We’ve had several requests to review My Power Mall, so they must be doing something right because they’re generating quite a buzz.

ExcellentMy Power Mall (MPM) is based on a very old and familiar formula: buy things from “yourself” so you get a piece of the action, then recruit others to do the same. Sound familiar? We saw that principle at work in Smartbusinessformula.com, and it was the mantra when I was in Amway many years ago. The logic went like this: “Hey, you own the store, so wouldn’t you rather buy from yourself than make Sam Walton rich by shopping at Wal-Mart?” MPM uses the same rhetoric. When you sign up, which is free, you become the “owner” of your very own “Power Mall,” which is a large collection of someone else’s affiliate links. This is a very important point I’ll say more about below. Take a look at I’ve Tried That’s Power Mall here. (Hurry; it won’t be up for long. They’ll probably shut us down when they read this review.) As you can see, there is a large selection of stores and products (look at the categories down the left side).

According to the information in the members’ area, you make even more money by referring people. My Power Mall, the company, founded by a woman named Ginny Dye, earns a commission from each of your purchases, then kicks back part of the commission to you. That’s why they want you to succeed and recruit the population of China. You can fill up to 9 levels of Power Malls in your downline, each with 100 people, each of whom refer 100 people, all of whom will buy their daily stuff at their My Power Malls, and you get a piece of all that action! You’ll soon be rich! I don’t pretend to understand the downline system because there’s no need to—they lost me at step 1: buy your stuff from your own Power Mall.

The problem with “buying from yourself”
In my experience, every time someone has told me to buy from myself, they wanted to sell me something first. So you’ll excuse my pessimism. There are two problems with this approach: (1) don’t be stupid—you don’t really “own the store.” You are a commission-based salesperson selling overpriced stuff to yourself. (2) You have to buy your products and convince lots of other people to sign up for MPM and buy their products. And where do you think that commission comes from? Out of corporate profits? No. It comes from the consumer (that would be you) in the form of artificially inflated prices. There’s the clincher. Steve and I can’t find a reason to buy anything from our shiny new mall.

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Is there something shady going on?
Well, not exactly. It’s not a scam because you aren’t being asked to pay money directly or dishonestly. What you are being asked to do is buy everything from the Ginny Dye’s affiliate links; she then returns a portion of the commission to you. In that sense every “Power Mall” is Ginny’s. Every Power Mall “owner” has the exact same store because they’re all her affiliate links. Retailers don’t let affiliates purchase for themselves through their own links, so the links in your mall have to be someone else’s: they’re Ginny’s.

You can see this is true by looking at the promised commissions, Buy.com’s affiliate program (unrelated to MPM) offers 3-10% commission, depending on purchases. But Ginny, the founder of My Power Mall is only offering “UP TO” 7% commission for Buy.com purchases. Gap.com offers 4-6% back, but at most you can get “up to” 4.2% back through MPM. And the list continues:

  • Old Navy: 4% through their affiliate program, 2.8% through MPM
  • Boscov’s: 5% normally, 3.5% through MPM
  • Bidz.com: 10% normally, “up to” 7% at MPM
  • and on, and on, and on

Why would anyone buy from My Power Mall?
I might not be the ideal target customer because I hate to shop. I’m not one to go wander around in a store and just look to see if something catches my fancy. When I go into a store, I know exactly what I want, how much it costs, and ideally, where it’s located in the store. If I can’t be in and out in five minutes, I start to get panicky. I’ve been known to burst out of emergency exits, screaming and setting off alarms. MPM has an impressive array of stores and products; you can buy 99% of everything you’d ever want there. The problem is price. I logged on and shopped for a few things I’ll be buying in the near future. Here’s what I found:

ProductMPM PriceOther Retailer Price
HP ink cartridge 21$12.95
+ $4.95 shipping
– $2.71 commission
= $15.19
$14.99 @ OfficeMax
Boys Adrift, by Leonard Sax$20 via Barnes & Noble
+$4 shipping
– 0.28 commission
= $23.72
$14.48 @ half.com
+ $4 shipping
= $18.48
Western Digital 250Gig external hard drive$119 via Circuit City
+$7.20 sales tax
– 2.49 commission
= $123.71
$79.99 @ Newegg.com
+ $7.81 shipping
= $87.80

These price comparisons are actually generous because the commission comes back to you later in the form of a check from My Power Mall, not as a discount at the time of purchase. I’ve done some stupid things in my financial history, but paying $40 more than I have to in the hopes of getting part of that back later is not one of them.

