Plug Into Green Profits has been one of the most requested reviews I’ve seen so far. So I signed up and will be taking a look around inside to give you guys the details and my opinion on the program.

Is Plug Into Green Profits a Scam?

Plug Into Green Profits bills itself as an introductory affiliate marketing course. You’ll be jumping on the green bandwagon and selling “green” products. To do this, you’ll sign up at various affiliate programs, build an email list and then send out emails that Paul Birdsall has created for you in hopes of making sales.

One problem, Paul never really goes into detail about how to get people to subscribe your list. He talks A LOT about the importance of having an email list, but never really explains HOW TO BUILD ONE within the program itself. To put this into perspective: having a million dollars is a GREAT IDEA. Think of all the things you could do with a million dollars! Go get a million dollars right now!

Yeah. Thanks, Paul.

He does offer a “marketing boot camp” course which is advertised to drive an unlimited flow of traffic to signup to your list; however, all of the methods taught here cost money. A lot of money in fact. Probably more money than you’re able to part with. Not to mention, these methods are probably too advanced for a beginner and you will quickly find yourself in over your head. Of course, if you find yourself in that situation, you could always hire one of Paul’s personalized marketing coaches to help you get started…

Okay, you signed up for the program, hired one of Paul’s assistants, are spending money to build an email list, and now you want to make money. You’ll mainly be promoting two products: the Plug Into Green Profits system and something called EnviroTabs which appears to be a magic pill you put in your gas tank that increases your MPGs.

And now I’ve heard enough.

I don’t like when the focal point of an affiliate training program is to sell the affiliate training program. You never really learn real affiliate marketing that way. Paul gives you a product and tells you to go promote it. You’re competing with the THOUSANDS of other Plug Into Green Profits members to sell Paul’s products. You don’t really learn anything about affiliate marketing. There are things like keyword research, finding niches, or building a reputation that are integral to becoming successful online, but instead Paul ignores all of that and has you, and thousands of others, just blast random emails about “green” products to strangers.

Is it a scam? Not exactly, but I think it would be very hard to make any money following Paul’s methods.

Aside from all of that, my biggest dislike with the program is that the ENTIRE program is video based. I couldn’t find any sort of text-based lesson on the site. I don’t know about you, but I need something to read to learn. I find it hard to learn when one guy drones on for hours and hours. You can’t follow along at your own pace and it’s ridiculously hard to skim through hours of videos to find one little detail you might have missed. All video? No thanks.

The $135 Bonus

It was no surprise when I didn’t automatically receive $135 just for signing up, despite Paul’s reassurance that he’d put $135 in my pocket just for signing up!*

*To get the $135 you need to sell the Plug Into Green Profits program to five other people and Paul will send you a $135 bonus for doing so.

I Do NOT Recommend Plug Into Green Profits

The entire Plug Into Green Profits course seems like just a way to get you to send Paul more money. Spending that initial $37 isn’t really going to do much to help you get started with affiliate marketing. You’ll have to spend a lot more money and even then there’s little chance of success.

Now, spending money on things like web hosting, domain names, and autoresponders is understandable. Those are just some basic costs for affiliate marketers. But Paul wants you to sign up for his mentoring program, which could cost you $50/month or even $500. Then there’s the cost of placing ads on Paul’s recommended websites, spending more money for Google Adsense ads, and buying Paul’s recommended methods for building an email list. You can quickly see yourself spending upwards of a thousand dollars on resources that might not even make you any money.

There’s much more to affiliate marketing than what Paul has to offer. Affiliate marketing is actually a great way to make money online (hell, it’s currently my full-time job) and there are much more reputable training programs that will help you get started. One site that I’m an active member of and that I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great program and offers much more than Plug Into Green Profits and won’t try to upsell at every turn.

Bottom line:

Paul’s course isn’t going to do much for you other than continually ask you to pull out your wallet.

Try something else.

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  • Joanie Bonano
    Joanie Bonano

    Has anyone heard of or reviewed, Timothy Darwin, Director?

  • Colleen Bramall
    Colleen Bramall

    Paul Birdsall has been nothing but a scam artist in any program he has got his sticky fingers in. If his name appears anywhere on a website, hit the
    delete button and point your “world wide web machine” to the opposite side
    of the world from where Paul Birdsall is!!

