A year ago, I wrote a post warning Craigslist users of a guy named Kyle Waitley who was running a rent-to-own scam. It appears that he is still at it, only this time he is under the guise of “Matt Weiss.” He claims to have a list of foreclosed homes in your area and it costs only $2 to access it. However, once you give him your credit card information, he’ll continue to bill it monthly for around $49 until you tell him to stop.

Here are a few comments pointing out his new identity.

Comment #1

Well, he is Matt Weiss and thank God I never gave my personal information! I now get them from him and someone named Robert James. People need to get a life! He is in Arizona too, watch out zonies!

Comment #2

I think he is now under the name Matt Weiss and using the email address: renttoownwithmatt@hotmail.com

Comment #3

I also found this guy on CL Los Angeles. Again under Matt Weiss:

We buy these forclosed homes (that a buyer picks out) and
than re-sell the home to them on a “Rent to Own” basis.
Well now it’s YOUR TURN to pick out a a few forclosed
homes and let us go to work for you!
– You need at least $1,000 down PLUS first months payment
– A steady job for the past 90 days
– And a TRUE desire to own your own home
YES… you pick the home out and either myself, our
investors, OR are list of private lenders will finance
the home for you
This is how we make a living, so we do sell the home to
you at a higher price then we bought it for.
We still give you TONs of equity so still you get a GREAT
House Value – 150,000
Purchase it for – 65,000
Our 7% fee – $4,550
Sell it to you for – $69,550
Monthly Payments – $500 to $600 a month
This is how I lay out EVERY DEAL before you say YES or

National Office Real-Freedom-For-You Inc
6871 So. Birdsong Dr
Oak Creek, WI

Another comment possibly hinting at the people behind the scam…

In my opinion:
After ALOT of research the below company is the company scamming Americans coast-to-coast on Craigslist.
And, DO NOT let them fool you that somebody else is “Kyle” or “Matt” or:
…this the company behind this entire scam: Research shows this company facilitating all the Marketing (Craigslist auto-posting real estate scam ads) and the behind-the-curtain company coordinating the receiving of victims credit card payments:
385 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 412
Yardley, PA 19067
Scammers Telephone: 888.602.5375
Scammers Fax: 215.579.1668
SCAMMERS EMAIL: paradigm@paravisions.com
web: http://www.paravisions.com
SCAMMERS EMAIL: paradigm@paravisions.com

I’m not entirely sure who’s behind this scam, but I do know that you need to stay far away from Matt Weiss and Kyle Waitley.

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  • Summer

    I keep getting emails from this Matt Weiss I knew never to send people money without knowing exactly who they are! Heres a most recent email Sept 2011

    We’ll get you a home with…

    * Awful Credit

    * No banks to qualify for

    * Very low down payment, if any!

    * Low monthly payments

    These payments are re-invested right back
    into your future…this is not RENT…
    this is your home.

    Register Online Here –> Get Started

    Or Call Us To Regsiter –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    Hope to work with you soon,

    Matt Weiss

    P.S. – We can also work with you to help
    you GET OUT of your current lease that you’re

    You have no excuse to keep renting… it’s
    killing your future.

    Work with my Team and I and lets take control
    of your future – TODAY!

    Register Online Here –> Get Started

    Or Call Us To Regsiter –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    Creative Property Investments LLC

    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Redd


    When I unsuscribed my confirmation came from:



    Just a FYI…… Dag, how many web addresses does he have?! That’s crazy! lol

  • Redd

    Just ran into this guy tonight on craigslist.



    Creative Property Investments LLC
    14030 Peach Grove St.
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

    Glad I didn’t register. Something just didn’t seem right with him. He seemed to thirsty, so I HAD to look him up! LOL SMH Thats a shame. He’s a virus and needs to be jailed AND fined.

  • Lani

    This is the email I received from “Matt @ Rent To Own” So I checked out Creative Property Investments LLC

    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA
    which led me to this website.. glad I checked it out! Hope you will too!


