Quick Summary of Professor Andersen

Rating: 1 A poorly made Binary Options scam system

The Good: I could not see any pros for this system.

The Bad: It's not a genuine system; it uses paid actors for testimonials; it cannot provide valid, real proof of earnings. All in all it's a scam.

The Bottom Line: This so called "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Professor Andersen Review

Professor Andersen is the latest in a long line of Binary Options systems available.

The question is though, is it the genuine article or is it a scam?

Today’s review will examine every aspect of Professor Andersen to help you decide for yourself.

A Binary Options Intermission

OK, so just in case you don’t know what Binary Options is, let me explain.

Binary Options is a trading system, similar to other stock market trading systems, but you only trade in a limited number of commodities.

However there are huge differences between what the brokers on Wall St. do and what happens in Binary Options.

  • Binary Options trades over very short periods of time, usually between 1 to 5 minutes at a go
  • Binary Options works on guessing whether the commodity price will go up OR down, rather than the typical stock goes up, you make more system of most trading.
  • If you guess correctly whether the commodity goes up or down, you “win” money. Guess incorrectly you lose your trade amount (“bet”).

Does this sound like gambling to you? It kinda of is, though it is regulated as trading.

Binary Options is very high risk and carries an appropriate FTC warning (well, personally I think there should be much stronger regulations, but I am just one man).

As Binary Options works on such short timeframes, experience and knowledge basically go out of the window and you are more or less left with a 50/50 chance of being right. That’s why it has the feel of gambling and therefore the inherent risk of gambling: you can’t game it by actually knowing anything.

The Professor Andersen Pitch

Let’s get back to Professor Andersen and see how this system fares.

This pitch is nothing but a typical Binary Options scam video.

It starts by introducing the eminent Professor Andersen, who is allegedly a well-known economist.

Professor Andersen

It gets right into the meat of things early on suggesting that he has a way of making you rich, and then shows a clearly faked bank account with a balance of $12 million.

Video snapshots follow of expensive cars, boats and houses. These look like stock videos, rather than genuine videos of Prof. Andersen and his riches.

Of course a Binary Options sales pitch just isn’t the same unless you show some real life users giving their testimonials.

The thing is, while they may be alive, they certainly aren’t real life users. You can hire these actors for yourself if you like, won’t cost you more than a few bucks.

Professor Andersen testimonial voluntary

No, you paid them to make testimonials…

I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps to subconsciously improve its standing in your head, but the narrator tells us how some of the fictitious users have donated money to charity. This in my mind makes Professor Andersen a product to be loathed: not only are they using all the fake tricks an unethical marketer can pull out of the bag, they are using real world charities as part of their scam!

The video starts to wrap up its pitch by telling you how you too can make millions in just 90 days by spending a whopping 5 minutes per day doing “work” – clicking a few buttons.

Let me tell you straight: Push Button Software (programs or websites that say they can earn you money with no experience and just a few mouse clicks), DOES NOT WORK!

They are all scams; it’s as simple as that.

Signing up to Professor Andersen

If you’re following along on the Professor Andersen website (why? Just why?!), then you will have handed over your email (expect spam) and be faced with a member registration page.

Here you will find another video, nearly as long as the original sales pitch. This video is designed to prod you into the next step of signing up to the Binary Options broker.

Below that are more lies coming from this fake Professor: Cases studies of recent users.

Apparently all these case studies are “verified and 100% accurate”. Well, then why do the pictures not match up with the details?

professor andersen testimonial block

Images grabbed from the net, and fake data, so yeah really verifies and accurate…

Alex Friedt from Germany is actually a chemical engineer at a university in Pennsylvania. Mohd Imran from the UAE is a schoolkid from Britain and Christine Lee from Australia is a born and bred Hawaiian.

None of their names are real either.

How exactly can you trust a site that says on one hand everything is real, when on the other hand nothing is real? You can’t trust it and you really, really shouldn’t!

Professor Andersen fake bank account

I’ve seen more realistic Bigfoot photos than this screenshot.

The Bottom Line

Professor Andersen is a poorly executed Binary Options scam. It’s designed with one purpose in mind: to get you to sign up so that you can deposit some cash which will provide the maker of this crappy site a commission.

Will the “software” make you rich? No, because the software is in fact just big standard Binary Options signals software, provided by the broker, so biased at best, useless at worse.

In my humble opinion you should avoid this system at all costs!

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