You can have all the traffic in the world, but if that traffic doesn’t take action it is worthless, and your profits will suffer as a result

I want to share some tips with you for increasing conversions. These tips can be used on any post or page; you don’t need to limit them to specialist pages like landing pages.

As an affiliate marketer every single one of your posts and pages should have a purpose.

Generally this will be one of the following:

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  • To Pre Sell – also called lead generation, the purpose is to warm up the visitor and encourage them to go and visit the sales page via your affiliate link.
  • To Sell – this would be your own product or service.
  • To Sign Up – getting your visitors to sign up to your mailing list is no easy task.

There are of course other actions you may want visitors to take, perhaps to go to another page which is the start of a sales funnel. Maybe even it’s as simple as getting them to comment on the post or to share it on social media.

Whatever the purpose of the post is, it should be clear in your mind before putting fingers to keyboard.

Man Blinded By Headline!

Your post’s title has to be good.

Most people skim through websites looking for a particular topic or something that just grabs them. They don’t have all day to read every article, so an effective title is one that draws them in.

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.

David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man

An effective title communicates the topic of the article in a clear and concise way, letting the reader know what they will get if they click through to read it.

There is no set way to write a headline but there are definitely some things you can use to create a compelling title, often dependent on the content.

Use terms such as “How to..” or structure the title to display a benefit to the reader. Include keywords such as free, easy, etc.

How to write compelling headlines

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List posts are all the rage right now, and using a number in the title can tell the reader exactly what to expect.

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Another way is to ask them a question as this can lead to the user pausing to think, rather than just skimming past.

Avoid at All Costs

Puns and jokes are often a bad idea, unless you know what you are doing. They will come across as lame (like most of mine do!), plain confusing or at worst offensive.

Also try to avoid sexual innuendos at all times, it will make you sound like a tabloid newspaper.

Republicans turned off by size of Obama’s Package

You may be put off by long headlines, but so long as they are not a paragraph having a title that is 12 to 20 words long is not the end of the world. In fact in can assist in getting the point of the article across.

Click-bait style headlines should be avoided if you can help it. These types of headlines are often vague, but sensational, promising an interesting read, and generally letting the reader down.

Tabloid newspapers and sites such as provide good sources of list post titles, and click-bait style titles.

Love at First Words

Once the headline title has drawn the visitor in, it is important to seal the deal. This is often done in the first few words of your article.

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Just like picking up a book and skimming the first page or two, if a visitor isn’t compelled by the opening sentence they are only one mouse click away from going back elsewhere.

This opening sentence must speak directly to the needs and desires of your audience and the content that follows it must deliver on its promise, otherwise the visitor will leave and worse, lose faith in your site.

The first sentence has a single purpose: to get the reader to read the next sentence! It should be like the rest of your content, honest and helpful.

Content: Body and Soul

Writing quality content is not easy, but in the same breath it isn’t hard.

You are unlikely to become a master at it without your 10,000 hours, but if you follow some key factors, you can still create great content that converts.

The first point is to not write to an audience. It’s rare that people crowd around a computer to all read the same article at the same time and the same speed.

No, instead write to one person. Consider them some one you have struck up a conversation with in a café.

Be friendly, amusing, but polite. Writing in a natural tone not only puts the reader at ease, but allows your personality to shine through as well creating a virtual bond with the reader.

Not everyone will like your style, but that’s life.

Remember to keep the purpose of the article in mind as you write, it will help you overcome a common mistake bloggers make.

This sin that a lot of people commit when starting to write copy is that they use too many I’s and not enough you’s.

Writing in the second person as much as possible helps bring the focus to the reader and helps you word your copy in a way that emphasizes the problems they face and the ways they can resolve them.

It is a wise idea to try to limit the number of problems and solutions in any post to one. More than that and you run the risk of creating a analysis paralysis or confusing the reader.

Once Upon a Time

It doesn’t matter whether the whole article is a story or you just drop some small ones in  here and there, using stories in your articles is a powerful medium.

Stories allow your reader to get a sense of issues, the problems, and the resolutions in a way that is easily related to. After all, we have been telling each other stories pretty much since we started using language (probably)!

You don’t need to use real names, and places, and if you like you can use them as a basis for a made up story, after all fables and allegories are not real but they help us to understand real things.

Internet Users Hate Reading

I could argue this one, but let’s face it, that is the way things are going. More and more people tend to skim read articles.

As such, you need to make sure that your articles have short paragraphs and enough subtitles and formatted text to stand out.

Subtitles are definitely important, they draw the reader back into focus on a specific area of the article and should be treated like any other headline.

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Formatting text to be bold or italicized helps display key points in a sea of text, but should be used sparingly, otherwise the reader will treat them as the norm rather than something of importance.

Article length is another topic entirely, but my advice to you is to base it on what needs saying. If you can get the job done in one thousand words, then that’s brilliant. If you need three thousand, then so be it!

If your content is useful, helpful and interesting, 3000 words will fly by!

Now What?

That’s what your readers will be saying if you have failed to remember the purpose of your article.

If you forgot what it should be doing then the reader will simply leave instead of taking action!

If your article is about pre-selling then the visitor must by now be ready to check out hat product knowing its good points, its bad points and how it can help them solve a problem that they are facing.

If your article is to get them interested in your membership site, again they should be ready to sign up to the free trial you are offering armed with the knowledge that your content is good and the promise that what is on the other side is better!

It’s your turn!

Improving your copy writing does take time, but it is well worth it and simple points like what I have outlined for you can be a great stepping stone to better writing, and therefore better conversions.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips that you think other readers of I’ve Tried That could benefit from!

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