    Don’t let another Weekend pass you by without looking
    at Homes taht you can own with No Credt Needed…

    Crazy Fact: 97.4% of Rent To Own buyers FAIL because
    most Sellers do the following:

    1) Takes the buyers down payment

    2) Tosses them in the home

    3) Gives them a 12 months lease

    4) Does’t help them out 1 bit or find out their
    current situation

    5) At the end of the lease the seller KICKS the
    buyer out of the home if they cannot get
    financing and the buyer loses their down
    payment, etc.

    With First House Financial you NEVER have to worry
    about going to a bank to get financing.

    The Sellers are the Bank and the mortgage stays in
    the Sellers Name – the Deed is put into YOUR NAME!

    Register as a Buyer with us for just $1 and get
    access to Seller Financed Deals in your area and
    our Team Members who will help you.

    Register Here –> Fail-Proof Seller Financed Homes Here!

    Or Call Our Team Up First –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    We work strictly with PreForclosed homes in your

    We work with you to show you how to step in and
    take over payments on these homes.

    The Title of the Home is put into your name too.

    All with no credt or bank qualifying – EVER!

    Register with us below and work with my Team and
    I for at least 30 days…

    (some buyers got a home within 72 hours)

    Register Here –> Fail-Proof Seller Financed Homes Here!

    Or Call Our Team Up First –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    After you register you’ll get:

    1) Listings of Homes in your Area that have what
    you’re looking for in a Home.

    We will email you a list after talking to you.

    (cost us over $2,495 a month for this service)

    2) Paperwork needed to complete a your Home Purchase
    and Protect you 100%

    (cost us $1,000’s and $1,000’s to get these right
    with our attorneys)

    3) Full Access to our Highly Trained Team Members.

    You get PHONE and EMAIL support

    (cost us a lot to keep these quality members on staff)

    4) MUCH MORE!

    Register below and let’s get started:

    Register Here –> Fail-Proof Seller Financed Homes Here!

    Or Call Our Team Up First –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    You can either rent and invest in your landlord’s
    future OR own your Home and invest in your own

    There is no inbetween.

    My Team and I are very successful at turning renters
    to owners – but you need to take that first step and
    register with us.

    Register Here –> Fail-Proof Seller Financed Homes Here!

    Or Call Our Team Up First –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    Off to 2 Walk Throughs this Friday morning,

    Matt Weiss

    PS – Register for $1 below or you can even call us up
    and find out how many homes are available in your area

    Register Here –> Fail-Proof Seller Financed Homes Here!

    Or Call Our Team Up First –> 1 (831) 600-8476

    Creative Property Investments LLC

    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA

    If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

    To update your contact information:

  • Holly L.
    Holly L.

    The spammy email I get from him goes like this: They mention some other guy named “John” and have links to this URL: http://www.americanequityline.com/

    from Matt Weiss mattw@rtohomessearch.com
    sender-time Sent at 11:21 AM (GMT-04:00). Current time there: 3:38 PM. ✆
    to h*****@*********
    date Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 11:21 AM
    subject 3 bed (plus den) 2 bath ranch – Take over payments for $665 a mailed-by rtohomessearch.com


    I’m about to head to some showings but first I had
    to email you about these homes that are in need of
    a buyer.
    (no bank or credt qualifying either!)

    – 3 bedrooms for $665 a month
    – 2 bedroom condos for $595 a month
    – Massive homes for over $1,300 a month
    – many more

    All they need is a serious buyer to step in
    and take over payments and get the Deed put
    into the buyers name as well!

    Register for $1 at the link below and we’ll
    show you how to make any of these houses your
    home… with no credt check!
    (you’ll get direct live help from our staff too)

    ==> Take Over Payments & Ownership on Local Homes!

    Or if you’d like to talk to 1 of our Agents please
    do so:

    Agents Call Center: 1 (831) 600-8476

    You can get a Home with:
    – No Credt Check
    – No banks to qualify for
    – VERY low downpayment, if any!
    – Low monthly payments
    (these monthly payments are re-invested
    right back into your future…this is not
    RENT… this is your home!)