Miss Spamalot
I signed up for My Power Mall on Aug 25. Between the time I signed up and the writing of this post on Aug 29, I have received 9 email messages from My Power Mall! Oh, I realize they’re trying to help me “succeed,” but fer cryin’ out loud, Ginny, it’s not like we’re married or somethin’. I’m just not feelin’ you like that, you know? I’m sorry, but it’s you, not me.

Good intentions? Maybe, but still a waste of time
The only way you’re going to make money with My Power Mall is if you have a full downline and everyone in it buys their stuff at their Power Mall. But as I’ve said, there’s no incentive to do that because the prices suck once you pay for shipping. And while you’re building your downline, you’ll be paying a premium price for everything. It’s a sustainable business model only for those that own the company and get a small cut of everyone’s efforts.

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  • Glen

    I tried this years ago for about a week and realized myself that it was a lost cause. I can’t say I was surprised as I was skeptical at the free price tag. I remembered this “business” today and was searching Google to see if they were still around and was actually kinda happy to see they weren’t no longer around. They have though re-established their selves into the Ultimate Life company.

  • mortimas

    really, lets figure anyone that invested real money in mpm was misinformed at best and a complete idiot at worse, so good luck to anyone jumping onboard this new deal

  • FrankL

    I too have been getting Spammed from this failure of a business women.
    She has to have the biggest set of ****s that I’ve ever seen. First she suckers everyone in to MPM and drains some of their money ,now she expects these same people to blindly follow her again ?

    You’ve had your chance. .What in your life can people see as a success. Everything I come across with your mane on it fails. Heck I even say all these great published books you authored on Amazon for a penny . Wow success !!!!

    My advice ? Avoid this women like the plaque!

  • Jeff

    Wow – I wonder how all her investors feel after she lost all their money with MPM. I can’t believe she’s doing this again after “hundreds of thousands of dollars” were spent on the last “system”.

    I’m curious to see what she puts together but never again will I trust that woman nor devote any time to any of her “ventures” after not getting paid from the last one.

  • mortimas

    i have been getting her emails … i respond to all of them with a big go f yourself and an explanation that they still owe me a bunch of money from mpm …….. she is a failure and her new mlm venture will be as well

  • rj

    Get ready Everyone… Ginny Dye is back and her new site ultimate life company will launch January 2011 http://ultimatelifecompany.com/

  • FrankL

    While it would be so easy to say we told them so, I too am sorry not for it failing , but for all those who poured their heart and souls into trying to make it work. They were a passionate group on many fronts! Had they stayed simple and not gone so far out there (ie the universe crap ), I think they would have been better served. Oh well , The MPM chapter has now closed . Hello Big Crumbs my old friend!
    Tina if you ever read this ,, sorry girl, !

  • mortimas

    no sh*t…………………………………………………………… I am the smartest man alive :} …… sorry to all those that they owe money to,,, me included….. good business model (works in other programs) horrible save the world mlm attitude… pushy doesnt work Ginny

  • FrankL

    The end has come!

    My Power Mall Is No Longer In Business
    Dear My Power Mall member,

    There are times when the facts staring you in the face can no longer be ignored, wished away, or believed away. Last Wednesday, January 21st, I sent out an email to 77,563 MPM members with the subject line – Will My Power Mall Continue to Exist? The results?

    · Only 681 people viewed the video (counting the M-Team & Founding Members)
    · We had only 6 signups on Saturday (the worst in MPM history)
    · We had only 8 signups on Sunday
    · Only 37 people have made purchases on the Mall since that time – with the total sales for this month being less than $34,000.

    These facts have overshadowed everything we have done in the last few weeks to slash expenses and launch new Marketing initiatives. It is not possible to pay for continued operation of My Power Mall. We have cut expenses to the bone but there is still not enough income being generated and I can no longer ask 15 people (the M-Team) to work for virtually nothing. Membership has steadily declined. Shopping has steadily declined.

    The video that we all hoped would sound a wakeup call and compel people to action has had virtually no result. Actually, it has… The result is that the members have been heard loud and clear. Your very silence and inactivity is an answer; not one we wanted to hear, but definitely an answer. Up until this morning I held a hope that a miracle could happen. The shopping figures told me I was hoping for a miracle that our members didn’t want.

    My intent had been to hold on to my hope for a miracle through the end of this week, continuing to do everything we could to ignite a fire. The facts staring me in the face told me differently.

    My Power Mall is dead.

    It breaks my heart to write that sentence but I can speak nothing but the truth. There is no money left. I have spent every penny of company (and personal) income just trying to keep the Mall holding on until things could turn around. I have finally accepted that is not going to happen.

