Quick Summary of Overnight Profits

Rating: 0.1 It's a scam, plain and simple.

The Good: There are no Fiverr actors giving fake video testimonials.

The Bad: There is a ludicrous explanation that the app trades the nighttime markets, when most people are sleeping and not trading. Huh?

The Bottom Line: Put away your credit card and don't fall for this laughable scam. Learn how to build a real business online with our number one recommended way here instead.

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Overnight Profits Review

Are you ready to make money while you sleep? Then get ready for the newest binary options trading app called, appropriately enough, the Overnight Profits App.

“My name is Gregory Leeds and I’m the CEO of GLMedia. At GLMedia, we have been developing more and more private trading software for the last 5 years. Now that we have been booking great results with these private software suites, I figured that we should create software that you can use as well.”

So goes the spiel by this guy:

overnight profits1

Greg describes how he wants to give everyone a “fair and square” opportunity to get rich by using his free Overnight Profits trading software. Why?

Apparently, Greg needs beta testers to make sure that his binary options software is working properly with all types of devices, operating systems and geo locations. “We need to test its stability, performance and usability,” he says. If you’re on the Overnight Profits App sales page right now, that means you can become one of the lucky 250 beta testers and make “$1,500-$6,000 per day completely automated.”

Greg then shows his software test and release schedule:
overnight profits

As you can see, a beta tester had to be invited by one of the alpha testers of the software. So, according to Greg, if you are viewing his sales page, one of his alpha testers (who is actually one of his staff members), passed along your email to him. Lucky you.

“You may wonder how a piece of software “magically generates you $1500 – $6000 per night.”

You got me.

To this end, Greg explains exactly how his magical app works. You see, the Overnight Profits App scans the markets at night, when market movements don’t occur as quickly.


Yes, it seems that unlike “daytime” markets, the nighttime markets are slower and thus more predictable. Due to this slowness, the app can capture and execute calls/puts more accurately.

Yep, there’s a secret nighttime stock market! And somehow, the Overnight Profits App can tap into this nighttime market and make money on it.

Also, the app is powered by purple unicorns

Aside from the utter ludicrousness of such a claim, here are some other troubling signs that the Overnight Profits App is not quite as advertised:

1. Gregory Leeds is a stock photo.

It seems that Greg is actually a “happy businessman” lifted from ShutterStock. Indeed, he seems to be quite popular in my online image search:

overnight profits2

2. The customer testimonials are stock photos too.


Overnight Profits showcases the following satisfied customers and their glowing reviews of the product. However, a quick image search of these customers reveals that they are merely stock photos.


3. The usual scam review sites love the Overnight Profits App.

As I’ve noted before, you can often recognize a scam by where it’s being reviewed. In the case of the Overnight Profits App, you have the usual scam review sites like binary-app-810. org and quickcashsystem. org claiming they have used this app and it’s a veritable money-maker. Quickcashsystem is especially annoying and features two videos running simultaneously.

Naturally, when you click on any of the provided links on these “review” sites, you find that they all contain affiliate links like this one:


How impartial can a review be when it is earning an affiliate commission from new recruits?

4. Overnight Profits is an affiliate product on Clicksure.

No scam binary options software would be complete without a posting on Clicksure.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Clicksure, it’s an affiliate network that’s chock-full of scam and sham products that average a 50% return rate.

Notice also how, in the case of the Overnight Profits App, there is a hefty $250 affiliate commission involved. No wonder this product already has over two search results pages filled with “positive” reviews!

5. The countdown counter is fake.

As seen with other binary options trading scams, the Overnight Profits App sales page features a fake countdown counter that is frozen at 1 spot left.

binary options app

No matter how many times you refresh the sales page, that counter is forever stuck at 1 spot. Even after I left the Overnight Profits sales page for a 12 solid hours, the counter was still stuck at 1 spot left.

6. Glenridge Capital is your recommended broker.

Glenridge (or Glen Ridge) Capital is the brokerage that Greg recommends that you sign up and make a deposit with. Greg claims you’ll only need to make a small deposit. However, Glenridge actually requires $800 to get started with trading. Furthermore, this brokerage is based overseas, so it’s not going to be easy getting a refund should something go wrong with your trading account.


The bottom line with the Overnight Profits App is that it is 99.9% likely to be a scam that takes your money and gives you nothing more than a trading account in return. Steer clear of this one and save yourself $800.

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  • Anonymous

    Glenridge Capital is a total scam, don’t invest with them especially if they offer you matching money. They won’t tell you and if you don’t notice in their contract you have to trade 30x the amount you invested plus what they gave you. It is like gambling with your winnings and losing everything. So if you actually win any of your trades you have to keep trading until you will eventually lose everything you invested. Don’t listen to their sales people. One will keep trying to get you to take money out on credit cards saying he will help you win big with his trades and their financial advisors have no idea what they are doing so don’t listen to anything they say to you. If you already deposited money get it back as quickly as you can and run

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