What if I told you that you could be making $45,507 per second and instantly become wealthy, famous, and admired?

You would surely send me $77.77 right now, wouldn’t you? Come on, already. It’s a bunch of sevens. Okay okay, obviously you’ve never heard of Las Vegas. Sevens are lucky! This can’t possibly be a scam if it’s associated with luck. Everybody wins! In the time it took you to read the previous sentences you could have made $910,140! What are you waiting for!? Do you enjoy being poor? Are you that masochistic that you don’t want to become a millionaire in the next 45 seconds? Well, fine then. Enjoy being a sucker. I’m going to go drive my gold-plated Ferrari to my diamond encrusted yacht to take to my Platinum covered private island in the Caribbean. Later, gator.

The Profit Lance Scam

Okay, so the sales pitch above may be a little extreme, but it isn’t long until we start seeing similar pitches. I’ve seen websites advocating annual salaries anywhere from $75,000 to a whopping $547,500 (seriously) for doing nothing more than basic computer a few minutes each day.

Yawn. Call me when a new concept arises. I’m tired of reviewing these websites.

The Profit Lance is one such website claiming you can make as much as $1,500 per day using their proven system to make money online. For those of you who don’t feel like opening a calculator, let me break it down for you. If we broke $1,500 into a typical 8-hour work day, you’d make 5 cents every second, $3.125 every minute, $187.50 every hour, $10,500 every week, $42,000 every month, and $504,000 every year. Not bad, for doing.. what exactly? I don’t know. I read the entire presell page and didn’t have a clue as to what would make me half-a-million dollars per year.

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

Honestly, I must have read 10 pages of pure fluff about how great my new life was going to be and how I need no experience or prior knowledge in order to make $1,500 a day. But, the Profit Lance website never said a damn thing about what I was going to do! I had to take it to the streets.

What You Get When You Pay Profit Lance $77

I had to take my research elsewhere because I wasn’t about to take $77 out of my bank account and willingly hand it over to a scammer. What I found was less than shocking.

I purchased the Profit Lance Course in the late Aug of this year. It is suggested you study the course before doing anything. Now the course is filled with many ebooks, videos tools etc. If you follow it step by step, you should be successful. If you have a full time job not to mention family commitments. It’s going to take you a while to go through the whole course before you actually use it.

Now most of you more than likely are like me. When I purchase something like this, I wanna get started right away. So what I did was read a little bit at a time and then tried it out. I started promoting clickbank ads. I have a website which reviews 3 systems. You can choose via clickbank product which three you want to promote.

I’ve submitted all this to hundreds of search engines and directories and so far I’m still waiting for a sale. Now to be fair, I have made a little over three dollars through the google adsense ads. They’re right, you will not start making money overnight. In most cases, it will take several months or longer before start seeing any type of profit.

I did discover one thing, most of the information in the Profit Lance Course with a little research on your part can be found on the internet for free. Profit Lance a simply done this for you. I’m not saying Profit Lance is a scam and I really don’t think it is, so far, it’s hasn’t worked for me yet.

I joined but didn’t make any money but I’m not saying that they are a scam because at the time I didn’t know anything about internet marketing. Since then I’ve found free ways to do it but I do go back just to check on how certain paid ways are done like pay per click. They give video tutorials that are informative. After I found my other internet system I haven’t tried anything else. But I’m not going to bash profitlance because their info is pretty good for someone who knows a little about internet marketing.

Profit Lance is a marketing scheme. You buy his ebook that supposedly has all information you need to refer others to buy the same ebook. It is the same circular reasoning that is prevalent in all internet marketing schemes.

I found a lot more reviews by actual people who have tried the program, but I’m not going to list them here. They’re all very similar and point to Profit Lance offering two methods of teaching you how to make money online. The first is the same Google Adwords, Clickbank, and affiliate marketing scam we’ve seen so many times here at I’ve Tried That. This is the same scam that operates under the name of data entry, home typing, or rebate processing jobs. The second method taught by Profit Lance is how to sucker others into buying into Profit Lance so you can make a commission. Google can help verify this as there are hundreds of websites with the exact same text as Profit Lance.

False Reviews

If you Google Profit Lance, you’ll come across hundreds of websites advocating how great Profit Lance is. More often than not, the author will have claimed to tried dozens of different programs before settling on Profit Lance. Now, he or she is making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day! NOT! (Borat. Topical.)