    The dissolution of My Power Mall leaves nothing. We are going to do everything we can to pay January commissions but nothing will be left after that.
    My Power Mall will go down by the end of the day. We cannot let people continue to shop, knowing there will be no commissions paid to them.

    All World Changer membership payments have been cancelled. No one will be charged again – effective midnight, January 25th, 2010.

    If you have a Someone Believes In You membership (separate from your WCM membership), it will continue to be billed and your SBIY membership will continue.

    Together We Can Change The World will continue to exist – but simply as our gift to the world. We started this company 8 years ago to make a difference and we still hope to do that. The MT is still here. Even though they have devoted many years, dollars, sweat and even a few tears, they are resolute in the belief that we tried to do the right thing for the right reasons. They refuse to lose.

    MPM was the engine to create the income to support TWCCTW. It simply costs more to operate it now than it brings in. A negative cash flow cannot go on indefinitely, something has to give. We’re searching for a low cost, minimal hosting service to keep a TWCCTW web presence so we can continue with working on the dream that started 8 years ago – not to make money but simply to give away our resources to make a difference.

    While my heart is so heavy right now over the death of My Power Mall, I still want to say thank you. Thank you for believing. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for all you have done and all you have given. I can only hope that you know we gave all we had to give to make My Power Mall a success.


    Ginny Dye

    My Power Mall
    Together We Can Change The World

    • Joe

      Call me crazy, but I’m sad to see it fall.

  • Frank

    “Does My Power Mall keep a % of every purchase made? Of course we do. How else do you think we could offer a Free Mall? :) The % we keep pays for our systems, Free Malls for our members ”

    Ginny Dye 9-3-07

    free malls ? free malls ya say Ginny ?

    “Effective Wednesday, August 12th, the Free Biz Mall will cease to exist – though every existing member will be grandfathered in. ”


    You heard it here first folks … The same people who were being accused of being negative , were right after all. You want to make money with MPM, it’s going to cost you a fee every month . Even then the numbers are slim if you actually plan on making your money back.
    I guess the $500,000 original and the $400,000 solicited from its members and all those years of planning she touted were all in vain. But we already knew that …didn’t we !

    More so know then ever ,,,, keep your money in your pocket and tell MPM no thanks ! Next year she’ll need to keep more of your hard earned money! Shame on you Ginny.

  • 23ps

    Wow, when I was busting my ass trying to get MPm to make something
    ( or anything) Ginny Dye and her little blind lemmings were the annoyances of MPM. Now ,their messing with Pop Ups too ? Does not surprise me in the least. What a pitiful group they’ve become.

  • joerow

    I am sick and tired of MPM and Ginny with her dreadfully annoying pop ups that she refuses to stop. I made the really bad mistake of joining MPM and have regretted it ever since. Every time I switch my computer on there is yet another pop up advertising something else from this company. I have cancelled my account and written to them several times asking for them to stop contacting me in this or any other fashion but still they persist.
    So it is my intention to take every opportunity to give them as much bad press as I can until such time as they do as I ask.
    The moral is DO NOT JOIN this company unless you want to have your regular computer time constantly interrupted by irritating unblockable pop ups

  • FrankL

    “I am making some REAL money with mpm, if anyone would like to know how take the time to send me a personal email and I will tell you how!! “”

    I believe Lauren when she says she’s making “real” money from MPM.

    Last time I looked , pennies were still “REAL” money.

    This debate has gone on for years now. There’s an old saying that says ,” Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” For the last 2 years+ now, Ginny Dye and her inept group of cult like followers, under the guise of changing the world, have been in a constant ” fix it ” mode! Why ? because no matter what direction they take, the results are the same. There is a difference between improving something that actually works , and scrambling round the clock like a headless chicken to find a direction.
    In my honest opinion, MPM will continue to draw followers. But on the same hand , once these same followers actually put in some time, effort and tire of pouring their 15 buck a month into , they’ll leave like the countless thousands before them. Is Ginny Dye concerned ? Don’t count on it. She expects a quick turnover. She’s got to be thankful for all those 15 dollar donations .lol And , she also knows that every days there will be fresh meat coming in with more 15 buck a month dreams to take there place. It’s sad to realize , that after all this time, all these posts ,all the unfulfilled dreams, how people will still subject themselves to un needed BS in their life.

    How did I and the other get so smart ? Each and everyone of us was recruited by the same false dream and The MPM hype.

