Starting this Friday at 6:00PM, 708 Penn State students will begin dancing for 46 hours straight. No sitting. No breaks. No naps. For what? Well, to help cure childhood cancer, of course. And as a Penn State alum, it’s my duty to spread the word.

What is THON?

The Penn State Dance Marathon or THON as it is typically called, is the largest student run philanthropy in the world with one goal in mind: raise money to help fight childhood cancer. The money raised each year is donated to the Four Diamonds Fund, which is a charity dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric cancer through research and caring for patients at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center Children’s Hospital.

In the 36 years THON has been running, they have raised over $50,000,000. Yes, fifty million dollars. Last year alone, THON managed to raise $6,615,318.04. Impressive numbers, to say the least.

Do you live in or around Pennsylvania? If so, you’ve probably seen Penn State students standing around busy intersections and in front of supermarkets holding tins out to accept donations. This practice, called canning, is one of the most popular ways the organization raises money.

Consider making a donation.

Yes, I know times are tough and the majority of us are indeed suffering financially. However, our suffering cannot match the pain and emotional toil a child with leukemia has to deal with on a daily basis. When you donate to THON, you’re donating to help save lives and brighten up the lives of those who have to suffer.

As an added benefit to you, all donations are tax-deductible. Also, many major corporations are willing to match or even double your donation! Be sure to check if your company is willing to match a gift should you choose to donate.

How to Donate

You can click here to go straight to the donation page. Donating online is entirely secure, but should you wish to do so, you can print out that form and mail in a check.

Remember, every single piece of your donation goes to benefiting The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Children’s Hospital. Your money will be used for cancer research and bettering the lives of children afflicted with childhood cancer. If you do donate, click here and email us. We want to hear about it. We’ll be glad to feature your name and donation amount if you wish to have that displayed on our blog.

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