Quick Summary of Coffee Shop Millionaire

Rating: 2.5 It's a very basic online marketing training program with limited member support.

The Good: There is some training available, which is useful for marketing newbies. The membership price point can't be beat at just $27.

The Bad: The program requires another $400+ in upsells to function as advertised. The program's support is sparse and/or lacking. CSM is over-hyped and has you thinking you'll make lots of money in little time.

The Bottom Line: There are better training programs out there that won't overwhelm you in upsells and hype. Case in point: our top recommendation here.

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Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

When you’re stuck at your 9-to-5 job, it’s easy to imagine that online marketers have it much easier. After all, they’re not required to work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. They’re not required to be on the job. In fact, most of them just sit in coffee shops and watch the paychecks roll in.

Yeah, it’s a sweet life for those Internet marketers.

At least that’s the picture painted by Anthony Trister, the creator and marketer of Coffee Shop Millionaire.

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What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) is an Internet marketing program that teaches you the basics of email marketing, product advertising, copywriting, article submission, etc.

Monthly membership in CSM costs $37/month, and you can lower your sign-up fee to just $27/month if you try to close the sales page.

You also get a “ready-to-go” website from CSM once you join and buy hosting.

The CSM trainings are presented in a dozen or so modules. There is also a community forum that enables you to ask for and provide support. CSM also hosts a Facebook group of some 71 members.

Those are the good points about CSM.

The not-so-good points are the following:

1. The trainings are very basic.

You’ll certainly learn about online marketing from CSM if you are a total newbie to this field; however, if you’ve already done some affiliate or other marketing, you won’t learn much new information from CSM. Also, some of the suggested marketing techniques, such as article spinning and submission to directories, are outdated and can get your site de-indexed by search engines.


The other issue with CSM’s trainings is that it introduces some advanced marketing concepts, such as selling your affiliate services to local businesses. However, those concepts are merely introduced, not explored in depth. There is no way you’ll know how to successfully perform local marketing and SEO after watching just two or three short videos.

Finally, the total length of all these videos is just a little over four hours. Would you consider yourself well-trained in a subject like plumbing if you sat through four hours of video trainings on how to install drains, fix leaks and solder copper?

All this poses a problem because…

2. Anthony makes claims about big money.

CSM contains the outrageous claim that you’ll make $21,000 in just 3 weeks via its so-called “Cash Machine System.”

Unless you already have an established affiliate marketing business, complete with your own website, product and customer list, there’s no way you’ll make thousands of dollars in mere weeks. A set of training videos that talk about the very basics of marketing will certainly not propel you on the way towards earning a five figure income each month.

In his sales video, Anthony repeatedly throws out the idea that you can become an Internet millionaire by simply following his “baby step” plan of online marketing. This creates the false idea that online marketing is highly lucrative and easy to implement.

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Anthony also claims that you don’t need a website, marketing know-how, technical know-how, etc…yet as soon as you sign up, you’re told that, in fact, a website is recommended, as well as some familiarity with affiliate marketing, list building, etc.

3. There are pricey upsells.

CSM costs $37/month to join its internal membership site and watch the training modules, and its current promotion lowers the cost to just $27/month. However, in truth, CSM only appears affordable.

Once you sign up to CSM, Anthony throws his first upsell at you- an upgrade to a product called the “Six Figure Success Club” for $297. This happens before you even access the membership site.

Anthony also tells you to purchase two years’ worth of hosting for your website right away. This is ridiculous because you can purchase hosting on a month-to-month basis, which allows you to test different hosts and their capacities as you expand your website(s). It’s a fair bet to say that Anthony is probably in cahoots with his ‘recommended’ hosting service and is making a hefty commission from its sales.

To be fair, you do get a website from CSM; however, this website is a skeleton website with some PLR content thrown onto it. Who’s to say that the same PLR website you received hasn’t also been handed out to other CSM members?

Upsells are one of the methods that marketers employ to get you to buy more stuff from them. The plan usually consists of luring customers in to make a purchase of a “low-priced” item. However, to make full use of that low-priced item, one or more high-priced items must be purchased.

4. Community support is lacking.

The CSM Facebook group page has only 71 members, which is rather sparse considering that this program is not new. There’s also a CSM Club Facebook group that has over 800 likes. However, the questions and comments posted by Facebook members in both groups aren’t answered in a timely fashion, indicating that Anthony either doesn’t have the time or the inclination to deal with his community.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Club

Apparently, that’s because customer service is outsourced to the Philippines, even though CSM is a Canadian-based company.

The community site at CSM fares no better, with member complaints and site issues going unanswered for the most part. Overall, the CSM community is just one big ghost town that offers vague promises of support but no follow-through.

5. The testimonials are suspect.

If you have the patience to listen to the entirety of Anthony’s sales videos, he showcases a few ‘customers’ as proof that CSM works as advertised. However, these customers are actually part of his ‘Guru’ training videos series and not average folks off the street. They probably have had a lot more training and exposure to affiliate and local marketing than average CSM members. So, their testimonials are about as relatable as those of CEOs who have “made it” and now want to tell their success stories to others.

We’re not sold on Coffee Shop Millionaire

The reason why most people fail at start-ups of any nature, whether online or brick-and-mortar, is lack of support. As a consequence, these newbies end up making costly mistakes that kill their fledgling businesses. With CSM, we haven’t seen a lot of support available to avoid potential failure.

We’ve seen better products out there that offer support and in-depth training. Our top recommendation here even lets you get started for free.

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  • Jason

    Hi Steve,

    I just thought I would drop a little line here for the folks that may be considering this course.

    Not here to bad mouth it or sing it’s praises!

    I just want to share an experience of mine to help someone else from having to go down the same road as me.

    About a year ago I signed up for the Coffee Shop Millionaire program and after about a week (week and a half) of being a member I realized that it was not for me.

    Like any sane person I asked for my money back and here is the part I wanted to share with others.

    It took me months of emails, a few phone calls and a Better Business Bureau compliant before I ever seen a dime of my money returned to me.

    So if your thinking of trying it on for size than just be ready to hurry up and as well as fight tooth and nail to get your refund.

    That’s all I wanted to say, thanks for letting me share Steve,
    not sure if it took my comment so forgive me and feel free to erase 1 and this part of the comment if it posted twice

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