Quick Summary of Project Fast Income

Rating: 1 Old school techniques that do more harm than good

The Good: None.

The Bad: They are promoting outdated, dangerous techniques that will never work in today's industry.

The Bottom Line: This system is not a good way to start a business and an especially bad one to grow and existing online business! If you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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Project Fast Income Review

OK, listen up!

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, and I highly doubt it will be the last time, but here I go: fully automated systems to make money online do not work!

The reason I am reminding you about this is because you might have recently had an email in your inbox promoting a product called Project Fast Income.

This product targets people looking for an easy and automated way to make money online.

However, I have grave concerns about this system.

The Sales Pitch

The first thing that struck me about Project Fast Income’s sales pitch was the sheer hype that it exudes.

The first two paragraphs alone contain 5 bolded sections, 2 highlighted sections, and were pretty much all fluff and hype.

The system claims to enable you to earn more than $2,500 per day in affiliate sales and that you can start making money “almost instantly”.

The, thankfully, short sales video that comes up next convinces me that you really should avoid this system.

project fast income earnings report

The Software

The product is a WordPress plugin which comprises of 7 different things:

  • Auto Content
  • Super Spinner
  • Affiliate Money Maker
  • Ads Monetization
  • List Builder
  • Viral Traffic
  • Auto Commenting

Does any of that worry you? No? It should.

This plugin does what a hundred and one other plugins have done in the past and it pulls in content from other sites, spins it (changes the words a bit) and then adds in links and displays it on your site.

These auto-blogs as they’re known were used in their thousands a few years ago and they worked. However, then Google et al got wind of them and started punishing sites that display content like this.

Firstly, the content they pull in is not public domain content; it is words that someone else has spent time crafting for their own online business. In effect, you’re going to be stealing content!

Secondly, spinning content doesn’t work very well, it never has. You will likely end up with unique content but that content will largely be unreadable for most visitors, as spun content often creates garbage. There’s also still a chance that large sections of content will not get changed, possibly causing your site to get slammed with a duplicate content penalty by Google.

project fast income spinner

Thirdly, this system automates backlinks for you, from comments and other sources. Automated backlinks are at best useful, at worst outright dangerous for your site.

You have no control over where those backlinks come from; they could come from related niches, unrelated niches, porn sites, malware sites, who knows!

The backlink portfolio that points to your site is one the most important factors that affect your rankings, and allowing an automated, unintelligent system to build them for you is asking for trouble.

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The speed

The sales video shows you how this system supposedly makes money, and makes it fast.

The narrator logs into Clickbank and Amazon and does somethings with the site and less than 15 minutes later the website has miraculously earned over $130.

I call BS on this. Firstly there’s no way that Google will crawl, index and rank your sites content in under 15 minutes. Even if the content had been up for several hours as suggested in the video it’s still unlikely the content would be indexed.

Of course, it’s possible the site has been around a while and someone stumbled across it internally, but even in that case it doesn’t prove that the sales were due to this system.

The rest of the sales pitch continues on in a similar vein spouting off about how this system can earn big money, and how you don’t need to have any skills whatsoever and showing screenshots of (potentially unrelated) earnings.

project fast income 13 minutes

Earnings potential

While affiliate marketing can and does make people a lot of money, the reality is that those people have worked long and hard to make that money.

When you see statements like making $80,251.36 in 15 days, your alarm bells should be ringing and they should be louder than the little voice of greed in your head.

project fast income 80k

No system can make you that much money in so little time from scratch. This is especially so with a system that is built around black hat marketing techniques like scrapping, spinning and comment spam.

Now, to provide a balanced view, I have to say that it is possible to make money with this sort of system. It’s just that you will perhaps not make as much money as suggested and certainly not for a long time.

Website killer

Adding this suite of plugins to a new site, on a separate server would be OK. If, or more likely when, the site gets penalised and de-indexed by Google, you will have only lost that one site.

Adding this plugin to an existing site, one you have already put time, money and love into is a quick way to destroy everything you’ve worked for.

project fast income improve

What about the Attorney?

One thing I wanted to mention about this sales pitch, just to help convince you that not only is the software dangerous but that the sales pitch is a lie, is the section about Tim Fellman.

Apparently, this guy is an old high school buddy who went to MIT and via a chance meeting the Project Fast Income system was born.

This is a typical “how the software got made” story and is intended to legitimize the system and prove that it has lots of tech savvy by name dropping MIT.


Sadly, it’s a lie. Tim Fellman’s picture is actually for a guy called Vincentas Zabulis, a Lithuanian who studied law in the UK and is now an attorney. While he has dealings in the financial world it’s highly unlikely that he is involved with this system and according to his LinkedIn profile he never went to MIT or studied data mining.

I wonder how a lawyer like him would react to knowing his image is being used to sell a dodgy product like this?

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The Bottom Line

Did I buy Project Fast Income? No I did not. There was no need, as the sales page told me enough to see clearly that this software will do more harm than good to any site that it is installed on.

If you don’t care about stealing other people’s content, building shoddy websites, and don’t want a long term business, then go ahead and buy this product. You’ll still need to spend time and energy and money constantly creating new sites as your existing sites get Google slapped. These are incredibly outdated techniques that Google has shut down YEARS ago.

Steer clear of Project Fast Income. It’s not going to make you $2,500 per day instantly. Learn how to build a real business online instead.

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