My email inbox has been bloated recently. Really it’s been crazy, I have barely been able to get it lower than 20 or 30 emails a day, and they just keep piling up!

I used to have a rule: empty inbox by the end of each day.

Then it slipped a little, you know 5 or 6 is ok. Then I decided that 10 to 15 emails left behind were just fine. See where this is going?

Is your inbox the same? I blame all the marketing emails, Google alerts and other randomness.

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This is the reason why I decided to review Kevin Fahey’s Open Rate Explosion.

You see the man straight away described my inbox, as it’s getting to a stage where I don’t even bother opening emails: if the title looks boring, it gets trashed.

This is what you have to fight against when you are an email marketer; the fact that everyone you email is also getting emailed by dozens or other people every single day.

How can you compete with all those other marketers and business and, well, everyone!?

Apparently Kevin is here to help. His product is designed to help you increase your email open rate.

The Pitch

I’ve mentioned this previously but if a marketing sales letter looks good, I am instantly more comfortable with it. Straight away my internal scam-o-meter recedes a bit.

That’s exactly what Open Rate Explosion’s website did to me the little so and so.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t trying to get all psychological on your ass. Far from it, the professional layout is just the opening salvo.

There are the typical marketing ploys interwoven into this sales letter.

The first of course is the unprovable proof. This time round, it is not just proof of earnings, but also email open rates.

I often wonder exactly how real these are. Perhaps I have been desensitized to them because I see them so often, but you have to agree with me: how do we know they are real? 10 minutes in Photoshop and I could “prove” to you that I earned $50 million from one email sent to 3 people.

There is also the typical, though thankfully very short, rag to riches story. As well as that is the annoying over use of the word Ninja in relation to something that can’t in fact sneak into your house in the dead of night and teach you a painful lesson.

Open Rate Explosion too many ninjas

Please, please, please stop using the word Ninja unless you are talking about Ninjas!

Purchasing Open Rate Explosion

Before we go any further, I want to provide you with the sales funnel for this product, because it truly is a proper front end offer. If you let it, your $7 buck purchase could end up costing you well over $200.

Open Rate Explosion Funnel

The core product is on a dime sale and will max out at $9.95.

The first upsell is for $47 and will get you a “proven system” that will apparently make you a lot of money. It doesn’t specifically state what this system is, but the added extras shown do make this fairly tempting for the price.

Obviously it’s dependent upon whether the material is any good or not, but there was a lot of stuff available for a one time price.

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Open Rate Explosion upsell1

The second upsell is for a piece of software called List Profit Generator and it will set you back a cool $97 bucks. It looks like something that can help generate targeted leads, and also comes bundled with some PLR style content.

As I declined both of these I wasn’t honoured with the option of purchasing the membership program.

The Product

The actual product is a 28 page e-book. It is to the point with no frills, yet looks good and reads well. There are also plenty of images to guide you along while you work through it.

The contents cover the 6 Ninja steps that the author states will help you to improve your email open rates.

Let’s take a look at each in turn.

Method 1

This first method looks not at increasing open rates but instead at automation. It looks at how a tool called Zapier can be used to automate adding users to your list in different situations.

Now I found this to be very useful info, but I can’t see how it will help anyone get increased open rates.

Method 2

The second method covers another tool called AwPro Tools. The training teaches you how to use this tool to merge lists.

This in fact is handy for two reasons:

  • IT can help reduce your Aweber/mailing service bill for big lists
  • It reduces the number of duplicate emails, which can reduce the number of unsubscribes.

In theory this could help open rates but I’m not convinced it will be by large margins, and certainly not for smaller lists.

Method 3

Mid way through and we are still looking at tools that can increase your business effectiveness. This third tool is one that will enable you to find out basic social details about your email contacts.

It enables you to add these contacts to other services such as social networks.

I understand why this could be useful, not only to increase your social network follower count, but to help build a sense of engagement.

While this method might not directly affect open rates, I think over time it could certainly boost it by allowing you to become more than just someone sending an email.

Method 4

Here you will learn how to use Gmail to send out canned responses when someone replies to one of your emails.

Once more I don’t see how this affects open rates!

The email will have had to been opened already to have seen the message.

It could perhaps help with engagement and so forth but you will certainly have a hard time getting metrics on open rate success based on this approach.

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Method 5

Now this method could certainly help increase open rates. Although it’s very brief it covers using HTTPS (SSL – basically a security certificate for your site). By having your site as HTTPS it’s possible that open rates would increase, primarily because deliverability will increase as a result of your email passing stricter mail server guidelines.

Method 6

This particular method is focused around product launches and interestingly covers sending your existing subscribers to a squeeze page. The author answers a few questions that might be popping up in your mind, such as “why the hell would I do that?”.

I can see how this would increase open rates but only for this particular campaign.

The Bottom Line

Overall this product was not bad, and it provided some interesting angles on email marketing.

However, a lot of the methods were very general in nature and might be helpful over time, but you won’t see results directly and certainly won’t be able to track how effective they were.

If you are looking for something that will actively increase open rates, I just don’t think this product is it.

If you already have reasonable open rates, then the tips and tricks outlined here could help you go to another level.

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