    You may be asking… How is this possible?

    Well as you know forclosures are at an all time
    high now.

    Banks and sellers are so desperate that they are
    offering AMAZING deals to people, so they can
    save their butts financially :)

    We can get you into a home where you TAKE OVER
    the payments on the existing loan while the
    TITLE of the home is put into your name!

    Just so happens that John and myself know where
    to look for these deals, what paperwork to use,
    and we have this process down to a SCIENCE
    (this paperwork cost John and I $1,000’s of
    dollars to get right w/ our attorneys – protects
    you from everything)

    Sounds a little complicated… but we’ve been
    doing this for a long time… so it’s 2nd nature
    to us and we’ll be w/ you every step of the way!

    When you work w/ us you’ll get:

    – 24/7 access to John, myself, and our team to
    answer ANY and ALL questions
    (costs us quite a bit to pay our people)


  • Rebecca

    David Date
    First House Financial
    Customer Service

  • Rebecca

    1 (831) 600 8476 – Matt’s phone number he just sent me in an email 2 hourse ago. The address:
    Rent To Own Properties Inc.
    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA
    The email: mattezownhomes1@hotmail.com
    The website his email wanted me to sign up for: http://www.firsthousefinancial.com/signup5.html

  • Leslie

    Wow, I have been sooo taken. I have been hoping this was real. I’m just outside of Washington DC. And finding housing that is afordable is darn near impossable! We are a family of 6 living in a single car garage, after going through foreclosure ourselves. Matt , Kyle or whatever his name is makes me ill! He had my hopes up just to take what little hope I had left and step all over them. Talk about kicking someone when there down Man am I glad that I found you guys! thanks guys

  • DeeDee

    I have also received emails from Robert James regarding Rent to Own. He listed his contact information as:

    P.O. Box 909
    Braselton, Georgia

    When unsubscribing, they are listed on OwnerWiz website.

  • DeeDee

    He is using Matt Weiss in North Carolina as well. Here are the 2 emails I received just today! I get about 5-6 per day. I’ve given him nothing and I’m glad I finally looked him up. I was seriously considering checking this out and was ready to send in my dollar. Thanks to this site, that won’t be happening.

    Here is the address he’s using to us in NC and he is on Craigs List here as well:
    Real Freedom Properties Inc
    14030 Peach Grove St.
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

    It appears there is a real company in Tampa, FL with this name

  • Christina

    Looks like he might be using the name Robert James again now. I was getting annoying emails from Matt and now it’s the same emails from Robert James.

  • Sarah

    and these as well
    Matt Weiss(512) 827-0505 ext 5100

  • Sarah

    He is apparently working in Iowa as well under this email mattrenttoown1@hotmail.com
    Good luck catching him

  • chris

    Wow good think I looked up rtohomesearch.com review…. you guys saved me as well. I actually thought this was legit. I can’t believe they can get away marketing like this on the internet for something that is smoke and mirrors. For shame! This is where amendment #2 comes into play hahahaha! Let’s find this name changing hustler!! I just got spammed this morning, and always find like a million emails from him in my spam folder. I think yahoo figured him out faster than I did.

    Matt Weiss”

    Creative Property Investments LLC 14030 Peach Grove St., Sherman Oaks, CA 91411, United States

  • Steve

    If you guys have any new names or email address this guy is using PLEASE post them in the comments section to help protect other people.


  • Leigh

    Thanks to all these comments – I am so glad I looked him up! He is def. still at it – using different email addresses constantly!

  • Justin

    info@moon-ray.com; on behalf of; Matt Weiss [MattW@rtohomesearch.com]………..This is the email he is using now sending me bs things to rent to own with $1k down wanting me to.

  • Aidan

    Wow….! You guys just saved me. I was about ready to sign on–seriously a click away and my girlfriend said, “check him out on the Web to make sure he is legit.”