These reviews are misleading! Never trust someone who says they’ve tried them all and that the following program is the only one found to work! The reviewer most likely hasn’t tried the program but has bought a program that instructed him to create a website, pick the highest-paying affiliate sites, and offer fake reviews to build trust in order to generate sales.

Stay Away from Profit Lance

And while you’re at it, you’ll want to avoid the following websites: rags-to-riches.com, ideal-home-business.info, clickstore.org, struckpaydirt.net, online-moneyathome.com, nothanksneeded.com, success-club.biz, thetrafficdoctor.net, and themilliondollarclub.ws as they are all promoting the Profit Lance system in order to make sales.

Now, some people are going to read this and think ‘Wow, Steve. You sure are a dumbass and couldn’t be more wrong.’ I know this because I’ve received similar emails in the past. I’m sure there are some people who paid money to Profit Lance and have actually turned a profit. But, in actuality, most people who buy into this system will just be throwing money away. You will spend months and possibly thousands of dollars trying affiliate marketing, but ultimately, you’re just wasting your time. Profit Lance won’t make you rich.

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  • Cory

    I highly recommend you find another course. They have some relevant information, but a lot of it is outdated. Also, as of now (from what it looks like), it is no longer a website. I emailed them a number of times requesting an email and have gotten ZERO response from them. Now I tried to go to the website today and it’s telling me the site isnt up anymore. I i think initially this site wasn’t a scam. I’m sure the methods they taught in 2009 were effective then, the site hasnt been updated since then and now I can’t even access the website. Fking rip-off.

  • Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider
    Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider

    Very, very uncool review. I’ve done extensive research into Profit Lance and I’ve uncovered quite the opposite.

    First of all, what is the source of your quoted review? They didn’t exactly bring up any points to say that Profit Lance doesn’t work. And your argument against the program isn’t very well supported.

    Clickbank and Google Adwords doesn’t equal data entry scam. That is how most people learn affiliate marketing except maybe if the direct linking technique is taught then that is a recipe for disaster as it is outdated and doesn’t really go down well with Google.

    Profit Lance although an ok program does have its negatives and if you’d done a bit more research and wanted to highlight those you would have found them.

    – There is limited support which can make for a hard time learning if you’re totally new to IM.

    – Michael Andrews is probably not Michael Andrews at all since there aren’t any pictures of his face even though there are tonnes of pictures of him.

    – The course seems to be missing a lot of info and its hard to keep up with the ever changing internet marketing landscape enough to make timely updates.

    – Some users report that its difficult to understand the course and they don’t know what to do next because of lack of guidance.

    I won’t say that Profit Lance is a scam because it does have great information but it isn’t a complete resource and you may or may not make head way depending on how fast the individual absorbs information and takes action.

    (Um, for letting me write your review for you, that would be $77.77, thank you. :))

  • Todd

    This is a very bouncey review the way every other post is so far from the one before it. I have purchased many money making material And as far as I can see the way to financial freedom is long hard work. I’m a business owner and don’t have much Internet experience. I have a brick and morter operation that has been very rewarding. I have been doing it for 13 years which gives me knowledge and experience to fall back on.

    I bought the profit lance through a review site and so far after 4 weeks of studying a little every night I can say that the program has a ton of knowledge to arm you with. Granted I’m sure you can find it all for free, but then if you are going to try to save $77 dollars to find all the info I guess your te really isn’t worth much and you should probably be trying to look for a second job if you already have one. There were never any get rich quick claims made only numerous claims about profit lance being a long term opportunity. The videos comstanly point out how you need to practice the lessons so you get a feel for what to do and then try to see the big picture of how everything being taught all really ties together.

    I am excited to have the knowledge at my fingertips to learn and then I will put my own spin on how I will make money.

    I doubt there is anything out there that is going to ” be the one ” so it’s all about finding a program that has up to date info that you are willing to invest your time and really see it for what it is. Look at amwAy for instance. Most have tried and failed because that’s not their personality. I’m one of those people. I have also seen a few who were making 10-15k per month. Those are the people who can acost anyone on the street to come check out a meeting and sound totally excited about the opportunity.

    In fear of bouncing around like most of these posts I’m going to say good luck to all that are chasing the dangling carrot at the end of the tunnel. PLance seems to give all it claims in my opinion and I will soak in all the technics and see what happens.