    700+ post on this thread , and Not one response from Ginny, or and spokes person from MPM.
    No one shred of proof of income.
    For those who have read these posts top to bottom, you’d know that Tina was a MPM fanatic. She was the team leader of the “cheerleaders”.
    Isn’t it odd, even she isn’t replying to emails regarding MPM. She hasn’t been to the MPM forum in about 6-7 months. Even the most staunch supporters are no where to be found!
    Ask yourself why .

  • Jeff

    There is no proof, just attempts by someone to fill out their downline! As mortimas said, show me the money!

  • mortimas

    hey lauren…. I would like to make some real money from mpm…. oh yeah… I already tried that….. Just going back a bit.. it might help if they updated their webpages to something other than the 1989 version of compuserve…… send me copies of your proof of all this “good money” and I will retract all my negative words against mpm…

  • Steve


    Seriously, though.


  • Lauren

    I am making some REAL money with mpm, if anyone would like to know how take the time to send me a personal email and I will tell you how!!

  • Crystal L. Cox
    Crystal L. Cox

    Update to My Pro Power Mall Post. From “Crystal L. Cox on Feb 3rd, 2008 at 7:12 pm ” First of All I figured if I really went Pro Power Mall in my Ra Ra here, I would get really good feed back, which I did, the feedback was so strong that I did not go all out recruiting or really put alot of effort into MPM.

    I quit after a few months because I could not remember to shop at the specified places, and did not get a rebate or money back. I LOVE shopping online, I have shopping at amazon.com for 9 years now.. I have lots of websites, and of course google ads, selling amazon.com products and many – many ways make thousands of percents more then my power mall. If ginny can really get thousands of people to shop at those sites and can get pennies or more then yes, by the member having to shop to stay members with the promises of riches that never come, ginny would make a whole lot of money, percentage or however she has it working those at the VERY very top.. would be set.. those under ginny.. not soooo. much..

    There you go.. there is my Update.. My Power Mall Sucks .. there you have it . You were right.. but you knew that…

  • the whole truth
    the whole truth

    Sorry to hear you weren’t treated any better then some of the others at PM Bev.

    I’m sure you were encouraged to not listen to all the naysayers !
    Sometimes in situations like this , the facts and truth are discouraged. Imagine how things would have been different in more drastic cases like the Jim Jones saga.
    To what benefit does it serve a naysayer ,or in this case .those who have gone before, to discredit MPM or any other business?
    Until the truth reaches everyone, cases like your and Jeff’s will be common place.
    I understand there is a movement to change the way the CEO does business from with in. Apparently , the MPM forum is all abuzz and clamoring for change. Will they listen ? I rather doubt it. Egos tends to get in the way .
    How long MPM stays in existence depends on recruitment,sales and ultimately not pissing it’s following off.
    If anyone truly wants to help people and change the world, let the world know what MPM has done for you or given you. The truth WILL bring even the tallest of tree down.
    Ginny if if all her foundations are supporting groups YOU would be proud to associate with. Do they conform with your political beliefs, your religious beliefs , your sense of fair play.
    All legit questions . Your spending dollars just might be going to a place you wouldn’t want them to go.

  • Jeff


    When I was going through the whole issue of trying to get my personal shopping credited – and waited almost 3 months – got the same cut & paste responses, that’s when I stopped promoting. Plain and simple, you can talk about changing the world all you want, but if you can’t get the basics covered ( crediting shoppers ) then nothing else matters.

    Epic fail – the entire thing because it fails at its basic levels. If they want to salvage this “business” they’re going to have to get that fixed first and foremost.

    Add me to the naysayers and evil people – I was a STRONG supporter of this at the beginning. I’m pretty internet/web savvy and if I can’t get things credited how can I expect people that I get in my group to worry about such things? If they don’t get their credit for shopping they’re just gonna quit – you can only take so much.

    Good luck to those of you still stuck in the hype – I see this stagnating until Ginny no longer makes enough money to cover her expenses. Then the entire thing will be shut down. Unless she hands this over to someone who knows what they’re doing…that’s the catch.

