I didn’t plan to post again about this postcards thing. I think our reviewers did an excellent job of running down the leads to show us what’s at the end of the trail.

But the plot thickens…Today we got this email from a reader (emphasis in bold is mine):

I tried Postcardforprofits.com and was convinced by their high pressure sales team to sign up for the personal mentoring school. The first appointment with the coach was set up on Tuesday, three days after I signed up and it took them four days to set me up on the website personalwealthacademy.com where I was supposed to receive assistance in setting up my postcard projects. I was very suspicious the whole time, and decided to check out who Personal Wealth Academy was. The phone number is answered as Corporate Office, phone number is 866-599-6361. I called information to check out their address 360 S. Technology drive Lindon, UT 84042, there is no such company and no such address listed. You may want to check them out as well. I think this is another company that Luke Jaten is running. I wish I had read your review prior to me signing up with this company. Hopefully I have canceled the charges in time. Thank you, your website has been most informative, I will use it again.

Now this sounds familiar. Where have we seen this high-pressure approach to join some private mentoring program? Oh, that’s right! The Google Treasure Chest and Angela Penbrook scams both tried to sell personal mentoring/coaching. (Scan through the comments for the word “coach.”)

How much will personal coaching set you back if you sign up like our e-mailer did? More than $9,000!

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A report at Ripoffreport.com associates Angel Stevens, of rebate processing scam fame, with this “Personal Wealth Academy.” What seems to be going on is that this “academy” purchases lists and contact information from people who have signed up for work-at-home offers. Their telemarketers then contact the people on the list to sell personal coaching.

I’m weary. It. Never. Stops.

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  • Lorenzo

    I received a call from Duane Broadhead offering me an opportunity to be “brought on board” to receive personal coaching by a leading real estate investing coach. I demonstrated a high level excitement and interest since I recently had started a new LLC to do just that. He told me I would be “working directly under Michael Bunata”.
    He set up the phone “interview” to be conducted by him, Luke and Bill Aguilar. I was asked to provide information about the approximate amount of money I had available to use for investing in my real estate business. They asked about the approximate balances on my credit cards and in my checking account as well as my 401K. These are typical questions if a party is interested in partnering for investment purposes so I was anxious to start working ASAP.
    They spent a couple hours on the phone explaining the tax surplus redemption process and how it would potentially make “someone with” my “personality”, “initative and drive” a ton of money.
    Then they demanded my credit card account numbers stating it would cost me $12,500 because they had provided me all the “tools” I would need to start earning. I graciously declined saying I did not want to spend that much money just now. Bill Aguilar bullied and intimidated me when he said I would never acheive my goals if I did not stop being afraid. He said I was not “spending” that money, I was “investing it”. He said I had already been given the secrets to tax surplus redemption and I owed them the money. I said no again and he continued to pressure me. He did get the money from me but I felt like I had been raped.
    I spent the next several weeks studying and researching what I had been told about tax surplus redemtion trying to recoupe my “investment”. There is a slim chance of earning a few dollars but it is in no way the cash cow they made it out to be so I’m out for 12.5K.

    Personal Wealth Academy
    14039 South Minuteman Dr.
    Draper, Utah
    United States of America
    Phone: (801) 854-1300

  • Serena

    I am responding to this post because I am having trouble dealing with a company (LeanSpa) which just happens to be run by Glen Arnell. A phone operator I was finally able to get on the phone after days of trying, informed me that her boss’s name was Glen Arnell. This company is a complete scam and the product is absolutely ineffective. After having canceled my order and receiving an RMA (Return Merchant Authorization) for the unused products, I was told I would get a refund within 7-10 days of receipt of the returned merchandise. 16 days later, I have still yet to receive any amount returned to my credit card. Instead, I have two more charges! I am not talking pennies here, each shipment is $79.99! In all, I’m out $399.95! Do not sign up for this product!

  • charles d snyder
    charles d snyder

    After contacting your credit card agency about the PWA what action did they take?

  • Maria

    I am responding to Christine Messaro’s message. I too was scammed by Personal Wealth Academy. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and have contacted my credit card company to fight the charges. I am so sorry that you were scammed as well. I’m sure that we are both intelligent people but, being desperate to earn a legitimate income for whatever reasons we have to be at home, led us to making some bad decisions. I am still in the process of dealing with the BBB. The person who is answering my complaint is a man by the name of Glenn Arnell. Of course, I have no idea who he is and have never dealt with him. I had a difficult time getting a response to my e-mails and calls as well. I will continue with this compaint to try to prevent this from happening to good, honest people who just want to earn a living! I hope this helps you!

