Since the dawn of internet marketing, email list building and marketing techniques have never wavered from being in the top 3 ways to make money online.

It is such an effective and popular way to do it, that it has spawned countless tutorials, guides and systems, all of which scrabble for your attention and money.

The latest of these is List Building Assault 2015 by Aiden Tingley.

The Pitch

Aiden has been in marketing for a while and his sales page for this product is pretty much a cookie cutter template from his other products and countless other internet marketers out there.

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It tells you how he made the same mistakes you are making, and how he found a way to overcome them to make vast amounts of money online.

The sales pitch uses the typical marketing methods providing “proof” of earning and, of course, telling you that you do not need any skills or experience except the ability to open up your wallet and hand over cash.

List Building Assault 2015 no skills

Purchasing List Building Assault 2015

The core product is around $7 bucks on a dime sale, that should cap at $9.95.

After reviewing the affiliate page I was expecting a deluge of up and down sells after buying it, but I received none.

As such, I can’t tell you what would be available, but if you did decide to purchase this product then be aware that you may need to navigate this funnel:

List Building Assault 2015 funnel
Poor affiliates…

The Product

The core product is an e-book about building an email list and profiting from it.

I was a little shocked to see that the e-book was only 16 pages long, and only 13 pages of that were actually training.

The first couple of pages describe what an email list is and how you can benefit from it.

After that is a single page regarding niches and niche research. It, of course, focuses on the 3 evergreens (health, wealth, and sex) but is really very brief and if you are new to internet marketing in general this might be too little info to get started without going round in circles.

From there it moves onto the subscriber list and squeeze pages. Continuing on with the vague and half-hearted tutorials; it suggests using an autoresponder, freelancing sites or a combination of Dreamweaver and YouTube to make your winning squeeze page.

While it does provide an example title and call to action line, if you were expecting hand holding then think again.

The autoresponder of choice is GetResponse. I’ve been seeing this service promoted a lot recently so they are either very good or they have a very good affiliate scheme in place.

Hosting is then discussed in a few paragraphs with the summary, for me,  being:

When you first log in to your control panel it will be very confusing if this is your first time looking at it. If you went with a big brand such as GoDaddy then I suggest you jump on YouTube and look up “How to use GoDaddy Control Panel”

Instead of this, why not provide the reader with a few screenshots, maybe a tip or two. You know, train them.

The section on creating or using a product is equally lackluster, but does provide you with the ability to use this same product as your own but re-branded and links to a few PLR websites.

The set up section of the e-book provides the closest thing to actual training in my opinion: it has screenshots!

Other than that though it is again pretty weak, simply advising to set up a day 0 email and attach your download link to it and test it.

The traffic section covers how to get people to see your squeeze page.  It mentions some old school methods such as blog and forum posts, which should never be discounted. It also provides a few paid methods and even provides pros and cons for them.

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I still find things like

To find good solo ads just google “Solo ad for *Your Niche*”

to be a complete cop out training wise though.

The e-book does discuss creating and selling your own product and using affiliates as well.

The product promotion section is probably the best bit of the e-book as it provides a real example of an email used to get people to click through to your squeeze or sales page.


The accompanying video does provide extra information that the e-book seems to be missing but for me at least it still felt a bit half-hearted.

For example, he basically said to look at other squeeze page and see what you like about the headers etc. and combine them to make your own ultimate squeeze page.

While I understand that looking at other squeeze pages is a good idea, how do you know that they worked? You could be looking at 6 failed squeeze pages.

Aiden simply doesn’t provide any actual training on how to do things properly, it’s all very much a seat of your pants style training.

The bottom line

This is training without training you. It provides some basic examples and then tells you to go and learn about it elsewhere, normally YouTube.

While I understand that a cheap front end offer like this won’t provide you with all the training you need, I felt quite cheated by the causal way this product merely mentions a topic and then tells you to look it up.

The sales pitch stated it would “walk you through the entire process from start to finish”. I was expecting a sedate pace not a sprint, that included a few short cuts.

I wanted to actually understand what was happening, but no background info was really given.

While some people don’t mind about spelling and grammar errors, to me they suggest that a product was rushed and hastily pushed out the door simply to grab cash, rather than actually be a quality product. List Building Assault 2015 is unsurprisingly rife with such errors.

This product might give you a basic understanding of how email marketing and list building works, but I fear that you will walk away from it with many more questions than answers.

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