My God do I love online shopping.

I’m a hardcore deal hunter. This will come as no surprise to veteran readers of I’ve Tried That. I love saving money and the fact that I can click order and someone will personally hand deliver me my purchases. I check deal websites at least once per hour and have even made a Google Chrome extension that tracks the latest Amazon Deals, (Click here and check it out if you use Chrome!)

Ever since Amazon started offering Amazon Prime, I’ve been hooked and I’ve saved hundreds of dollars. If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Prime, it’s a membership program that gives you FREE two-day shipping on nearly anything you can buy at Usually it costs $79/year to join, but you can try it out for free first.

Here are the ways you can try Amazon Prime…

ONE YEAR Free for Students

Amazon Student is a free Prime membership program created especially for college students. You get free two-day shipping on qualifying items for an entire year. You can even get a pro-rated refund on a current Amazon Prime membership. There is one requirement though: you need to have a .edu email address to sign up.

Click here to sign up for Amazon Student.

THREE MONTHS Free and 30% Off Diapers and Wipes for Parents

Amazon Mom is a free version of Prime aimed at helping parents and caregivers use Amazon to find all the products their family needs. You get three months of Prime for free and every $25 you spend in the Baby Store earns you another month of Prime for free! You can also benefit from 30% OFF Diapers and Wipes with your membership. Dads, grandparents, and primary caregivers are more than welcome to join as well.

Click here to sign up for Amazon Mom.

ONE MONTH Free for Everyone Else

If you aren’t a student or parent and haven’t been a member of Amazon Prime for at least 13 months, you can sign up for a free month of Prime. Be warned that unless you opt-out of the renewal, you will be upgraded automatically to a full year Amazon Prime for $79 at the end of your 30 day trial.

Click here to sign up for a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.

Everyone qualifies for at least one month free of Prime. So sign up and try it out today!

If you’re feeling particularly grateful and want to test out your new Amazon Prime account by sending your favorite blog writer a present for spending over three years and thousands of dollars of his own money to protect you from scams, you can check out my Amazon Wishlist by clicking here. I would love you dearly and greatly appreciate any generosities.

Other than that, enjoy your month(s) of free shipping!

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