What’s this? Another apparently legitimate work-at-home opportunity? That’s the second one in a week! (Here’s the first.) More than the last 6 months combined! I think it’s good karma coming our way for exposing certain scammers who shall remain nameless [*cough*Angela Penbrook*cough*].

I don’t know why medical transcription jobs are getting the buzz lately, but they are. Several commenters in other threads have asked about them, and others have written to us directly to ask what we know.

We don’t know much, but someone who does has now stepped forward to share a great work-at-home job tip with y’all.

Accuscribe hires work at home transcriptionists
Tiffany writes:

I worked for a very good Medical Transcription company after my son was born. I didn’t see it listed, so thought I’d share. It is called Accuscribe. I really enjoyed the work, and their staff was very helpful and supportive. I couldn’t dedicate the time with a 2 year old and a newborn, but I plan to return after they get a little older.

So if you’re good with a keyboard and have some time to spare, medical transcription might be the work at home job for you. It requires some training, though. Tiffany explained:

I got my medical transcription certificate from a school called Tech Skills. At the time Accuscribe was one of the only companies hiring people without experience. They have since stopped taking people without experience right away, but will put you on a list and let you know when an opportunity comes up.

Even though they don’t take “newbies” right away, it would be beneficial to get put on their list since most places won’t hire without experience. I’m not sure how long the waiting period is now for a position. Everyone there was very nice and the software that they use is extremely user friendly. A nice atmosphere for someone just getting into the field.

The one downside, for me anyway, was that they do shift work, so you have to be signed in for a certain time frame. It is not very flexible in that regard since, but if you are able to work a shift from home it is definitely worth a try. They also had a 90 day probation period so you could get your line counts and accuracy up. They did evaluation e-mails frequently and would send corrected reports with feedback to help better your skill.

If you have any more questions about medical transcription, Accuscribe, or the training, speak up in the comments and maybe Tiffany will reply.

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  • Carol

    I just recently graduated from school with a diploma in Medical Transcription and I am looking for my first job. I am not really worried about how much they pay I just want a Job and experience.

  • Karolina

    I am almost done with my medical transcriptionist school and I am looking to for my first job, I don’t care about how much money they can pay me, because all I want is to be able to work so that I can get more experience.
    I work from home for a billing company already and I love it, I just would like to start working on the field that I studied for.

    I would really appreciate if I could receive information on how to get a job.

    Thank you!!

  • Lisa

    Hi, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some info on how to get my first job as a medical transcriptionist. Just finished schooling and am looking for my first job, but am unsure which are good companies or just people looking to get work done for cheap money. I could desperately use your advice, thank you Lisa S.

  • Sullyk

    MT is not something you can do just like that. Been one for 25+ years.
    Pay has gone down from 12-15 an hour to 3 cents a line. You need to be able to spell, need a good foundation in medical terminology, you need to understand what the words mean, you have to have a good ear, be able to type fast, as be willing to do it long hours if you want good pay. You have to have 98% accuracy or you will be fired, and you have to learn many formats for many accounts. You need a good school which will cost you thousands and a year or more of your time and then you still don’t know what you really are doing until you’ve been doing it for 3 years or so.
    This is a serious career and it doesn’t need any more newbies out to make bowling money.

  • Iliyasu Samaila Adamu
    Iliyasu Samaila Adamu

    I want a job offer with you. Transcriptionist

  • Tiffany

    Wow!! Thanks guys! I didn’t know that shooting an e-mail your way would result in a front page “blurb”, but I’m happy to help. I’ll be happy to answer any questions!!

    Good Luck, Work-At-Homies ;)

    Tiffany K.
    Dayton, Ohio

  • WorkAtHomeNoScams.com

    Hey Joe,

    I’m glad you brought this to your readers attention. Because in my 10+ years of work at home experience. Medical transcription is the only legitimate “typing” work at home job that I know is available in large numbers.

    We get leads for them every day on my job search site.
    But the reason most people don’t pursue it or even know about it is because it requires some advanced skills and most job seekers aren’t willing to invest in career training for themselves because they’ve all been taught that you shouldn’t have to pay money to get a job. That is true to a certain degree. But people fail to mention the exceptions to that rule.

    It’s funny because whether you know it or not, people pay for jobs all the time. When you buy a newspaper to search for a job, you’re paying for it. I spent 4 … okay 5 years at college because I knew it would help me get a better job. It wasn’t because I like donating money to the state of New York.

    But I think the training is what turns people off to this wonderful career.

    In any event, I recently created a video on Medical Transcriptionist to address that ever popular question about finding legitimate typing or data entry jobs.

    You guys might find it useful:

    Good luck to everyone.

    Take action when sites like this give you solid advice. Don’t think about it, act on it or you’ll never succeed at working at home full time. Trust me I learned that the hard way and it took me nearly 7 years to finally get to the point where I was able to leave my corporate career of earning $90,000 to finally work at home running my websites and trying to help people achieve their own success. So if a guy from the bronx can do it. You can too with the guidance of successful and honest people like the folks on this blog.


    Eddy Salomon

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