It amazes me how a lot of content on the internet is basically just a rehash of other content. Sure you can say that each new piece has a different angle and different way of looking at things, but more often than not the differences are minute.

That was my first impression when I looked over the sales page for Rapid Cash Creation by Julia Rosa.

Let me tell you why I thought that.

The Pitch

The actual sales letter is a cookie cutter type letter that has all the trademarks of a marketing spiel.

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

It all starts with how the plucky stay at home mom made her first website which generated small but regular amount, and now she can afford fantastic holidays and an expensive house.

It goes on in a similar vein, providing the usual proof of earnings and traffic stats that could have been plucked from anywhere or anyone – neither are in fact proof of anything.

The pitch continues in that you can easily:

  • Drive endless traffic
  • Build insanely profitable websites
  • Generate none stop sales

The content of the sales letter isn’t overly clear on what the product is about, mentioning things like Ultimate Profit Checklist and the Instant Money Finder.

It feels like it’s about creating affiliate niche sites though.

Purchasing Rapid Cash Creation

The front end product costs $9.95 and as usual is more of a loss leader than anything else. The affiliate page confirms that 100% of the sale price ends up in the hands of her affiliates.

After purchasing it, you’re given an upsell option for 5 researched niches at a cost of $27.75 and then down sold the same thing but only 2 niches this time at $17.00. Most likely they will cover the evergreen niches of health, wealth and love, but I cannot confirm that.

The product itself is a membership site containing various videos compromising the main course and a couple of bonus videos as well.

The video course is separated into 15 videos, each ranging from just 3 minutes long to a whopping 50 minutes, depending on the topic.

Already I can see some value here from the purchase, the videos total up to about 5 hours’ worth of training, which is a pretty solid deal – if the training is any good!

Rapid Cash Creation Videos

Video 1

The first video is a start video for picking a niche to base a website around. It’s an OK video, that covers finding a niche based around a topic, and researching it to make sure the niche is somewhat viable and that the product will sell.

Video 2

Finding keywords is obviously an integral part of any marketing site and this video covers that.

Again, the author covers the topic in detail, but unsurprisingly the training provided is quite basic.

Videos 3 – 8 and 12 – 13

I have lumped all these videos together as they all cover different aspects of setting up a site, from choosing a domain and hosting, through to setting up emails, installing WordPress and adding plugins, widgets etc.

The tutorials are fairly decent and cover the ground sufficiently enough to get a site up and running.

Video 9

Here you will learn how to add content, and it is very thorough in teaching you how to do it but, and perhaps I simply missed it, there was no discussion on how to write the content or how to get it written for you.

Video 10

This video shows you how to add affiliate links to your site. It’s very organised in that she uses the spreadsheet from the keywords video, and she also explains how to cloak links.

Video 11

This is something you don’t see enough of, and that’s internal linking. Having a strong interlinking structure not only helps visitors find content it allows search engine spiders to bounce around your site for longer as well, which is a bonus.

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

Rapid Cash Creations Interlinking

Does this make sense?

Video 14

There are always some oddball things that need to be done on a site that defy classification elsewhere, and this video covers them. From making sure your site is visble to search engines, listing it on, and tracking analytics.

Video 15

This is a highly disappointing video. Most of the 50 minutes were how to add comments to forums and blogs. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this method, it’s just very basic and time consuming. She also discussed using Yahoo answers which are similar but at least different to the normal forums/blogs.

The Bottom Line

Rapid Cash Creation is not a scam, not with 5 hours of valid and detailed training.

Overall for the money the course is pretty good for someone who is very new to online marketing.

It does hold you by the hand and looks into a lot of places where other courses tend to gloss over (for example, WordPress settings).

If you have any experience with IM then you would probably be best to avoid this, as it’s really an intermediate marketer rehashing training for newbies, with some additional insights (so yeah it turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be!).

The video quality is pretty good, with HD so you can actually see the screens and decent audio. The authors editing sucks though as there are numerous places where she starts to talk, falters, and then she starts again.

That’s obviously a minor issue.

There was no transcript or PDF supporting this product which was annoying. Apparently it will appear in a few days as if writing, due to being edited, but why she couldn’t leave the existing one there I don’t know.

Overall Rapid Cash Creation is not bad if you’re new, but no point if you have an existing website or experience.

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