  • Cham

    This has been an interesting discussion. One fellow could not get logged in to profit lance. That’s interesting. Getting logged in? Are you serious? Profit lance is a scam article was interesting in that suggested at the end was another online business. It would be nice as well as informative to actually see/hear some substance, someones progress/steps taken/time blocking/findings/profit or loss over some period of time. Is this type of info out there?

    If this type of commentary is out there or you personally have it, shoot me an email at cham.kahari@gmail.com.

  • jay

    Dear Phil and Those with Phil’s mentality,

    Keep your 40-40-40 job,
    40hrs week
    40 years of work to live off of
    40% of what wasnt enough in the first place.

    Its funny you look online and go to meetings to learn how to live a better lifestyle but yet you criticize those you wish to learn from and criticize the way you want to make money, mlm/online marketing.

    most of those who will attempt to make money wont, and the fact is that no matter what program you have or the way in which you want to make money (mlm-marketing-door to door sales, actual home biz, ect.) you can make money if you take the time to learn what works from what doesnt so that you know where to allocate your time.

    this ADD society has no patience, and jump from one opportunity to another looking for the one that saves us, it is not the opportunity that will save you, it is you that must change for the opportunity to work.

    good luck to those who choose to make a better life for themselves and their families.

    go to school and get a higher paying job.

  • Phil

    A once went to some MLM meeting and listened to the speakers hypeing
    the opportunity. I thought that these people although they don’t look any
    different are not normal people. A psyciatrist wrote a book “The Sociopath
    Next Door” . It says that about 4% of adults are sociopaths who have no
    conscience and will lie, cheat and steal to get ahead. The don’t care what
    harm they may do to others. I think internet marketers and and MLMr’s are
    sociopaths the book talks about.
    The FTC should require proof of profitability of any oppurtunity before it
    can be legally promoted. That would put an end to most all internet
    and MLM scams. The average earning of any one in MLM is less
    than $1000 a year.

  • ted

    Thanks Joe thankyou . i will look at this thankyou

  • mark roberts
    mark roberts

    i have to say i am disapointed with the Profit Lance course. I repeatadly asked to get some help in logging in. But never recieved an answer. It could be because when i went to purchase for $77.00 $42.50 was kicked back to my clickbank account I bought his course from my own affiliate link from him!!. And he may have caught on. anyway, he should known there was no way I am giving up $77.00 in hopes this could be the answer. forget it. anyway I recomend 2 true marketers that are on top of the game. Ewen chia and Marcus Campbell.
    Ewen chia check out this video!! on affiliate marketing go here… metacafe.com/fplayer/1424873/working_from_home_by_ewen_chia_free_preview.swf

    And to watch 3 free videos from marcus campbell go here..

    Take care,

  • ted

    i am 52 and need to make more money it seems every thing out there is a scam i don.t have a lot of money how do you know what is a scam? i have medical bills big time. and loosing job no one wants to hire a 52 year old i was hoping that this would be it but for me to get 77, up is hard i still have 3 teen girls at home

  • ben

    hey Fernando the program is great for beginners, but there is nothing there you cant really get for free from the forums not sure on the names just google affiliate marketing forums, you will need to know what you want to look for but its all there, or you are more than welcome to email me at the address two posts up.

  • fernando

    hi there i just stumbled into profit lance but im low on money and i dnt want to waste it on trash. the reviews from here are going back and forth about profit lance. saying its good but others say its bad. someone that is recently on that program can u please say how its going so far?

  • Ben

    Hi mark, good to see you are making a good step towards your financial and physical freedom but there are a few things you need to know, please contact me at osamabenladen@optusnet.com.au.
    hope to hear from you soon

  • mark

    I just bought the profit lance course. And I am excited about it!! i believe to truly make money on the internet, one must be willing to learn from a person that is already making money on the web. So many want a quick way to online riches. That internet millions informercial is such a joke 2 girls with big boobs saying everyone is making money!! i haven’t bought Jeff Pauls course, but it looks like a load of crap compaired to Micheal Andrew’s Profit Lance course. I am more excited about learning how to be an online marketing expert with Micheal Andrews course with Profit Lance, than 2 hot looking chicks pitching a load of crap, from what it looks like. To make over $40k a week would cost thousands and thousands of dollars in online and offline advertising. What a joke.
    Will give you an update in 10 weeks from now. and I am pretty sure that i will be making real revenue with Profit Lance course.
    Thank you,
    Mark Roberts

