube Jammer. This product James Webb and others, is designed to take you from the very basics of video marketing up to the more complicated and advanced topics.

The Pitch

The sales page is really nothing new: lots of highlighted text, “prof” of earnings and the good old no experience necessary hook.

Unlike other marketers, they do at least keep the potential earnings shown in the “proof” at a reasonable level. The author states he makes about $2000 per month part time.

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The Sale

The product is being sold on a dime sale, so should end up around the $14 dollar mark.

Buying YouTube Jammer was relatively straight forward, though it seemed to overly complicate things by sending you a link to register and then showing the upsells in the actual membership area.

The first upsell was a $17 product called Video Auto Profits, which seemed to be similar enough to the product I just bought not to be worth looking at.

According to the affiliate page there should be a down sell for that product and then a further upsell, but I didn’t see them.

Inside YouTube Jammer

The membership area is one of the prettier ones I’ve seen: clearly laid out and no annoying adverts or that free bonus offers everywhere. There are bonuses, but they are not in your face or masquerading as content.

The product consists of 10 core modules plus lots of PDF files that broadly follow the video content.

Overall you are looking at 42 videos but on average these only run about 2-4 minutes long, though there are a few 15 minute videos dotted in there. Bite sized content, spread out in an easy to find way – I like it!

This is important to me as too many video training products lump the content into one 1 hour or 2 hour video making finding a specific part of the training virtually impossible unless you have OCD and write detailed notes.

That being said, the site wasn’t perfect, what with some of the “next video” links not working, but this is a minor thing.

YouTube Jammer

Finding a Profitable Niche

The first module covers finding an appropriate niche. It doesn’t go into much detail, but covers the basics well enough.

Keyword Research

The 3 videos in this module cover using three different methods of finding keywords: ÜberSuggest, Google Keywords and Google’s Auto Suggest.

Website Setup

Another 3 short videos cover: obtaining a domain and hosting, and an explanation as to why you should use WordPress for your website.

It doesn’t however cover creating a website itself.  I suppose this is outside of the scope of the training, but what with the other basic information on hand, it seems like a glaring omission.

This may leave some newbies floundering a little bit as there are not even any links to outside resources for setting up a site.

Video Creation

Containing one of the longest videos in the package, the Video Creation module strangely enough covers how to create a video.

The main focus is on using YouTubes own video editor, which was an eye opener, especially regarding the amount of Creative Commons content available.

The video goes in depth into the various options available to you, giving a good overview of the tool.

It is slightly out of date as the video editor is much easier to find now whereas the video stresses you have to use a direct URL, but that’s fine as I think YouTube just rolled the new system.

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As well as that there was a short video on using Animoto,  premium video creation service.

Video Upload

These 11 videos lead you from creating a YouTube account, through uploading videos and adding wonderful things like annotations and a discussion on video length.

The videos were informative and in some cases extremely so, about best practices for setting up videos.

I don’t know about you, but I for one just whack a video up and add in a few tags. These videos show you the different aspects (including file name which I bet most people forget about) for improving the SEO of your video page.


The whole point of putting videos on YouTube is to make money off of them, and this module covers 6 different ways to do so. They vary from the obvious such as promoting affiliated products and Click Bank products, through to the obscure.

Another solid module that covers everything you need to know in a short amount of time.

Vital Statistics

Before watching these I thought this module covered statistics, and it does in some ways. The videos cover various topics such as the number one statistic to look for as well as a discussion on the bad idea of buying views.

YouTube Jammer Vital Statistics

Marketing Your Video and Channel

The offered options for marketing your video are the standard ones: forums, social networks,  SEO etc.

Though useful to newbies, the provided information is really quite basic. It could have been improved on with examples and methods of promoting the videos within those particular channels.

Offline Marketing

This single video shows a quick way of associating your videos with a specific location, which can potentially be used for offline customers.

Advanced Techniques & Secrets

I never knew that these 3 things existed! These videos will show you little known (well to me at least!) ways to increase your fan base, another earnings method and further SEO.

The bottom line

YouTube Jammer is certainly not a scam. For the price of a movie ticket, you can learn a large amount about the ins and outs of getting a profitable YouTube video online.

You might be able to tell, but I was quite impressed by this product. Yes there could have been more detail in places, but overall the fact that it was pared down with little bloat is refreshing.

All videos have high definition available which is great.

However the sound is quite low a lot of the time (even with everything maxed out), with one video being incredibly hard to hear. OK, so there is a video on how to improve the sound quality, but this involves using an extra program.

The sound quality on a couple of videos was also a bit dodgy, but generally the quality was good.

The other minor downside for me was that the videos tended to have a 15 second intro even if it was only one and a half minutes long. Minor but irritating.

Can YouTube Jammer be used to create a profitable business? Maybe, but it can certainly be used in conjunction with your current online marketing tactics.

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