Maybe there is a way to get rich doing online surveys, but I didn’t find it. I’m finished with my and review and am here to report that…I have nothing to report. Like I said, lots of smoke but no fire.

To its credit, never promised that I’d make lots of money. In fact, its welcome email was refreshingly low key, as is its members area. But it’s also low cash. I’ve completed 2 member profiles and 1 pre-survey survey (which stopped as soon as I admitted I’m not the party responsible in my household for the laundry) and have 55 points in my account. I have to get 1,000 points before I can cash out, so I’m a ways off.

I can earn 150 points for every referral, and can donate my points to charity, buy raffle tickets with them, or redeem them for tote bags and other crap if I choose not to take the money. Ho-hum.’s hook promised a list of companies that pay up to $100 per survey, and it definitely did not deliver (surprise, surprise). But its first email contained these instructions:

1.You register with 10-20 of the best paid survey websites (this costs you nothing)
2. Within a week you start receiving more paid survey invitations than you can handle
3. You pick and choose only the best opportunities that fit your schedule, etc.
4. You start making hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars a month!

Well, maybe that’s the way it works, but I doubt it. If I sign up for 20 survey sites like and have to make 1,000 points before I can start to cash out, well, it would be a full time job just to manage all the email. And I have neither the time nor the patience for that kind of job. I suppose I didn’t really “try that.” Maybe we’ll come back to paid surveys one day when we can hire an organized high school student to sign up for 20! sites and jump through all the hoops. But not today.

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