Earlier this week, Joe published a few emails from I’ve Tried That readers demanding that we refund them the money they lost to a scam. Unluckily for them, we don’t hand out free money. We thought that by publicizing these emails, we might see a decrease in refund demands. However, shortly after submitting that post, we’ve received quite possibly the least thought out email in the history of the Internet.

The Email that Takes the Cake

I want this what ever it is cancelled I did not ordered.
I want a full refund of 99.99 back immediately or I will report you to Better Buisness Bureau.
You have my card no but, I will give it to you again.
any question you can callme Pamela xxx@Embarqmail.com
xxx-xxx-2088 Thankyou Pamela

You are reading that correctly. Old Pamela thought it would be a good idea to give me her full name, phone number, email address, and her credit card information! She sent this email to a complete stranger online, then has the audacity to wonder why money has been removed from her account. Luckily for her, I’m not an identity thief, but I can’t imagine how many similar emails she sent out to other random sites.

It doesn’t end here though. We’ve received two more emails from her demanding that we send her money or else she’ll get her lawyer involved. She has been ignoring my replies including the one where I suggested she get a new credit card immediately. I’ve run out of helpful suggestions for her and I’m actually looking forward to talking with her lawyer at this point. I plan on leading off the conversation demanding that he repay me the money I spent on a sub-par dinner I had last night. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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  • Dan

    I think Derek and Steve Bondy need to develop a sense of humor. Laughing at stupid people is funny.

    Posts like this are a great way to spice up the site.

    I have just subscribed to your newsletter.

  • Lilly

    You’d be shocked–well, maybe not–how often people do that. I used to answer customer emails for UGG Australia and in an average day, I’d get ten or so emails that would basically tell us everything but their third-grade nickname–credit card info, address, full name, and once or twice, a full social security number. I always had to send them sharp notes telling them to stop it, don’t do that, order via the website or the phone, because we don’t take orders via email (only questions or complaints) and in their replies, they’d always act shocked. *facepalm*

  • R.L. Nightwolf
    R.L. Nightwolf

    guys i first would like to thank you for all the info that you have provided and to the ones that say they want refunds i just have to laugh
    how stupid do you think these guy are i mean they run a website exposing scams so your an idiot to try and scam them and FYI the BBB only deals with company that fail to deliver what they offer and then only through mediation so your threats hold no water since this web site one does not charge a fee to you and two they do provide the information that they offer to

  • peggy snyder
    peggy snyder

    How dumber can the public get these days , with so many
    scams around.
    I was once with the darling of them all PENBROOK
    no more thatwas my lesson

  • Joshua

    Wow!!! I’d kinda like to know what she does for a living to be able to toss her credit card info. around like that, lol, getting personal info. from me is like pulling teeth. Good on ya’ guys keep up the good work, for now I can smell the scams even thru Cragislist (which can be kinda trickey).

  • Steve

    We’ve been running this blog for over two years now and have accumulated nearly 500 posts. We will continue to post reviews as requested and we will continue to post offbeat pieces as well. If you don’t like that we post articles like these once a month, then by all means unsubscribe.

    We enjoy what we we do and we care about our readers and what they want. To suggest otherwise is completely ridiculous.

  • Steve Bondy
    Steve Bondy

    I agree with Derek. We don’t really need to be hear about this every other month. It’s simply a part of what comes with doing what you guys do.
    Given Steve’s response, which basically amounts to “thanks for the input but screw you” I can only conclude that despite your surveys and requests to hear what readers want, you don’t actually care what your readers want.

    I have unsubscribed from your newsletter.


  • Miss Money Hunter
    Miss Money Hunter

    LOL – now that’s FUNNY. Although I know it’s had to be a pain to deal with but my goodness. Talk about clueless.

  • Steve

    Although I appreciate the comment left by you for us, we will continue to post whatever we want whenever we want…because that’s just how we roll.

    *Puts on sunglasses*


  • Derek

    Although I appreciate the humor shown by the ignorance of those demanding refunds, can we please get back to what we can all use…information that deters us from acting just as ignorant as they, and keeping us from buying into other scams.

  • John

    Incredible. Since she doesn’t respond to your emails or phone calls maybe there is something else going on here. Not that you need to be warned but please BE CAREFUL

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