Quick Summary of Swagbucks

Rating: 5

The Good: You can get paid to do the things you already do online. Do I need to say more?

The Bad: It's addicting; however, you're making money so this isn't really a con...

The Bottom Line: Swagbucks has been one of our favorite programs for a long time now. It's free to join and you can make money fairly easily. Stop wasting time and create your free account right now.

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Swagbucks Review

We posted a Swagbucks review back when the site was offering rewards mostly for searching the Web and completing online surveys and polls. However, with the recent acquisition of survey company SodaHead and the introduction of mobile apps, business at Swagbucks has been booming.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards site that pays its members to complete online actions such as searching the Web, answering surveys and polls, playing games, watching videos, shopping, etc. Payments are distributed in a form of virtual currency called Swag Bucks (SB); these SB are redeemable for gift cards, prizes and cash through Paypal.

Currently, the exchange rate between one SB and regular ol’ cash is one SB = one penny. For example, if you accumulate 500 SB, you can typically exchange them for a $5 Amazon card.

How do you earn Swag Bucks?

Web search

The old standby for earning SB involves a Google-like search engine that awards you SB at random intervals for surfing the Web. SB winners may not necessarily be the same individuals who use the Swagbucks search engine the most often. SB prizes range from 1-1,000 SB. Users who use bots or other software to search the Web eventually have their account deactivated.

sb search

swagbucks win

Swagbucks TV

Swagbucks offers various videos about health, technology, food and even Swagbucks itself in a YouTube style format. For watching 10 videos on the Swagbucks site, you can earn 3 SB. The maximum SB per day that you can earn using Swagbucks TV is 150 SB.

swagbucks tv


Swagbucks features many different online games on its site which also earn SB. Players must buy tokens or credits with cash or SB to play these games; however, their cash “investment” amount is repaid in full in equivalent SB. Players can also win additional SB by playing these games against the house or each other.


There are a number of surveys on the Swagbucks site that pay SB simply for filling them out. Some of these surveys can be quite time-consuming, but they should be considered if you have extra time on your hands.

swagbucks surveys

Swagbucks polls

Swagbucks sends you daily polls that you can quickly fill out (often in about 5-10 seconds) and score extra SB from on a regular basis.

Swagbucks tasks

For taking specifically requested actions, you can make SB or fractions of SB. Again, just like when filling out surveys, you will need to figure out which tasks pay a worthwhile sum of SB for the time and effort involved in completing them.

swagbucks tasks


You can refer your family and friends to Swagbucks via a unique referral link that Swagbucks provides for you. If someone that you’ve referred signs up and starts earning SB, you make a 10% SB commission from those earnings for life.

Online shopping

Swagbucks has partnered with several different retailers and pays you a given number of SB per dollar spent online. In some (promotional) cases, Swagbucks will actually double the SB earned by shopping at select merchants.

swagbucks shop


There are many offers you can complete to earn SB; these SB are credited to your account almost immediately. Most offers are free to complete- they do require that you input your name and other personal information, however.


You can use your current SB to purchase tickets to drawings for large SB jackpots. I’ve yet to win one of these jackpots; however, it is one way to spend a few extra SB for the chance at winning a 10,000 or even 100,000 SB pot.

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You can make SB simply by getting coupons from Swagbucks- the site pays 10 SB for each coupon printed and used at the grocery store. You score an extra 25 SB if you print and use 10+ coupons.

swagbucks coupons


Credit cards

You can apply for either a secured or unsecured credit card through Swagbucks. With the Swagbucks VISA Rewards unsecured credit card, you can earn 1,000 SB just by using the card once after you qualify for it.

swagbucks visa

With the secured Swagbucks VISA, you can also earn 1,000 SB, after spending $1,000 using the credit card.

Swagbucks secured credit card

Mobile apps

Swagbucks has gone mobile and offers money-making apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems. With these apps, you can earn SB on-the-go by surfing the Web, watching videos, etc. You can also download additional apps, like MobileXpression, which then sends you emails t complete specific tasks and earn even more SB. Best of all, you are also rewarded with SB just for downloading these extra apps.

Shown below is my SB incentive for downloading MobileXpression:

swagbucks points

How many SB have I earned?

I recently came back to Swagbucks after starting an account several years back, then leaving it to languish while I pursued other online rewards programs. However, in just the last two days of completing Swagbucks offers, I’ve earned 500 SB from MobileXpression, 1,000 SB from my upcoming Swagbucks VISA credit card, and another 200 SB from filling out random offers, printing and using coupons and watching videos. That’s 1,700 SB, or $17, in gift card money, in just two days.

Is Swagbucks worth the effort?

I’d recommend Swagbucks to anyone looking for a quality online rewards program that quickly pays out money in the form of gift cards and/or Paypal cash. Swagbucks members who go to the site and devote some time each day to the program report cash outs in the hundreds of dollars. Even if you aren’t involved with Swagbucks on a daily basis, you should still be able to accumulate about 2,500-3,000 SB each month. That SB amount is enough to purchase roughly $30 in gift cards.

SwagBucks is also giving away $5 with every new account. You can click here, create your free account, and claim your $5 now!

Do you currently participate in the Swagbucks program? Please describe your experience in the comments below.

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