  • Al

    First of all, the testimonials that you posted are from what source? Honestly your review is bouncing around the place and not really focusing on your main premise, why Profit Lance is a scam. You say that there are many programs that are using the same technique to promote their program, which I agree with, but that still does not give me enough information on why I should avoid Profit Lance. In fact, 2 of the three testimonials contradict on what you are trying to get across if you notice that: “I’m not saying Profit Lance is a scam and I really don’t think it is, so far, it’s hasn’t worked for me yet.” This person is basically saying I really don’t think it is a scam from what I have seen so far (not necessarily bashing on PL). that person stated previously that he/she made 3 dollars w/ AdSense. Now I know that doesn’t seem much but its progress. Also, the word “yet” at the end of the sentence tells me that this person is willing to continue with the program until s/he reaches the goal of becoming financially free. The second testimonial on there says something along the lines of Profit Lance having very educational and helpful material which tells me that the customer support is exceptional. If you really want to convince me that Profit Lance is a scam, do a little bit more research.

  • Kevin

    Here Here,

    Finally someone that will give an hoinest review about a product

  • Davey

    Hi, looks like there are fake negative reviews posted on this very page. I’ve bought Profit Lance, its not an ebook at all. So the review posted in the article claiming it is an ebook shows that the review is a fake. Profit Lance is actually one of the best online courses I’ve seen for the price that covers Online marketing in general. It has a great wealth of information and does not cover just adwords or affiliate marketing.

    You have to beware of people who don’t actually buy the products they are attempting to criticize. Just like you have people giving fake positive reviews, there are just as many giving fake negative reviews. The way the above article is written makes clear that it is not a first hand review made with direct access to the product itself.

    While I may not be 100% happy with the product, its a definitely a lot more worth for your money that much of the ebook trash that get’s sold in the same vain – and it actually gives you real marketing education.

  • reviewsim

    Great Profit Lance review! thx

  • goahead

    Yes, I agree. Profit Lance is an ok system, but I believe there are much better and cheaper ways of obtaining the same result.

  • Steve

    Instead of looking for get rich quick schemes, how about being a virtual Assistant. You set yourself up as a 1 person employee
    working from home and you contact companies in your area that are looking to use your services. It takes time and commitment but you are creating your own destiny this way. At least it is more honest… You can search in google and find a lot of info on this topic..

  • Ben

    the PLC is not an ebook, it wont tell you to sell a certain product. it is a course on affiliate marketing which can mean promoting virtually anything, it will take you as long as it takes to learn the material, to acquire a certain set of skills, to spend the time and to a certain degree the money to make it work, it is very possible to make a decent income online but you have to be committed to the premise. If you are interested but low on cash, try a search for free internet marketing forums.

  • Helene

    I have just come from the Profit Lance program, after it was refered by another site. Initially it looks & reads like all other money making sites. My instinct was doubt, after reading your blog, and that of others I am certain I did the right thing. It doesnt tell you what your selling, how much you can earn, how you’ll be paid. I also concur in that I the reviews seem to written by the same type of people. I havent read anywhere of the financial success stories and how long its taken them to reach financial freedom as indicated in the website. Also the site states for a limited only will sell for $77 instead of $97 – why state that if the site has been selling for a ‘limited time’ years at $77??? right there I smell a rat. My moto is if its sounds too good, it proberly means that its no good!

  • Josh

    A relative tried to convince me Profit Lance was so great. He has been using their program for at least a year now and so far his family is now living on food stamps, unemployment, charity and freeloading of family. A portion of his losing his regular sales job a few months ago had to do with his lack of interest in his regular job and his fixation on get rich schemes such as Profit Lance. I know its at least a year because he first told me about the program over a year ago. He had told me some its secrets such as the magic prices such as prices ending with “77” and other such magic numbers. I have been Ebaying on the side (I am a Powerseller with 1000+ 100% positive feedback) so I tried experimenting with the magic prices and I found that prices ending with the good old fashioned “95” and “99” did much better.

    So far my relative has made about $20 in web referals over the last year. However, he has not yet made enough to cover the original cost of the program which is $77.77. He still thinks that big profits are just around the corner even though I explained to him that the recent world wide financial crisis is going to lead to massive cuts in Internet marketing for companies world wide which means they will at the least greatly reduce referral expenditures or quite possibly cut them completely.

