Quick Summary of QuattroBot

Rating: 1 (Fake) German ingenuity at it's worst

The Good: It talks about Audi a lot.

The Bad: Pretty much everything. There's zero evidence any of this is real, and most likely you will receive very generic signals.

The Bottom Line: If you want a way to build a real business, without having to rely on made up stories, read my top recommendation.

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QuattroBot Review

“Hi, my name is Bob. I used to work at a really big company because I’m very intelligent. Now I focus all my considerable brain power on trading in Binary Options. I have designed a super algorithm that can detect subtle shifts in the space-time continuum which allows me to pick the winning trade. I’ve made mucho dinero! I will help you make stacks of cash too, because I am helpful and I love my fellow man. All you need to do is give this random company some cash and then I will give you special “signals” that will make your trades skyrocket! You can even hand over your credit card details here, right now, on this site which has the best HTTPS security in the world that I got free off a site on the internet. I won’t steal your money, promise! So, give me your money!”

Sounds legit right? You wouldn’t have any issues handing you credit card details over to someone who spins that yarn for you?

You would? How odd.

You see, that story is a paraphrase of a hell of lot of Binary Options systems out there. Of course they spin there’s out in a 12 minute or longer video, add in some flashy images, and generally spruce it up. At the end of the day though, they are still the same story.

This is why when I come across systems like QuattroBot, which spins a similar story, I am amazed by the fact that people fall for it.

The Pitch

As you can guess the main focus of the sales pitch is a 12 minute or so video pitch. The one reason perhaps, why this particular system has flown under the radar, is that it does not make excessive claims.

It suggests that with this system you can make $5000 per week or $260,000 a year. Where most Binary Options systems absolutely scream that they can make you a zillionaire in under an hour, QuattroBot keeps it sensible.

Is it because it can simply make that kind of money for you? Perhaps, though more likely it is simply going the opposite direction from the others and hoping to stand out on that basis.

The narrator introduces himself as Hans Kline, a very intelligent man who worked at Audi. This is interesting because he sounds very American to me. Plus I was also unable to confirm the very generically named Hans Kline ever worked at Audi.

Anyway, he goes on to tell us that he has used all the knowledge from working at Audi to build a Binary Options trading bot that has a stick shift and 250 BHP. Well he didn’t say that but I am confused how employment at Audi and technology produced at Audi can influence a Binary Options system.

The QuattroBot system utilizes Quad Tech to analyse the markets etc to accurately predict whether a trade will go up or down.

QuattroBot short term

It states it “looks at more of the long term market awareness and less short term”. That to me is worrying because Binary Options by their nature are short term. Where a standard stock will mature over years, it’s common to see Binary Option trades happening at the 60 second or 5 minute level. As such it’s irrelevant what the long term trend is, as within those 5 minutes the stock can bounce around like a rubber ball.

The video continues on basically repeating the same spiel: how it uses 4 indicators, past trends and lots of other terminology.

Signing up to QuattroBot

After handing over your email address, you will be faced with another short sales pitch and a form to sign up to the brokers with.

You will also see some live trades happening right now! This data is a shared resource that Binary Option scheme after Binary Option scheme uses. There is zero proof that these trades are related to this particular system, nor that they are real or have not been tampered with (it’s not hard to filter out the bad trades…).

After that you are sent to the member’s area where you then need to hand over your cash to proceed.

Interestingly, while the website does have an SSL certificate, the deposit seems to be handled by yet another third party website.

Time and again, I have looked at these setups and wondered how many people’s credit card details fall into unscrupulous hands.

QuattroBot binary options are low risk

Binary Options, according to the FTC, are VERY high risk!

QuattroBot is designed to provide you with signals which indicate which way a trade will go. Unfortunately, these signals are pretty much worthless: they are based on generic trends and not some super-secret formula created by a genius.

Most often the signals come directly from the Binary Options brokers themselves, because let’s face, what marketer is going to spend time and money creating an actual working system when a broker will provide their default one that they can rebrand?

The Bottom Line

QuattroBot is undeniably just another Binary Options scam. It offers no proof of success, and nothing about it seems legitimate at all.

My advice, steer clear!

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