Quick Summary of Paid Surveys and More

Rating: 1 This program isn't worth the money and it offers information that is readily available online.

The Good: The program does make you aware of the fact that filling out online surveys is one way to make some extra cash.

The Bad: 'Paid Surveys and More' makes it seem like it's offering you exclusive information, which it isn't. It also implies that you'll be earning thousands of dollars each month. On top of these outrageous claims, 'Paid Surveys and More' offers informational products that are most likely going to be upsells once you join the program.

The Bottom Line: Keep your money in your wallet and find online survey sites where they live: Online. Toluna, 20|20 Panel, Vindale Research...all these survey sites are available publicly and will get you onboard to earn money through online surveys.

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Paid Surveys and More Review

Are you up for making some extra money at home? You wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t. So, let’s get down to business and review the following work from home opportunity, which goes by the name of “Paid Surveys and More.”

When you first view this site, you’re told that ‘big name companies’ are looking for you to fill out their surveys. Apparently, these companies used to rely on trade shows for customer feedback, but the advent of online surveys made such information gathering faster.

Paid Surveys and More

So far so good.

It’s in the fifth or so paragraph of this work-at-home opportunity that the author’s account starts drifting into the fantastical. The author states that he or she (it’s actually Kim Robins) started the ‘Paid Surveys and More’ website after realizing that a lot of money could be made by completing online surveys. In fact, the author’s family and friends, who also complete online surveys, “are not trapped with a job they can’t stand or struggling to pay their bills. They now enjoy going on vacations and buying whatever they want.”

Yes, you read that correctly- this person is surrounded by individuals who have become so rich from completing online surveys that they now buy whatever they want.

In light of this amazing opportunity to generate lots of cash at home, the author says that he/she has started a private members’ area that helps people like you and me complete online surveys and join focus groups.

But wait- there’s more.

Not only has the author of this web page created an amazing members’ area for finding online surveys, he/she also has had the time to create product bonuses including the following:

Information products

While the actual products aren’t described, they are described as making you money on autopilot…”so you can do other things and still make money while you sleep.”

Online selling

The author also promises to give you information on “how to generate large amounts of money using the Internet.” This amazing opportunity is described in one line as involving “affiliate programs, blogs, eBay and Amazon.” That’s it.

This all sounds great…but there’s a catch.

Why would the author go through the trouble of creating a private members’ area for online surveys, plus information products, plus resources on affiliate marketing, blogging and online auctions? Because, according to this author, there is not a lot of information readily available on how to make money online.

However, thanks to this author, you now have “the latest resources and assistance” for getting survey assignments, and for also getting as many online surveys as you can fill out.

There is a cost for accessing these resources, but we are assured that it’s low. And you even get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you eventually see the following checkout area. At first, the program carries an $89 price tag. But when enter the provided coupon code, your price drops to just $44.95.

Paid Surveys and More 1

This checkout page instantly raised a red flag for me due to its bottom “Security Verified,” “Privacy Verified,” and “Business Verified” seals. These seals remind me of the seals I used to see, and still see, on various binary options scam sites. Seals that verify a site’s online security, for example, are clickable and lead to a separate page that showcases the security certificate and number.

With this site, the seals are not clickable and go nowhere.

The questionable refund policy

Admittedly, $44.95 isn’t too much money to spend if it buys you information that you would’ve had to spend countless hours of time on to compile. And the offer comes with a money-back guarantee, so what’s the harm in trying it out?

Before you go looking for your credit card, please read the following refund/cancellation policy, which is found in the “Paid Surveys and More” terms area:

Paid Surveys and More refunds

According to the wording used, it sounds like you are not going to receive a refund if you fill out even one survey and receive a few pennies or points back for your time. So, if you do plan on trying out this program, be very careful which actions you take once you sign up.

Incidentally, when I called the phone number listed in this policy, I was able to reach an actual representative who immediately asked me what my program code was. So, at least the customer support area is staffed by real people.

Why you shouldn’t sign up with Paid Surveys and More

‘Paid Surveys and More’ tries hard to make you think that online survey information is hard to come by, or that you need to be highly skilled to fill out surveys and participate in focus groups. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some basic truths about online surveys that the program completely neglects to mention in an effort to have you hand over your money:

Online survey sites are easy to find.

Here at I’ve Tried That, we’ve published content on online survey sites that we’ve found on our own just by surfing the Web. There is no big secret about online survey sites, and most companies will gladly direct you to any survey sites they’ve created for the public. Once you sign up to 3-4 survey sites, you’ll be inundated on a daily basis with surveys.

Online surveys won’t replace your regular 9-to-5 job.

Most online surveys don’t require any special skills to fill out- and so they don’t pay much either. A standard 15-minute long survey might pay you $1-3, for example.

If you’re lucky enough to qualify for a focus group or one-on-one interview, you might make anywhere from $10-$100 for an hour of your time. However, these kinds of gigs are few and far between because you must meet strict eligibility requirements. As an example, I’ve been a member of the 20|20 Panel for four years but only qualified for three of its high-paying surveys. Those high-paying surveys generated $80, $60 and $20- over the course of four years!

You’ll spend a lot of time meeting eligibility requirements.

It’s debatable if online surveys are even worth your time because you usually need to pre-qualify for a better-paying survey with a non-paying “pre-survey.” Oftentimes, you won’t qualify, and the 5-15 minutes you invested in the pre-survey is for naught.

The Bottom Line

Completing online surveys can be a good way to earn a little extra money for groceries or holiday gifts. However, there is no way that online surveys will ever replace your regular job or make you thousands of dollars each month.

‘Paid Surveys and More’ tries to play on the idea that there is a hidden stash of high-paying survey sites that no one else knows about, but this just isn’t the way that survey sites operate. In fact, companies want as many individuals as possible to know about their surveys in order to grab the most qualified candidates.

With “Paid Surveys and More,” your best choice is to not sign up and save yourself the $44.95 loss.

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