Have you ever created a website and gotten tons of traffic to it, but somehow failed to make many or even any sales?

This is a problem that a lot of new and experienced online marketers struggle with, so you’re certainly not alone.

The problem is the type of traffic. If your site is all about shoes, having people click through to your site that only have an interest in hats is frustrating.

Ideally, rather than this crappy traffic you want targeted buyer traffic: people who actually have an interest in shoes and are willing to buy them.

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As well as this, most people tend to focus their priority solely on one country such as the US, UK, or Canada. Any traffic from other places is wasted: it’s rare an Australian will buy shoes from the States (unless they are really super shiny shoes!).

Even when you get to a stage where your site has a good proportion of targeted traffic, there will always be a chunk of visitors who are simply wasting your bandwidth.

There are plenty of products out there that aim to help you improve your targeted traffic, but one I came across recently flips this on its head.

Junk Traffic Road Map by Ronald Gardner aims to help you take advantage of the wasted traffic and earn money from it.

The Pitch

The sales letter is a typical one: there are earnings reports from who knows where and lots of bolded text.

Ronald at least keeps hype to a bare minimum and stresses that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Judging from the copy writing, it appears that the products focus is looking at those visitors that fall outside of your target markets location.

The only thing that worries me from the sales pitch is that the product is apparently only a measly 9 pages long!

Purchasing Junk Traffic Roadmap

This product is, as usual, just a cheap front end offer. It will cost $7 bucks, and off course pulls you down into a funnel.

Junk Traffic Roadmap Funnel

The first upsell is for $27 and will get you some different traffic sources and monetization strategies. If that doesn’t float your boat, a slightly stripped down version is offered as a downsell for $17.

As I declined these, I was not honored with the presence of the 2 upsell, which is apparently is some software that will help you get the best deal when paying for traffic.

The Product

The membership page provides a link to the PDF download. It also has a couple of additional bonus PDF e-books. One of which is about detecting Bot traffic (you know, the traffic that comes when a search engine indexes your site).

This is probably one of the best bonuses I have seen for a while, not because of the quality as such, but simply because it pairs so well with the front end offer.

The core e-book was actually longer than 9 pages; it was 23 including about 3 pages of fluff. The text is compact but readable, and there are plenty of images to help guide you through the process.

If you find yourself stuck, try using Google to find your answer. I guarantee that the solution you’re looking for will be answered on some obscure forum somewhere.

Well, the forward kind of ruins any hope of support from the author, but at least it’s to the point, and to be expected from a cheap product.

Junk Traffic Roadmap screenshot

A lot of the training consists of screenshots.

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The author handily summarizes the whole system in just a few words:

Buy cheap traffic, send that traffic to a monetization network, prune out the unprofitable segments

The e-book goes on to discuss how to get traffic, where to send that traffic to actually track it and then onward to a company that can handle selling stuff to the visitors.

Now, the e-book uses very specific websites, none of which I have heard of before and doesn’t really provide alternative (that’s what the upsell is for…), so you will be limited to just using that setup unless you spend some time researching or some cash on the upsell.

The eBook goes on, visually, to help you set up your account with each of these networks. The author also provides a written explanation on how he uses the networks and optimizes them.

The Bottom Line

This is certainly an interesting take on using adverts to make money, and not what I initially expected (I was thinking that this product was for dealing with junk traffic on your own site, but it turned out not to).

It reminds me a lot of the old style affiliate marketing where you would buy an advert and link directly to the sales page (Google will not allow this any more).

The difference being, here you don’t even write an advert. It feels a lot like financial brokering in that you are monitoring figures and seeing how the “market” fluctuates both across various countries and even within niches within a single country.

This product won’t be for everyone. You are not going to get held by the hand and while the content of the training is pretty good, it simply won’t cover every eventuality (thus the recommendation to Google your issues).

Also, it might not be an enjoyable way to make money online – if you don’t like statistics and optimizing things based on numbers then avoid this.

Otherwise for the price of the front end offer it might be worth picking up as it is an interesting take on making money online, one that skirts the usual “build a list”, and “write stuff” products out there.

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