    Really the reality is the only thing you as the end user do to supposedly market yourself it makeup subdomain names which they could easily do or for that matter the companies paying the referral fees. So why cut you in on a dime of profits unless they can make more money selling their program to you? I am quite sure any money being paid to independent individuals will soon be swallowed up by mega Internet corporations such as Google and others that will simply automate everything and keep all the profits. After all the folks at Google are some really bright people and its doubtful they are going to just pass by millions of dollars per second going to people who paid $77.77 for Profit Lance and other similar products.

    I must say trying to find real information on Profit Lance was quite challenging. There are hundreds of fake sites giving glowing reviews and providing fake web forum postings about Profit Lance. The language of the postings and reviews is very often exactly the same or full of the same sociapathic BS. Its pretty clear it is all posted by the same.

    Oh and the Profit Lance program – the portions that are semi-effective are the same material I received in a $40 Internet marketing online course over 10 years ago. Nothing is new. Take it from someone who has a Masters Degree in Marketing – the only way referral marketing is going to net you substantial profit is creating a real website with real content that genuinely interest people and using that to make referals. Save your $77.77 and just do a Google search of the thousands of articles out there on how to get high placement in the the search engines and how to make referral sales.

  • Frank


    A helpful reviewer is somebody who actually explored and used the product and then write what he thought about the product. This review does not really help your readers.

  • Mark

    I am thinking about profit lance, i am very new to this, and not sure if i should go with them or something else. any help?

  • Peter


    I understand where you’re coming from, I used to think the same way too. But after I started doing my own affiliate marketing (even before Profit Lance) I realized why members that promote it do not post anything aside from PL. It’s basically out of fear…

    If you’re promoting a product that’s an Internet marketing course, you don’t really want to show users what profitable niches your focusing on.

    I know it would benefit a lot of people, but a lot others with ‘questionable character’ would just come along and steal that niche from you.

    I have 2 niches I do well from I would never show these is open forums, blogs or any form of social/community area for Internet marketers. Simply because I have to protect myself from them.

    I’ve been questioning (for about 3 months now) if I should show these to my subscribers…

    I guess I can’t help you much in showing you a site… but I hope you can understand why, now. It’s not you… it’s the ‘others’.


  • Marko

    So far, the only way I see money lance as a way to make money, is to promote others to buy it threw your site. I’d like to see an website made by a member that dose something other then promote it. I’v seen no “Look at the site I made” only “this is what I made”

    Unlill I find some of the sites actuly selling stuff. I’m not beleaving it.

  • frank biggs
    frank biggs

    Its simple…search engines do not hit on sub domains

  • Ben

    I would be interested in that study if u could send it on to osamabenladen@optusnet.com.au would be great have had profitlance for a few weeks, not a dime yet but determined to make it work, any tips would be cool, Ben

  • Profit Lance Bonus
    Profit Lance Bonus

    Sorry, I can’t say I agree with you. I use and promote Profit Lance and it has really helped me out. I would send you the study I did using my figures from before and after Profit Lance but you’ll just question it anyway… so why bother.

    The truth of these products is that it will work for some but it won’t work for others. You have to be willing to work for it.

    It took me months to see my first paycheck but after that they started coming like I was printing money with my deskjet.

    Profit Lance gives what it promises: a wealth of knowledge and materials for people to get started with learning long term skills to make money online.

    If it doesn’t work for you, you have to seriously stop and ask yourself: has the course failed you or have you failed the course?

    I wish you luck in your future endeavours!

  • Ben

    what about the fact that Micheal Andrews offers an 8 week money back guarantee……. and why would a site called scamseeker.com be promoting it, why is this the only site that i can find that is not telling that profit lance is a brilliant product, not to make millions overnight but to train and educate in online marketing?????

  • Ronald Seager
    Ronald Seager

    Steve. In an attempt to find a valid internet business I would like to know any information you may have on Force Money.

    Thank you. Ron

  • John Presley
    John Presley

    I purchased it in April and have been trying to understand it. I have not spent any money on all of the suggestions. I have had a hard time trying to decipher what you have to do to make money with it. Thanks for the review just in time for me to request a refund from Clickbank. I just did that a few minutes ago. I saw a lot of positives about it on Google and various websites. I thought for sure it would be a good one. Luckily I go my money back from the Angela Penbrook scam.

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