Quick Summary of Monthly Fix Pay

Rating: 1 Avoid.

The Good: It doesn't cost anything to sign up? That's a pro I guess.

The Bad: You won't get paid. It's a complete waste of your time. They are using you to generate an income for themselves.

The Bottom Line: This scam, and every other clone of it, is designed to waste your time while conning both you and advertisers to make money. Sure it won't cost you anything upfront, but time is money and if it does end up being a phishing scam you could be out of pocket! I would avoid Monthly Fix Pay and every other site like it. Click here to learn how to build a real business online instead.

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Monthly Fix Pay Review

What if I told you there is a way to make money by simply placing your link on places like Facebook or on forums?

Would you believe me? What if I said that you could make $10 every time someone clicks that link?

Are you interested now?

This is precisely what Monthly Fix Pay is offering, but I’ll give you a spoiler alert: this is a scam.

The Sales Pitch

Monthly Fix Pay doesn’t have a sales pitch so to speak, in fact their site is barely more than a few pages in size.

Their home page however speaks volumes if you know what to look for.

First off, they start by telling you how much you can earn from every link visit: $10. Or is it? A few sentences later it becomes $5-$10.

The second obvious concern is there use of the dollar sign. Instead of writing $10 they write 10$. This indicates that the site is owned by someone outside of the states (and Canada, Australia etc).

Whilst not necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that certain things like laws aren’t applicable to them, which should be a concern to everyone!

The other big concern I have with the Monthly Fix Pay website is a lack of company details and terms. These aren’t basic, they are non-existent.

It states:

MonthlyFixPay.com Private Limited is registered Company

Well, not only is that written poorly, but it doesn’t state where they are registered or even is that’s the company name. A Google search only shows one result, their website. There is a note that the company is based in the UK but they are not on the company list website that all UK limited companies should be on, so it’s a blatant lie.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is not a legitimate company.

How does Monthly Fix Pay work?

As mentioned, the main focus of this system is to get you to add links to other sites. It does however differ from other so called link posting sites in a few ways.

First of all registering is easy. They request an address, but accept anything in that field.

The membership area provides a link that you can use to generate earnings and clicking the link does indeed increase your earnings.

Monthly Fix Pay earnings

Every time someone clicks that link you make money. Monthly Fix Pay states that it earns adverts when people click the link but this is BS: the link just goes to their own site which does not contain any adverts at all.

It says that you should be doing Facebook tasks, but there’s no clarification of this, not training, nothing at all to explain what these tasks are. The only clear message is that you need to promote the link in as many places as possible.

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Now, they have an Anti-Cheat system that suggests not sending fake traffic as it’s a very strong anti-cheat system and you won’t get paid. That might be true but I doubt it.

Why do I doubt it? Well, that’s the kicker isn’t it?

Monthly Fix Pay facebook tasks

What sort of tasks?

You won’t get paid

The heading says it all. Even if you reach the minimum payment amount you won’t get paid for it.

In order to actually withdraw money you first need to do a type of captcha system to make sure you are you and not a robot or something.

This is not a typical captcha though, no it’s in the form of a survey, where you need to sign up for things or register for products and services.

It’s all quite bizarre.

Why do you need to do this? Because the site owner will make money though what’s called a CPA (Cost Per Action). So if a company needs a free trial promoting, they will pay people for every survey or form filled out.

In other words, Monthly Fix Pay is using the premise of you making money in order to get you to fill out these forms so they make money!

It’s also a possibility, though not confirmed, that these forms could be replaced with fake forms to obtain your data (address, phone number and even card data), like a phishing scam. Not confirmed but something to be wary about for sure.

I’ll be honest here; I didn’t spend the time to fake my links to generate the $300 I got to $120 with 31 clicks but ran out of VPN proxies and time.

It’s clear from the multiple other reviews online though that this system does not pay out.

What happens then if you can’t get you money? Where do you complain?

Well I’m pretty sure that email the Yahoo email address on the contact page won’t get you anywhere, and as there is no legitimate company behind the system, and they are highly unlikely to be based in the US, the best thing you can do is walk away.

So many names!

  • MonthlyFixPay
  • TheHugePay
  • PoorMantoRichMan
  • Cash4Visits
  • MyCashInHand
  • Cashyooo
  • MyPayStuff

The list goes on! All the above sites and no doubt countless more redirect to Monthly Fix Pay or are direct clones of the site. In fact you can still find reviews for some of the other domains out there.

This shows that the people behind this scam are constantly rebranding the sites as they get negative press in order to lure in and fool unsuspecting people.

The Bottom Line

Sites like Monthly Fix Pay and its numerous alter-egos are scams through and through. There’s no system out there that truly allows you to make decent money by getting people to click a link.

