Here’s the Short Version

If you know of an urgent problem and you have the expertise to solve it, we want to work with you.

Together we’ll build a sales site, create the information product that solves the problem, and then we’ll sell it online to people who have the urgent problem. We’ll even bankroll the hosting and domain name. And then we’ll split the million$.

All we want from you is your brain. Well, the ideas inside your brain, anyway.

Here Are the Juicy Details

First, you need to understand the concept of the “desperate buyer.” (These ideas are fully developed in Alexis Dawes’s terrific e-book, “Desperate Buyers Only.“)

A desperate buyer is someone with an urgent problem that can be solved with the right information. If they find the right information to solve their problem, they’re ready to buy it right now.

Someone whose car just broke down doesn’t count because they don’t need information. They need a tow truck.

Someone who has bounced a check and now can’t get a checking account because of ChexSystem is a desperate buyer. They need information—specifically, a list of banks that accept customers even if they’re in the ChexSystem. Give them that information and you’ll make a sale.

Do you know of an urgent problem that can be solved with information? Do you have, or can you get that information? Then we want to talk to you.

Our Proposal

With your ideas and our marketing expertise, we can put good information in front of people who are ready to pay for it. We’re providing value by helping them solve a problem and making money in the process. Here’s how it would work:

Your contribution:

  • The urgent problem idea
  • Your expertise in creating and/or
    finding the information to solve the
  • Your time and labor writing the
    product to be sold (we’ll help)
Our contribution:

  • The domain name
  • Site hosting
  • Sales page coding
  • Copy writing
  • Marketing

So if you’re an expert, or even just have a good idea, contact us using the contact form. Convince us you have the next million-dollar idea. In your email tell us:

  1. The urgent problem to be solved
  2. A basic explanation of the information that will solve the problem
  3. How you know or how you can get the information

We will screen the ideas carefully for market appeal and feasibility, including doing some keyword research and competition study. If we like your idea, we’ll get back to you with an offer of a contract. If we don’t proceed with your idea, we won’t steal it. We promise.

Here’s a hint: we’re looking for problems that can be solved with 20-30 pages of information. So if your idea is to end world hunger with a 400 page tome about hydroponics, it probably won’t fly with us.

Before I Send You My Idea, Does This Method Work?

Yes. Read the sales page at Desperate Buyers Only. It will convince you.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Exactly nada. Unless you have to pay for some reason to get the information you need. Your investment is your time and expertise.

How Much Can I Make?

Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot. Maybe just a little. Sorry, but that’s the most honest answer.

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