  • Christine Messaros
    Christine Messaros

    Well after signing up in November 2009 for Postcard Profits Coaching with aka Personal Wealth Academy owned by Luke Jaten I have 2 main thoughts to express. Before spending $8,000 like I did, today after being in the program a little over 6 months, I discovered that the BBB gives you advice on what to ask and look for in a coaching program. Unfortunately in the last month I have found some serious issues with PWA. I am disabled and the PWA program was working great for me up until I had to put a temporary hold on the coaching in February of this year. About a month ago I removed the hold, hired an assistant and was ready to roll out my test campaign, however guess who wasn’t ready at all for me…..if you guessed PWA you are 100% correct. The second thing I would advise you is make sure you know who the manager is over the coaching program. After the coaching team at PWA failed to meet the mutually agreed upon conference call times twice in the last 3 weeks, failed to meet the service agreement on returning phone calls, emails, live chat and now NO ONE answers their main line (goes to voice mail every single time) I have not a single name to complain to. When I asked the coach to give me a managers/management contact to complain to he simply replied “I’ll forward your complaints”. Ha, such a joke since all other emails prior to that have failed to receive a response. If anyone out there knows who I can contact I would be so grateful. At this point I have emailed Luke Jaten (ok trust me I know how Luke responds) and the lady who emailed me the service contract terms and conditions at the beginning of my enrollment…again I’m not looking for a response from this individual. And, what is so bothersome here is that in this economy, when we are so desperate to find a way to make money, I reiterated to the over and over this better be good as I am on disability income and I truly need no scams in my life. My bottom line appears to be contact the BBB and what I saw on the BBB report is that PWA has had 4 complaints which they resolved all. So, I’m guessing that by the end of this week if I still don’t have an answer on why last week’s call was missed AGAIN, and did I mention I have my postcards printed with postage, have all my vendors (Auto Attendant, 800#, call tracking and order takers) paid for and ready to GO!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most horrible situation I can image to be in when your coaching team you paid $8,000 for bails on you!

  • Gary Hanson --7030 Steamboat Island Rd., Olympia,Wa. 98502
    Gary Hanson --7030 Steamboat Island Rd., Olympia,Wa. 98502

    I ordered postcards for profits last oct. and paid 59.99. I have as of yet to open only 1 cd. It was shipped out of Ontario, Cal. Today I recieved my Credit card statement and found you have charged me 59.99 again on Jan. 19,2010(POSTCRDPR08008700515) Will you please put this money back on my card and is it possible too get my money back on the frist 1 I ordered? Also will you e-mail me a phone # so I may contact you .?

  • mike

    Like your site. Looks like you guys are on the level, when just so much on the web is not. Good job.
    You pitch WA – how many hours/week do you spend doing that or your other programs? I’m looking for something legit that I can have my 15yo daughter work on with me so she can earn some money for college. We can get around the internet but have no actual tech experience.

    For what it’s worth Re: Post Card Profits below

    Per Wyoming Secretary of State:

    2008-000564296: Trade Name

    Name: Post Card Profits Standing – Tax: Good
    Old Name: Standing – RA: Good
    Fictitious Name: Standing – Other: Good
    Status: Active Sub Status: Current
    Sub Type:
    Formed in: Initial Filing: 12/24/2008
    Term of Duration: Expires-12/24/2018 Inactive Date:
    Purpose Code:
    Principal Office: Mailing Address: 2710 Thomes Ave
    Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

    Additional Details
    Public Notes

    Applicant: Direct Marketing Group Inc. Applicant Address: 2710 Thomes Ave
    Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

    2006-000525795: Profit Corporation – Domestic

    Name: Direct Marketing Group, Inc. Standing – Tax: Good
    Old Name: Standing – RA: Good
    Fictitious Name: Standing – Other: Good
    Status: Active Sub Status: Current
    Sub Type:
    Formed in: Wyoming Initial Filing: 11/21/2006
    Term of Duration: Perpetual Inactive Date:
    Purpose Code: General Purpose
    Principal Office: 2710 Thomes Ave
    Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA Mailing Address: 2710 Thomes Ave
    Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

    Additional Details
    Public Notes

    Type First Name Middle Last Name Title Organization Address
    Director Gerald Pitts
    Secretary Gerald Pitts

    • Joe

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for posting that information about postcardprofits.
      I spend 10 hours per week on my various online money-making ventures, on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I still have a full time day job, so that kind of limits what I can do.

      I think teaching your daughter affiliate marketing would be a great gift. Read the story of another teenager who taught himself and is making good money here.

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