The only way to truly earn money online is to actually work for it and learn and apply your learning. It’s not fast, it’s not easy, but no self-made millionaire got there the fast and easy way!

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  • Mandy

    Well I tried this for the past 3 days lol and found out it was a scam I was unsure but thought why not worth a try lol. Yeah I’m up to like over 600.00 and I went to the cash out or whatever but it made me do some test crap and surveys and all that’s BS. Waste of my time ?

  • Estella Tomada
    Estella Tomada

    I tried this out of curiosity , It was introduced to me by a friend. I thought about trying it since im not really that busy anyway. Since i have quiete a few friends, i was able to earn $320 in just a few hours , then i decided to cash out just to see if it’s legit… i was asked to click on a link to go through a verification process , on the next screen i was shocked when i was asked to subscribe to an online game .. I then conclude that it is indeed a scam and started forgetting about it.

  • Veronica

    I always enjoy reading your reviews, Steve. You really do offer clear and concise feedback.

    Sadly, Monthly Fix is no diffetent from thousands of other sites that promise people the moon. $10 per click….I mean, seriously…that’s just beyond ludicrous!

    It was actually your unbiased review of an online real estate business that led me to Wealthy Affiliate, so I will be forever grateful, Steve!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks Veronica! These types of comments are exactly why I operate this site. It’s insane what people will claim is possible online. What’s even worse is then consumers get this idea that instant wealth is possible but they just need to find the right product to buy first. This is Shiny Object Syndrome at its worst.

  • Brandon Cox
    Brandon Cox

    Man, there’s so much junk out there. If these were brick-and-mortar businesses with a street address the government would shut them down, but online, it’s easy to fly under the radar. Thanks for the strong warning about this, and I totally agree that the very best option is Wealthy Affiliate. Been a member for a while now and wish I’d discovered it sooner and upgraded to Premium more quickly.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      A lot of times these guys operate overseas in locations with lax rules on this kind of stuff. The formatting of money as “US 100$” is always a dead giveaway that these guys are not based anywhere in the States. This pretty much allows them to operate however they want with zero repercussions. It’s up to people like me to spread the word.

  • Craig

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for putting up this information about Monthly Fix Pay. I saw an ad for it and found our site while doing some research. You are right, anything that says you’ll earn $10 for one click rings alarm bells.
    I really appreciate your review, and the “ive tried that” purpose of telling people about these scams.
    I’ve tried some also, and have been scammed out of $$.
    You are helping people.
    With appreciation

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for stopping by Craig. Sites like these that promise insane amounts of money for trivial work should never be trusted. If you could earn $10 just by clicking on a link (how does that even work?) why would anyone ever have a real job? You could just login for 10 minutes, click a ton of links, and make a six figure salary by doing next to nothing.

      Real earnings take time to build up. Nothing about Monthly Fix Pay is real unfortunately.

  • roamy

    Hello Steve

    Thanks for your review of monthly fix pay.It`s hard to believe that people still fall for these scams, if making money placing links on the internet was that simple, everyone will be doing it and the internet will be full of spam links.

    $10 per link should already ring bells to anyone who has been online long enough, even $1 per click will ring a bell to me because im realistic so I can not understand that people believe these claims.

    Now as you mention, they advise members to perform facebook tasks, although I have not earned money doing such tasks, I know they do not pay much.Now to sign up for products or take surveys to be “paid” sounds like a cheap trick, in my opinion, to help them capture more email addresses so they can send more spam emails to people who take part in the surveys.

    I admire you for even spending your time and managed to reach $120, If earning so much money with just 31 clicks, we`ll all be doing it, but having said that, it does not matter really if you`re not going to be paid.

    Just one question, how are you sure all the other programs thehugepay, cash4visits, mypaystuff etc are all one and the same with monthly fix pay?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      If you visit those additional websites, you are either redirected back to Monthly Fix Pay or you are taken to a clone of their website with the name and logo replaced. I really wish it were that easy to make money online, but if it were, everyone would be doing it already. These guys are just using their customers as cheap slave labor.

  • Adriana

    This scam seems so stupid but pretty brilliant at the same time. People could get hyped up about getting money that they will sign up for all of those surveys and just get screwed over. It is definitely one of those too good to be true kind of deals and it would make sense that they have several different names in case trouble arrives. Also I never cared to really pay attention to the little details like company names and the dollar sign thing. I usually text something like 10$ instead of $10 because it sounds better even though I am American so I did not know about that. Anyway thank you very much for the heads up and the extra few little things to look out for

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      “Too good to be true” is always applicable. Monthly Fix Pay’s goal here is to get you hyped up about their product so that you work for them without taking a second to think logically about the situation you’re putting yourself in.

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