It’s a rare day when I will start off an article by advising you to avoid something, but I really got angry by this system so in short is one to be avoided!

Why? It is a full blown system to help you part with your cash and not earn money.

“This is the only free commission system that actually allows you to make free commissions with zero work”

Zero work is a lie, you will need to work very hard indeed to pay for everything they try to sell you. But I am getting ahead of myself. Sells You Bling

The initial sales video is full of bling: fast cars, exotic locations and beautiful women. The actor portraying the system creator Tim, is arrogant and uses a sales tactic that belittles you into making you think that you really don’t know anything, and can’t do anything without this system.

“If you can turn on your computer *snigger* then congrats, you have what it takes to make $487,000 this month.”

I personally was instantly turned off by this video and wonder how it would even work to convert people to buy the product, but it must as it’s still out there and plenty of people promoted it.

The testimonials are blatantly filled with actors. If their poor acting skills don’t give them away, it even says in the footer text directly below the video that actors are used.

The sales pitch follows the usual scam sales tactics we’ve seen. There is the usual showing off of the commissions earnings but with no proof of their validity and in the video, actor “Tim Alexander” shows you in “real time” his “real earnings.” But, it’s not real time, and I sincerely doubt those earnings are from him following this system.

He even tries to strengthen his appeal by using some nondescript charity work, which again, I highly doubt he (the real creator of this system, not the actor) actually does. A little proof would go a long way.

The video goes on and on about how awesome Tim is and how he is different from the rest who are all scam artists and in such an arrogant way that it sickened me.

I actually gave up. Decided to walk away and review something else. Why then have I written this?

Because normally, when you try and leave this type of site, they have a pop up enticing you to stay on the site usually with a discount. It’s considered a last ditch attempt to win you back.

This system has FIVE!

That’s just crazy, and it angered me enough to sit through the rubbish and try and save some people out there from being caught up in it.

If you do take a look at the offers it does allow you to get the system for a cheaper price.

You can go from the $49 down to $9 and even a $1 free trial. Yes that’s right, a $1 dollar free trial. The video states it’s free for 3 days, but you actually have to pay them a dollar.

After purchasing the $1 dollar free trial, I got hit up by not one, but 7 different upsells.

Now an upsell for those of you who aren’t clear is like being offered an extra-long warranty on electrical goods. With these “click button, easy success” products though, the original product is complete crap. The owner knows this and creates an upsell stream to sell you packages that cost thousands of dollars that will “help” you online.

The first upsell was for $297, the second $197, the third $175, and so on. Each upsell forcing you to watch a video before declining, each video becoming progressively more and more insulting and rude, trying to scare/shame/bully you into buying it.

Inside “Free Commissions”

It was astounding how little “meat” there is to this system. Most of the back-end is covered in upsells and advertisements, some blatant, some more subtle.

Webinars – You can sign up to these, which will inevitably try to sell you expensive products you don’t need

Telephone Coaching – Here you can sign up to spend more cash on a coaching system which will no doubt turn into a sales funnel to try and get more cash out of you.

Affiliate Links – Even the website they offer is nothing more than an affiliate link to hosting.

Adverts – Yep, I just paid some money to be serviced with adverts.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing of substance here, just some basic templates, plugins and videos, but nothing that would justify even the $1 dollar free trial (that still makes me laugh).

You need to realize one thing about these systems. The only thing being sold here is…


The second you sign up for the $1 “free” trial or the $49 initial offer, you’re immediately put onto a sucker’s buyer’s list. You just told Tim Alexander or whatever guru that is behind these things that you have money that you’re willing to part with. This particular guru will milk you for as much money as he or she can.

When you stop buying, you’re sold again. Through joint-venture deals and list-swapping. Mr. Guru tells his friends that you’re a sucker and soon they have a whole new line of “products” complete with upsells to offer you. The cycle repeats until you’re completely out of money. At that point, you’re insulted and told “you didn’t really try. Anyone can do this. Go take out a loan and buy a special coaching class.”

The point of these courses are to extract as much money from you as possible and that’s all.

As I said in the first sentence, avoid this one at all costs.

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  • Dim

    Hi guys,
    One quick update to all of this rip off,
    I tried and had some bad experience from another product called : cash machines 2.0 .
    This is advertised by another fake actor called Aaron Ward and inside their members area they’re promoting useless upsells and Free Comissions too!
    Both products are under the name of Empire Network and the creators behind all this insanity are by the names of Tim and Zak aka Traffic Kings.
    All I can say is that their whole scheme is tragically funny and disgusting.
    Stay away from Cash Machines as well.

  • Dave H.
    Dave H.

    Hey Dean,
    yep…It happens all the time. When you are a guide or a helper on a site…especially on this site….you may have to take one for the good of us all or at least ….the good of the next guy. Thanks again for your sacrifice .

  • Ottoman

    Hi dean,

    Its the first time I’ve read an article here written by someone other than steve. But a good one though.

    • Dean Robinson
      Dean Robinson

      Thank you very much, I think this is my 8th article now! Hopefully, they will keep on getting better!

  • Steven

    LOL believe me, I had no idea what “free commissions” were and I almost bought into it because I was being shown all the fancy stuff. So interesting how the marketing schemes work to play with emotions. Then I got back into my right state of mind for about 2 minutes during watching it, then I closed the page and saw through the lies. Still it is entertaining watching these guys play rich. Just some good cheap laughs.

    It is so Hypnotizing to anyone, even when you are aware of it being a scam. It still gets you pumped.

    • Dean Robinson
      Dean Robinson

      Oh I know the emotions trick very well, I still have to resist some of these schemes myself, if they turned their skill set towards a decent product they would do well for themselves but without the bad karma!

  • Dave

    Hey Dean,
    Your review of this “free commissions dot com” is spot on. You nailed it. That site is nothing but a joke and it’s hard to believe that people actually fall for it. I too love the “$1 free trial”….I’m still laughing… It must have been horrible for you to sit there and be insulted by their stupid tactics….I could not do it…I tried but ended up going to my task manager and ending the insanity. You have my respect for being able to get threw it. Hope you O.K. …LOL. I’m still laughing at their 1 dollar free trial…that is a red flag that can/should be visable from space. Nice job Dean.
    Have a great weekend,

    • Dean Robinson
      Dean Robinson

      Thanks Dave, I appreciate the kind words. I found this one quite irritating to sit through but there you go, I had to take one for the community :)

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