While looking for the latest and greatest (or perhaps that should be the latest and worst) to share with you guys, I occasionally come across a product that you don’t have to buy! That’s right free, gratis, libre!

It is an unusual situation; most internet marketing products require some sort of payment in order to get access to the goods.

QuickCommissions.co offers you a free product just for providing an email address.

Why is that of interest? Well, the loops and hoops you need to jump through to get the said product make this worthy of discussion, about how internet marketers can take a “free” product and make massive amounts of money from it, all by pushing the buttons of people new to making money online.

The creator of this product has a typical marketing mentality, one that reminds me of the marketing departments of the 1990’s you see on TV, you know the ones; big shoulder pads, wild ties and really stupid inspirational phrases.

On this products affiliate page, which states that top ranking affiliates will get a slice of a $50,000 pot on top of their affiliate commissions, he goes on at length how much of a game changer this is, and how he will reciprocate HARD, and other cringe worthy terminology.

Anyway, with that in mind let me take you through the process of gaining this free product and why you should be careful with any sales page from an internet marketer offering something for nothing.

The Journey

First off is the sales page, pretty standard stuff really: a video extoling the virtues of his system that made him a ton of money and that he will give it away for free, just hand over your email.

You hand it over and expect your freebies in return, but wait, what’s this? Why it’s a three step screen has appeared, with a video on it.

You, as a green and inexperienced internet marketer (or even just an average person with hopes of making some extra cash), dutifully watch the video perhaps not noticing the “skip me” message at the bottom that pops up after a while, written with true marketing skill to make you feel guilty about passing up this incredible offer.

This first video is regarding some slightly over priced hosting (most likely shared hosting) from Coolhandle who, via a quick Google search, seem to be a pretty poor hosting service. I saw no reviews giving it over middle marks and I saw many 1 out of 5’s/10’s. Seriously, do your homework if you are considering using this company.

If you knew no better though you may well grab that product, or if you were wise, did your homework and clicked the skip text, you move onto stage 2 and your free products!

Oh wait, it’s another video. This time pushing a system called Success with Anthony. I can’t comment on this system as I Haven’t Tried That (yet). One thing that always makes me laugh is the “watch this 5 minute video”, yeah it’s 35 minutes long…

Let’s move on to the next stage. It’s got to be the freebies, right? Wrong! It’s another video! 16 minutes of pushing a stock/binary options system at you.

If you have managed to fend off these then finally you get to a page with your download links on.

Of course, while you have spent about an hour watching videos or perhaps buying everything thrown at you, the link to the download page was sitting in your email inbox…

Anyway, at this point you are offered a chance to promote what you have just fought through to get your free product, alongside an upsell for a product to protect your affiliate link, and another link to the Coolhandle hosting service (this time with a pushy countdown timer, which resets itself when it gets to zero!) and a link to a product I thought to be extinct in this era of Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm: a backlink creator tool.

Wow, that was hard work, this product better be good!

What is it?

It turns out that the product in question is three PDF e-books. That’s OK, though they are PLR, which means they are likely to start popping up all over the show.

  • System One: Outsourcing Arbitrage
  • System Two: YouTube Traffic Siphon
  • System Three: Warrior Special Offers

These are fairly short e-books, ranging from 14-25 pages but they do have some interesting content and are certainly not worthless.

In fact for a beginner or intermediate marketer, or someone trying to make some money online, they have some interesting ideas and enough instructions to get started with them.

I won’t give away the content of the e-books, they’re free you can grab them if you like. However these aren’t “hold you by the hand” guides, more of pointing in the right direction, giving ideas and resources to take those ideas further.

The Bottom Line

I decided to take you through this process to highlight how even a free product can be used to get money out of people. I will leave it up to you to decide how ethical this sort of process is.

I will say that the e-books themselves are not scams, as mentioned they have some reasonable content in them.

Could you generate money from these ideas? Probably yes, if you have some drive and determination.

Could you build a business off of this system? Maybe, but as the system name implies, these are more for generating Quick Commissions.

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