    I was like, nah, it’s just a buck. But, here is the deal, I am in law enforcement and here I am trusting this guy and my DTA “Don’t Trust Anyone” motto rubbed off on her.

    Glad I found this sight…thanks guys. And yeah, he is still e-mailing me and I am going to report him to the BBB, everyone should. I am in Fl. so beware out here.

  • joy

    Thank God I did not send in my $1.00 I was about to join, I was trying to get to the website for my score, and I found these comment, I also heard the seminar on 2/21/11 which there was a site to get on to join for a one time of $197.00 I missed the site i email Matt to get the web adress, and I received anothe remail saying to listen in on 3/22/11 they has gotton such a good respond actually it was a (sexy respond) so they had to have another one but thank God I had miss that one otherwise I probably would have send in my money, my hasitation had a lot to do with this I would not have found this but I was trying to go to the site for the credit score, and this came up!

  • Cherlyn

    I have been receiving emails from Matt for a year. I had actually paid $1 once for a list and cancelled when I found out that later I would be charged
    more. This time I decided to just pay the extra money so I could check it out and when I put in the website this came up instead and I really happy it did.

    Matt is also have seminars on the web he already had 2 this week Monday 3/21 and Tuesday 3/22 and may it is very convincing. I glad this came up and saved me $197.

  • mike

    thanks for all info on this guy, it did sound good, now i know its a bunch of garbage, he is also advertising in minnesota.

  • nik

    There are currently ads in the Denver Craigslist by Matt / Mat Weiss running this same ad & scam. FYI.

  • john

    It seems everyone here on this site has been affected by “kyle” or “Matt” … They are both the same person Jeremy Blunt . I know Jeremy personally. We went to the same high school. Let me tell you all that he is getting rich off of people just like you. He drives a caddilac and lives in a nice condo, and that is just on the surface, who knows what else he has that all of us can’t see on the surface. You people fund his extreme lifestyle which is party life all the time, expensive vacations and so on . I’ve been with him during this time and he actually brags that he gets paid to do nothing and all that. He lives in St.Francis , WI in a condo right by the lake …that’s lake Michigan . His home town of cudahy is just miles away . He grew up on swift avenue in cudahy , wi ..good luck all

  • john

    Same scam still operating in Boston as of 1/3/11 under the name Matt Weiss, renttoownwithmatt@hotmail.com . The email says:
    © Copyright 2010, RentToOwnSteals.com, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
    National Office – EZ to Own Homes Inc
    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

    They don’t send you a list of rent-to-own homes. They just try to strong arm you into getting a credit score trough their affiliate program. Then, when you get charged the $29.99 previous posters are talking about, they take a cut of that from the credit score reseller. Just sleaze!

  • Carmile

    He is such a pig!!!!!!!!!!!! Every last one of them. I knew something was too good to be true. I’m glad I didn’t send him any of our information or our credit score. I have had 9 emails from him since yesterday. Tell me annoying!! From: “Matt Weiss” Hi,

    Did you get your credt report over to me yet?

    Im telling you the best site to get it from

    ===> http://www.RentToOwnHomeScore.com

    Email me you score back and we can get this
    show on the road and start matching you up
    with Rent To Own homes.

    Make sure the subject line of that email

    ===> http://www.RentToOwnHomeScore.com

    Hope to talk to you tomorrow,

    Matt Weiss

    PS – It’s time for you to get your own home and
    we can make that possible…

    See im far from stupid Matt or whatever your damn name is! I ALWAYS investigate people, companies etc…..you got the wrong one this time!

  • Matt Weiss
    Matt Weiss

    Ugh! Just what I need. That actually IS my name, but I’ve never been involved in a scam. Talk about somebody besmirching your good name! I hope this guy is arrested, charged, prosecuted and punished, or, failing that, that he gets another alias!