  • David Findlay
    David Findlay

    Latest update in the saga of trying to get PIGP to honour their obligations.
    PIGP has banned me from the forum for a tottally bogus reason:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Promoting Other Opportunities To PIGP Members
    Date the ban will be lifted: 05-26-2012, 05:00 PM

    My response below.

    Dear All,
    I notice you have banned me from the PIGP forum for “promoting other programs to PIGP members” I have never promoted any programs to PIGP members, if you seriously believe this to be the case please forward the names of the members and the programs. Failure to send creditable evidence will result in my legal department treating your accusations as libellous and decide on the appropriate action.

    What I have consistently done is to advise PIGP members that the administration and support for PIGP does not respond to requests for information regarding payments made for advertising services or the payment of monies owed regarding the initial $135 just for joining offer.subsequently changed to five sales to qualify.
    If you believe this to be untrue I suggest you arrange for your legal team to sue me.

    I will continue to advise people to avoid PIGP as I consider it is neither honest nor ethical.

    Very best regards
    David Findlay.

  • David Findlay
    David Findlay

    Those who “know the owners” of PIGP are no issuing threats following one of my positive posts helping a fellow member and inviting him to contact me if he wished.

    The threat…
    I don’t appreciate you talking down the program to my personal members as I see your doing in the members area. Talk about spam much. All your doing is taking this company’s success and re-directing it to other companies! I do personally know the owners of the site and will have you shut down!

    My response..

    Dear John,
    Well just get PIGP to pay the outstanding debts and stop using bogus unverifiable testimonials with photos from websitewizard.
    Do you think I would be upset by being closed down at PIGP? I am trying as hard as possible to distance myself from this bogus program.

    I have NO interest in the programs promoted on the PIGP review sites and always insist my opt-ins to any program do their own research before committing any money or time, (the one thing PIGP taught me)

    If you believe I am being libellous sue me in court, I will be very pleased to meet you there. PIGP is afraid of freedom of speech NEVER addressing member’s complaints or concerns.

    If PIGP would communicate and tell us what the problem is with the $135 offer and why they took $197 for an advertising package that was not even acknowledged and no results evident then we could understand and even help where appropriate. The total lack of information makes many of us suspect fraud

    I will continue to give my opinion of PIGP to any interested party and will not be intimidated by you or anybody else.

    They can delete as many of my forum posts as they like the internet is big enough for both of us.
    In my opinion by continuing to promote PIGP you are showing a callous disregard for your referrals.
    Look forward to receiving your writ.
    Best regards,


  • David

    I did join PIGP, I sold five memberships which I now regret as the ethics of this system damages my reputation.
    I paid $197 for a marketing package which was a complete waste of money.
    “Support” does not exsist all emails and forum posts are ignored.
    None of the Guarantees have been honoured of course I did not get my $135 “just for joining” even though I made five sales for him before I woke up to the scam. STAY WELL AWAY FROM PIGP OR ANYTHING CONNECTED TO PAUL BIRDSALL AND HIS CRONIES.

  • Leanne

    Stay clear of Plug into Green Profits and anything attached to Paul Birdsall’s name. Paul Birdsall is a SCAMMER. Google him and see all the scam complaints for his last program. I found that out after I had signed up with this current program, and suspected that this one might be trouble, and I was right. I qualified for the $135 bonus commission in just a couple of days. First, they said you get the bonus in a week after you qualify, then it was changed to “they pay by the end of the month.” Almost 2 weeks since my bonus commission should have been paid, and my numerous emails go unanswered to his “help” desk. Also, my sponsor never got his commission, and no one in his downline did either. A man in my downline spent almost $200 on an ad package with this program and he has seen no results and his emails to the “support” desk go of course, unanswered. Nothing but lies and frustration here, STAY AWAY!

  • Heather

    I personally think if you are going to try Plug Into Green Profits, save your $37, and blast e-mail random people begging for them to send you $37. If you get 5 people to bite you get $185. More than Paul will give you. OH WAIT, if you do that you will be no better than Paul. Kind of makes you go . . .hmmm.

  • Miesha

    Kind of what I thought. Thanks.

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