Quick Summary of Quick Profit Solutions

Rating: 1 Another link posting scam

The Good: None. Absolutely none.

The Bad: You can't make that sort of money posting links. It blatantly lies and uses unscrupulous marketing techniques. Bobbie Robinson is the pseudonym behind several other scam products.

The Bottom Line: Avoid this program like the plague, as you will only end up losing money. Stick with our top recommendation here as it's free to get started and will show legitimate ways of generating an income online.

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Quick Profit Solutions Review

More and more people are looking for flexibility when it comes to working; from stay at home moms, through to people wanting to have work fit into their schedule not their bosses.

With this rise in demand for flexible work from home opportunities, the number of scammers is also on the rise.

Today I want to talk to you about one of the scams: Quick Profit Solutions (QPS).

What is Quick Profit Solutions?

In short, QPS is a link posting scam. Link posting positions itself is a way to make money online by posting links to products and service s(normally to the exact same scam).

A lot of people get caught by this type of scam, because it sounds so easy: just spend a few minutes a day posting links and wham! your bank account suddenly grows.

The problem with this type of system is that while it might work on some level, it won’t make you rich; in fact you’re more likely to lose money posting links than you are going to earn.

Most of the time you will be posting the exact same content as hundreds of other people, if you can even post them! A lot of places that are popular with link posting scams like this (think Craigslist etc.) clamp down hard on these, so you may post a link, even pay for it, but it never gets past the websites spam filters meaning you just lost money for no benefit.

That is what QPS is trying to sell you.

The Quick Profit System Sales Page

There’s a lot that you can take away from the sales page of QPS that should be making your inner scam-monitor scream at you to walk away.

As Seen On

This trick is to lull you into thinking the site has some legitimacy, by insinuating that the system has been seen on popular news channels. It’s not worded that it has been seen, but it’s close enough to trick your brain if you skim past it.

Positions Left

A scarcity tactic that makes you think that there is only a limited opportunity to buy the product. This tactic makes you start to rush your decision making process.

National Media Attention

This is the first blatant lie of the sales pitch. Apparently the product has “received national media attention”. It then goes to show a video of a news report about working from home.

QPS isn’t mentioned at all! The news report is old, and very generic. I’ve also seen the same video used on countless other work from home scams, all saying the same thing that this video is about them. I call BS!

Quick Profit Solutions national media

Fake Testimonials

With the flood of fake testimonials even on legitimate sites like Amazon, how are you meant to believe them?

It doesn’t help when sites like this simply type something up and stick a stock photo for the person supposedly giving their review.

Of course, these dodgy marketers are wise to people being dubious and searching Google, so QPS has added a lovely little note:

*Testimonials are true and accurate. To protect our customer’s privacy we replaced their picture with stock images.

However, just because someone says they are “true and accurate” doesn’t stop them from lying. Treat these as fake unless proven otherwise!

Over use of highlighted text

I know this might not seem like much of an issue, but after reviewing countless scam and legitimate products, any sales pitch that overly uses highlighted and bold text gets marked as a scam site.

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Money Calculator

The money calculator, or as I like to call it the “greed increaser”, is designed to show you how much you can earn by posting links.

Not only does it not actually work, the figures posted have no grounding in reality. Who would pay you $25 bucks to post a single link, an action that takes perhaps, at most, 5 minutes?

The answer is no one!

Quick Profit Solutions calculator

The calculator is simply there to make you greedy. When you see thousands earned per month, your greed takes over from your senses and can seriously inhibit a reasoned and thought out purchasing decision.

As well as that, the calculator has a get out clause:

*This calculator is only to be used as an example of figures that can be potentially earned. The results from this calculator are not typical or guaranteed.

To paraphrase that: This calculator is showing you fake figures with no proof. But I bet you still want to earn that money don’t you!

Aggressive Downsells

Another marker for a scam is an aggressive downsell funnel.

A downsell happens when you try to close the page or leave the site. It asks you if you want to stay. If you do it offers the same product at a discounted rate.

For Quick Profit Solutions, there are 2 downsells, dropping the price to just $47.

The idea behind these is to try and grab those that would otherwise not fall for it. However, no serious business or legitimate product would be desperate enough to slash their prices in half just to get the sale.

Scam products do it all the time though as they have nothing to lose, especially not reputation.

Pushing you to another system

If you keep trying for the downsells, you will finally be sent to another website, which tries to push yet another dodgy looking product on you.

Imagine closing a Bestbuy website only to be sent to another competitor site. It doesn’t happen because they are legit, QPC isn’t.

Hype without Substance

While the QPS sales pitch does tell you how you will make money – by posting links – it really only offers you a lot of hype.

Quick Profit Solutions unkown money

From 2013 & doesn’t prove it’s money made by this system!

There is no actual proof that this system works. Sure there are pictures of earnings, but they could (and most likely do) come from different sources, such as the number of people who have already fallen for scams like this.

Bobbie Robinson

Finally we come to the author or perhaps pseudonym of the creator of this product, Bobbie Robinson.

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This lady is associated with many other products all of which are dubious or outright scams. We even reviewed one recently.

The fact that this one name is associated with at least 6 other scam systems should be enough to make you pause.

The Bottom Line

Quick Profit Solutions is yet another link posting scam. These systems are designed to hook you and grab your money all the while selling you a dream that won’t come true.

If you want my advice, stay clear of Quick Profit Solutions and any other system that says it can make you money by posting links. Your wallet will thank me.

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