  • Brian

    Well you can add another address to the list. This is from a posting in CO and gave a national company name as well as a local company name. I found it interesting that he even made the mistake of posting “list of rent to own homes in DALLAS” in a CO craigslist add….Can anyone say DUH

    National Office – EZ to Own Homes Inc

    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Elena


  • Elena

    This is another scam email adress from Matt Weiss …Do not let people take advantage of you!

  • April

    I am also receiving daily emails from Matt. Only mine is under renttoownmadeeasy.com. I didn’t feel quite right about it. It just looked to good to be true. I sent a message back to him that said i’m interested in how this works…it looks to good to be true. He sent me back a explanation ofcourse to pay $1 to join and that i could pick out a house, leave the house in the current owners name and just make the payments on it. The first email that i received said that the title to the home would be put in my name within 30 days. Then I got the explanation of I could make the payments, leave it in their name BUT they would get no tax benefits off of it. REALLY??? It certainly sounds good especially for people who have less than perfect credit. It’s sad that people will take advantage of people in that way. But it happens every day.

  • Chelsea

    I live in Oregon and responded to a property on Craigslist. He is using the name Matt Weiss out of Idaho. He emails me everyday for my credit score. Something told me to NOT trust this person. If it is too good to be true then it is!

  • Elizabeth

    I was just reading the other report on the Kyle Waitley rent to own scam. I left a comment there too. Just wanted to let everyone know. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and found the Matt Weiss rent to own add on craigslist. Of course my husband and I fell for it.
    We where receving 3-4 emails a day from “matt” until we registered for the GovT Auction site, we paid our $2 and sent matt a list of homes we like. About a week later I recevied a responce stating that they had received my list and where going to check with the banks to be sure the homes where still available, and would get back to me soon. This was over three weeks ago and I have not heard a single word from them since. I left a voice message at his “office” last week with no respoce and sent him an email tonight stating that I am going to report him as a scam to the Better Business Bureau.
    So far I have not gotten any more charges to the card we used for the GovT Auction site. This card will be closed to prevent the scammer from taking any more money from my family.
    I will send a copy of some of the emails from matt to the sight.
    Hopefully together we can stop this.

    Everyone please be careful.

  • Jeanette

    I have also been recieving emails from him. I started asking him questions that my Uncle who is an FBI agent told me to ask him. All I got back was send me your credit score,credit card info and I will get you into a home that has been foreclosed on in MI. I have asked him to leave me alone and I’m still getting emails. I have also made him aware that I am on to him and so is the FBI. This has to stop

  • amanda

    i am a single mom. and i too have been looking for a rent-to-own opp. and matt weiss’ automatic email are annoying. i smelled a fish and decided to look him up. glad i did. i knew there was something wrong when i would reply and got no response bit then seconds later would get another spam email from him….. way to go matt weis! quite the businessman… you have nothing to do with customer service and helping others. just another scammer. if not, try calling me: you have my info: i am “cali_az_…… who has been emailing ya!!!!!!!!!

  • emma

    Just canceled my subscription to http://www.govauctionnetwork.com and she had no idea what I was talking about…hope my card doesnt keep getting charged! Im so glad I started looking this guy up on line…I was about to e-mail him…then went to check out his address in Oak Creek, wi and there was no such company or address!

  • Kelly Frank
    Kelly Frank

    It seems that the worse the economy gets the more we see greedy and dishonest people. It is really sad that we do not help each other instead of stealing from others. The Internet could be a way to get our economy going again but people like these give selling on-line a bad name. I also heard that the Rich Janitor is a scam like the one you mentioned. Is this true?

  • Kelly (again)
    Kelly (again)

    Oh, and here is his info:

    Matthew Weis
    (512) 827-0505 ext 4125

  • Kelly

    Matt Weiss also contacted me after posting an ad on CL needing a rental home in Gilbert AZ. His emails are non stop asking me to pay the $1.49 for a list of foreclosed homes. I have “un-subscribed” to his emails and replied to his emails telling him to quit scamming me, and he comes back with rude, nasty remarks and even called me a “dumb *itch” for not caring enough for my children to invest in a home and to continue to rent.

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