We are big believers in blogs here at I’ve Tried That. Why? Becase we read blogs by people who make a lot of money from blogs. And, yes, because we make a bit of coin from this little ol’ corner of cyberspace.

And we’ve promoted blogging in a number of ways, from telling you about great blog training to offering to set up your blog for free.

Some might wonder why the repeated push. Why do we keep harping about blogging as a way to make money?

It’s because of stories like this.

Pat lost his job during the economic downturn in the USA.

Just 12 short months later, he’s made $203,219.04 online.

Pat makes money selling an ebook from his blog.

The topic is quite obscure – he’s helping people with a special exam that some architects choose to do called the “LEEDs” exam (Pat lost his job as an architect).

Crazy stuff. And we trust the source (Yaro Starak), having worked extensively with him for a couple of years now. You can listen to how Pat set up his blog, created his book (he just used his blog posts as content!) and how he was able to make so much money so quickly, in the interview at this link.

Yes, it’s true: Pat’s case is exceptional. Most people who start a blog won’t make a dime. But making no money is a choice. Why? Because the steps Pat followed are well documented. Making money from blogs is no mystery…it just requires action.

Those who take action are the exceptions.

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  • Ms Mari
    Ms Mari

    To all who reads this website. Today I got another one of those get the list for homes. not from kyle waitley ,but from a Robert James….I think it’s the same guy so be aware. It’s the same profile with the $2.00 and to send him information. DON’T FALL FOR THIS ONE EITHER. GOD BLESS ALL JUST WANTED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW.

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