Quick Summary of Profit with JAck

Rating: 1 It offers no real value while sucking you dry.

The Good: None.

The Bad: Dubious marketing practices Offers no real training The system is to promote the system Traffic is costly and potentially poor quality

The Bottom Line: Using this system you sucker other hard working people into using this system. It's not a sustainable business model. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Profit with JAck Review

I don’t care what anybody says: it’s not easy to make money online.

It takes hard work, determination and pure bloody mindedness to succeed.

This is why my blood boils when I see yet another push button system offering the dream of making money online without actually doing anything apart from laying out some cash.

Profit with Jack looks exactly like one of those systems, so let’s take a closer look at it and see if the hype surrounding it is true or not.

Examining Profit with Jack

This system rings a lot of alarms. Seriously, there are so many bells ringing in my head when I look at the sales pitches for Profit with Jack, that I can’t hear anything else.

Let me break down what I consider as red flags for avoiding this system.

As Seen On

The first page you see with Profit with Jack (there are a few as you progress through its funnel), is a basic email capture system.

The red flag here is the As Seen On section which displays multiple news network logos. This is obviously fake as Googling for Profit with Jack reveals very little information and if it was reported on one of these networks, there would be at least something about it on one of their websites.

In reality this is just here to give the product a sense of legitimacy.

Giving Away Free Stuff

The second red flag is that you are told that you can make hundreds of dollars a day giving away free stuff.

There is no way to make money giving away something for free. There has to be a catch, and as we will discover, there is.

Broken Terms

The terms & conditions, privacy policy, earnings disclaimer, and refund policy are all on a different site and that site is no longer online.

This to me is concerning as you have no formal agreement about refunds, or anything like that.

The Sales Video

After giving away your email (oh lucky you, you will receive so much more spam now), you’re taken to the video sales pitch.

This 9 minute video is a master class in dodgy marketing techniques.

It starts with a real life news report taken from the ABC news network that talks about making money online.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with Profit with Jack, and has been abused (no doubt without permission) by dozens of other unscrupulous marketers to promote their dodgy internet marketing products.

profit with jack free secret

After this the narrator states he will give you the secret to making money for free. Unfortunately, as discovered later in the sales funnel, this is not true, you actually do have to pay.

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The narrator provides evidence that this system works.

profit with jack proof of earnings

That screenshot is the only form of proof provided and it is ridiculous! It offers no evidence that that money was made by that system. This is not proof of any kind. It could even have been faked (it’s not hard to do if you understand a little bit of HTML and CSS).

The video continues with promises of riches and the like, until it gets to Jack’s 3 rules of a legitimate make money online system:

#1 You Need Proof That It Works

#2 Make Sure You’re Not Breaking The Law

#3 Never pay for information

The person behind this system obviously doesn’t follow his own rules as so far:

#1 What proof?

#2 You are by not providing terms etc

#3 Yet you charge for access

Another Email Capture?

If by this stage you’re still willing to give Profit with Jack a go, then you have to hand over your email again. This might seem odd, but most likely by doing so you’re going to be put on a separate list titles something like “Suckers more likely to fall for this scam”, or words to that effect.

In other words, you will be targeted in a different, probably more aggressive way because you’ve confirmed your interest and that you’re a potential mark.

The Funnel Continues

Yet another video pops up for you to watch. I won’t bore you with the details but I assure you it’s a slick marketing video designed to sucker you into signing up to the system.

There’s also a scrolling list of newest members, this is just a static list, probably of made up names that is designed to give you a sense of security via making you think there are other people involved in the system.

Inside Profit with Jack

After paying for the $1 7 day trial (which is actually $1.95), you’re finally shown how to make money.

The basic premise is that you sign up with Clickbetter (an affiliate network filled with garbage), and then promote Profit with Jack, and make money via commissions when some other sucker, erm valued customer, signs up with Profit with Jack to do exactly the same as you.

It might sound simple, but in reality you’re getting no value here. You’re not being taught to create a sustainable business; instead you’re being shown how to make more money for the people behind this system.

As well as that you have to pay a monthly fee of $47 for the luxury of promoting this system.

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The Catch

Instead of being taught how to create a website, and get traffic, Profit with Jack tries to sell you packages that will send you traffic.

These packages range in price:

  • 100 visitors is $110
  • 250 visitors is $250
  • 500 visitors is $450
  • 1000 visitors is $850
  • 5000 visitors is $3750

Based on the stats given, if you buy the $3750 package for 5000 visitors, 4% will sign up to the monthly trial.

Now if that is true, then 200 people will earn you $40 a month, meaning you will earn $8000.

Sounds awesome right? Well, no, there are flaws.

First, and most importantly, you have no idea what sort of traffic is being sent to you. It could be targeted, buying ready traffic or it could be random traffic with no intention of buying or it could even be bots (fake traffic).

Secondly, I have my doubts that 4% will consistently sign up to the monthly fee. If we say that a conservative 1% carry on, then you will make $2000, which is a loss of $1750!

The pitch states:

Any time someone joins for $1, you make $40 a month!  That’s $360 a year!

Well that’s not quite true is it? If they cancel in the first week, you don’t make $40, you make nothing, yet Profit with Jack still makes $1.95 for your efforts.

You are gambling a lot of money here on the trust that the traffic you will get will convert. Based on the dubious practices outlined from the sales pitch I think you are going to be making a loss every single time.

Finally, any traffic you buy is non-refundable. I understand why this is the case (you can’t return traffic), but this just heightens the risk you are putting yourself into financially.

The Bottom Line

If you sign up to Profit with Jack, I am confident all you will end up with is jack.

The red flags here are numerous and worrying. As well as that you have the fact you’re signing up to promote the product you’re signing up to with, which is never a good practice.

There’s no training for building a sustainable business and the methods of getting traffic are expensive and most likely poor quality.

My advice is to steer well clear of Profit with Jack and learn how to build a real, sustainable business online. It takes hard-work and effort like everything else in life, but the rewards are absolutely worth it.

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