Quick Summary of My Mobile Money Pages

Rating: 1 I really wish I could give this a 0!

The Good: None!

The Bad: Out of date. Uses bad tactics like spinning content. No real evidence it works. Limited training. Definitely not automated. Just plain bad!

The Bottom Line: The only way to make money with this system is to not buy it and invest your money elsewhere. If you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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My Mobile Money Pages Review

The mobile marketing niche is booming. With the number of mobile users now outstripping the number of desktop users (and still growing), the amount of cash floating around this market is unbelievable.

As well as users, people are spending more time on the mobile devices browsing the web and purchasing items.

It’s no wonder then that there are many internet marketing products out there that are trying to cash in on this phenomenon.

One such system is My Mobile Money Pages.

My Mobile Money Pages cash cow

What is My Mobile Money Pages?

The basic idea behind this system is that it creates custom webpages that are mobile orientated, that you can use to promote different products.

It’s meant to be a hands-off, fully automated system that requires absolutely zero skills or knowledge.

Whenever something advertises itself as requiring no skills, I begin to worry, because let’s face it, whatever you do in life requires at least a little bit of knowledge. In my experience, the only products and systems that promote “no skills required!” are scams.

My Mobile Money Pages no experience

The Problem with Automation

The system does create websites for you and it does do it in quite an automated fashion. And they are mobile friendly.

Does this sound good? It does? Well wait for it.

The issues surrounding My Mobile Money Pages are many.

#1 It’s ugly.

Seriously! The created sites are based on templates and they are just plain ugly.

#2 It uses spun content.

The system software creates content automatically for you, which might seem neat. However, what it does is grab content from other sites and spins it.

Spun content is just terrible, especially when the content is pulled from another site and spun. The resulting content can be completely unintelligible, which is worthless if you’re trying to sell something!

Yet another issue with spun content is that if it is not done correctly (which most automated systems cannot do), then you run the risk of it being detected as duplicate content by search engines like Google.

If that happens at best your page will not rank in the search engines and get you traffic. At worst the entire site will be de-indexed (removed from the search results completely) and your site will now be useless. If you used your own domain, that will also be useless.

#3 It’s not really automated.

Due to the content being spun, and the sites looking terrible, the truth is is that you actually need to do something about it, which means re-writing content, redesigning the sites. All of a sudden you’ve gone from a “no work” automated system to actually needing to write and even code HTML & CSS to make the sites look half decent.

#4 You’ll never get traffic.

The training is very light on how exactly to get traffic. It basically boils down to “post on Facebook” and “post in forums”.

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These are both valid ways, but without further training and without making use of alternative tactics the best you can hope to happen is to not tick off your friends and family and to not get banned from forums.

A newbie following this training will get no traffic of any note, certainly not the amount of targeted traffic needed to make the stated $16,000 a month!

My Mobile Money Pages money per day
Not without traffic!

#5 There are training issues.

On the topic of training, the supplied training amounts to approximately 1 hour of combined videos and PDF training.

One hour’s worth of training will not take you from knowing nothing to making $200,000 a year. It’s simply not realistic.

#6 You don’t own the site.

The person behind this system suggests that you create the sites on his domain (on a subdomain).

This might sound wonderful as it’s free and takes away the headaches of buying a domain and hosting.

The problem however is that if the system goes offline, say goodbye to anything you’ve built as you don’t own it.

As well as that you can’t control the quality of the server so the sites might be very slow, nor can you control the security so you may get hacked.

All in all, it’s a bad situation.

#7 It’s out of date!

The last major issue that I see with My Mobile Money Pages is that it’s old. The system was created back in 2011 and doesn’t look like it’s been updated since.

5 years on the internet is equivalent to at least 2,000 real years. Tactics that worked in online marketing in 2011 such as spun content simply don’t work now.

And There’s More!

The above is simply the start of the issues found with this system, there are other things too such as where it gets its keyword date from and how it creates the backlinks.

You have no control with either of these things and both are critical to the success of any website. Poor backlink creation can easily tank your site in the rankings or get it de-indexed as spam.

My Mobile Money Pages patent pending
Of course it is as it’s probably Google’s software.

Just Use WordPress!

There is nothing in My Mobile Money Pages that cannot be recreated in WordPress with a little work. In fact you’d be better off starting with WordPress, and some decent training in internet marketing, than spending your money on these kinds of systems.

WordPress is free, you can get a free responsive (mobile ready) theme and any content you write will be a 1000 times better than any spun content.

Sure it’s not automated, but you can’t make money with push button garbage like My Mobile Money Pages.

The Bottom Line

My Mobile Money Pages is outdated that may not have even worked back in 2011. Right now, it doesn’t stand a chance of making anyone money. Save your cash and your dignity and avoid this system!

Stick with our top recommendation here as it’ll get you up and running, for free, with the best training we’ve ever seen.

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