I have yet to come across a binary option system that is not a scam. Yet, it seems not enough people out there have heard the message, not enough people realize that these systems are an utter joke designed to profit off of you rather than you profiting off of them.

That’s why this week I’m going to tell you all about a binary trading system called Millionaire Money Machines.

The Pitch

The sales letter for this particular product is very similar to most other binary options sales pitches. It consists of a long, long video sales letter and a few gadgets.

The sales video is pushes all the right buttons for anyone who is a little bit desperate for more cash and not quite as vigilante as they should be against scammers.

It discusses how you too can make obscene amounts of money by installing and using the secret, hush-hush software that the author himself has used (though he doesn’t state created) himself.

The author goes on to state that all you need to do is to install and activate the software and then walk away.

By doing that the magical money fairies will magically travel through the internet on rainbows and deposit golden coins into your bank account!

OK, so maybe the video didn’t say that exactly, but the general feel of what they did say could be summed up that that. The narrative is simply a story that pushes your buttons of desire, depression, fear, hope and any other feeling they can manipulate into making you think that this software will change your life.

It’s a lie

Let’s be absolutely clear: This software will not change your life for the better!

It states in the video that “you don’t need to know anything” in order to use this product and make $33,000 or more per day.

Millionire Money Machine guarantee


Ask any real life trader and they will tell you exactly how long they have studied both in school and on the job in order to make some decent money. They will tell you exactly how many hours per day they spend on the floor to generate cash for their clients and themselves. They will tell you the level of stress they go through every day as well.

If the software that Millionaire Money Machines peddles is as good as they say it is, everyone would be using it including the traders. But there they are, every day still heading to Wall Street, the City of London, and every other financial district in the world.

  • The evidence provided is not backed up.
  • The testimonials are obviously fake judging by their acting and the fact that the national flags change but the names do not.
  • The evidence has been notarized by a legal expert is not backed up.

In fact there is nothing real about this video.

And then there are the “gadgets” on the page. There is a countdown of the “free Millionaire Money Machine spots available”, which dutifully counts down but never goes to zero.

Millionire Money Machine countdown

Then there is the amount of money generated by users of the software. This is completely fake as well, it’s just some JavaScript code that takes an arbitrary figure and then adds a random amount to it every eleven seconds.

All of these add up to one thing: Millionaire Money Machines is a scam.

Purchasing Millionaire Money Machines

The absolutely only saving grace of this system is that it is (kinda) free. You sign up and give away your email address etc but it doesn’t initially cost you anything.

Once signed up you are logged into the hilariously (but unfortunately real) named broker website Banc de Binary.

Once there you are prompted to add funds, and this is the sole purpose of that long sales video and gimmicks: once you add funds, the author gets an affiliate commission or CPA commission from that action.

The software is not unique to Millionaire Money Machines, far from it, it is just the brokers own software so leaving it on autopilot puts you at the mercy of the brokers, who generally don’ have your interests at heart.

The Bottom Line

Millionaire Money Machines is a scam!

If you know something about binary options and trading then you can possibly make some money, though it’s a incredibly small percentage who will make decent money.

If however, you know nothing (and according to the sales pitch nothing is all you need to know) then you will be incredibly lucky to break even.

Avoid this product like the plague! Avoid all binary options products like the plague!

How Does Millionaire Money Machines Compare?

Binary Options trading programs all come down to essentially one thing: You’re betting your hard earned money on a coin flip. Successful businesses are not built this way! You can’t expect to make money this way.

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing ways to make money from home since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Millionaire Money Machine compares…

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