Round three of the blitz and we’ve received a few emails. I’d like to see more so keep your requests coming! For the next few days, we’ll be conducting mini-reviews of websites submitted by our readers. If you have a website, program, or business opportunity you want us to look at, please submit it through our contact form. You can reach that form by clicking here.

[Note from Joe: You might think to yourself, “C’mon, how good could your review be if you’re throwing it up after a short look at the website and by not signing up?” Well it’s like this: we have swum in scam sewage for a year now and it doesn’t take us long to spot a bogus claim. We’ve seen them all before. In fact, the day some scammer comes up with a truly original way to take your money, I’ll be truly excited. So even though these blitz reviews are short and fast, we’re right!]

  1. Top Dollars at
    What they claim: Another one claiming over $150 an hour for filling out simple surveys. You give your opinion on a product and they give you the income of the CEO of major corporation. Pretty cool trade-off if you ask me.
    What they are: Same pig, different day. At this point in the blitz you should be able to tell that there’s no way in hell any company is going to pay $150 an hour to fill out simple surveys! This one has a $35 sign-up fee and it would be $35 down the drain. Don’t pay for a list of survey companies.
    What you should do: Stick to our list of recommended survey companies. Hell, the list is free, we’ve actually tried them, and you’ll end up making money not losing it.
  2. Global Domains International or GDI at
    What they claim: GDI is a tricky one. From what I can tell, you make money by referring people to buy .ws domains and hosting. You make a sale and commissions from that sale go to you and five levels of referrals above you.
    What they are: GDI is a multi-level marketing or MLM program designed around the promotion of online products. What you’ll be trying to move are crappy .ws domains that nobody wants and sub-par hosting. Stick to more legitimate companies.
    What you should do:MLM schemes never pan out right. You need quite a large following to make any money. But most of the time, you’re at the bottom and you’ll probably never reach the top. Stay away from GDI. Do you have expereince with GDI? If so, help us expand on this by leaving a comment below or submitting an email.
  3. Strategic Research Network at
    What they claim: You’ll be working as an Assistant Internet Researcher. Doing.. uhh.. assistant internet researcher stuff. It sounds like a job, but…
    What they are: Another MLM scam that costs a whopping $17,900 to join! That’s not even including the expenses you’ll need to spend to incorporate your MLM scheme. From what I’ve read, no assistant jobs exist and you have to pay to become a researcher. Click here to read a first-hand experience about the scam at hand.
    What you should do: No job will ever charge you an up-front cost to start working! Use common sense here. Employers pay YOU, not the other way around. I wonder why the Internet has caused so much confusion on this subject?

This concludes round three of our online scam review blitz. Be sure to submit any websites to us by clicking here to visit our contact form. All you need to do is submit the name and the URL of the website you want reviewed and we’ll put up a review as they are received.

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