  • Bev Cooper
    Bev Cooper

    At last somewhere I can be heard! Im MPM member for over 1 year, have an alledged downline of 523, but in actuality maybe 200 active. I’m also the person who in the MPM Forum pleaded for someone to fix my broken biz website link so as to not lose any more advertising revenue. btw, the link was never fixed and being really stupid i upgraded that site to a WCM and that fixed the link! Lol, i am thick. Anyway about 85% of all my mall store orders never got credited and im sick of collecting all the info, turning it in and hearing nothing back. So as of today, i will not spend another penny on this endevor. Oh yes, and we spent $150. on Imfomercial co-ops and saw nothing for it…amazing. The reason for decline is not the economy! For heaven sake this biz is just perfect for a recessive economy!! The reason it’s failing is because the CEO refuses to listen to its members. She want’s to control everything, even though she has no experience in many areas. She calls it “changing hats” The biz site presentation was and is over 40 minutes long! It;s not rocket science to figure out same amount of hits and dwindle down to nothing sign-ups = NEGATIVE PRESENTATION. Seems like the KISS METHOD should have applied here. She asked for input on the latest upgraded biz site, I again wrote “too long”. People tend to become weary after 10-15 mins of watching any presentation and that’s a fact. I’m pulling my advertising at the end of the month, embarrassed that i got good friends involved into something that is going nowhere. If MPM had just gone with professionals from the beginning, they wouldn’t have wasted all their (and my) money and time. Oh yes, i’ve told you what my downline numbers were. Last month I made $43 and next month im due $24. I am 6 levels deep. I would have made about twice that much if I had been credited with my missing sales. Still pathetic. I’m so disappointed, I really trusted that this would be the biz i had always been looking for. Way too many little things need to be cleaned up before charging ahead trying add new projects designed to increase income. Steve and Joe, I appreciate that finally i found a place to be heard, MPM wont let me post more than a few lines or they block it. All the cheerleaders dont want to hear from me, they think i’m a nay sayer or troublemaker and all i wanted to do was get someone to listen to my MPM probs. SOooo add no support to all the other frought with probs, I’m all done.

  • mortimas

    good post Andrea, I do not ge mpm emails for some reason :}

    A workable business model, good group of aggressive marketors, a simple navigatable website, and easy payouts….. That is what mpm could have been and what I signed on for in the beginning…… Then they went the complete opposite direction… bus. model still workable, good marketors fell off as they were unhappy (it takes very little to make us unhappy) the website is crazy hard for new members and you are kidding me with the payouts, from checks to paypal to one failed debit card to checks again to another debit card, now I see that the program is not free and you have to buy shit monthly….. what a joke mpm has become and to all you people that bought into the deal when it went to a paid program, then shame on you, you shold have known better and there was more than just me and a few on this site warning you…… ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! that includes doing it constantly with an opportunity you are working hard for, if it sinks and you dont get out, then you sink too. I have been invovled with things that started out great and then failed, but I have always used common sense to judge when to bail. if a free product suddenly starts to cost money, then it is no longer a free product and your time is money too.

  • Andrea

    Does My Power Mall keep a % of every purchase made? Of course we do. The % we keep pays for our systems, Free Malls for our members (currently 39,000+ and growing about 500 a day), the 60+ people who keep it going, the One-Child-At-A-Time Foundation and the Together We Can Change the World Foundation.

    Am I leading my members by the nose? I guess only time will really tell that.

    I have no desire to fast talk, nor do I engage in it. I will let all my members form their own opinions based on what they see happening, or not happening, in the company. In the end, anyone can join us (because it’s free), or anyone can leave us.
    Have a beautiful day!

    Ginny Dye
    MPM CEO/Founder

    ______________________________________________________________Ah Ginny , I guess “THE PEOPLE” did make up their own minds after all. How the mighty can fall and nobody gives a hoot!
    Re read your own words. Look at MPM today and draw your own conclusions. MPM was doomed by poor management , false hope , and unreasonable expectations. You did nothing to let your followers know where they really stood. There is a difference between fantasy and fact.
    The fact are now evident:
    My Power Mall Statistics

    New Members Today(8:30 PM MST) 26

    Total Members 148,002

    Countries Represented 220
    No more 500 per day ? Have Those investors (400K ) get their money back yet ,or would you say they are getting nervous? Be honest Ginny .


  • Andrea

    I realize your conversation was directed to Mort, but may I ask you how much per month are you investing each month to collect that 42 dollars? Are you doling out the $15.95 for a world changer mall (who’s world I wonder). Do you give Ginny money to have her send you those special “somebody believes in you “inspiration ?
    Are you planning on jumping in with the MPM infomercial where MPM will be Charging YOU to pay the advertising cost on GINNY”S list of affiliates . (She wins from every angle on this scam) That $100.00 buck isn;t it?
    When a majority of us warned MPM wasn’t free ,we were told we were wrong …Strange ,isn’t it. It no longer looks free.
    Mort’s Right ,you should check out BC . I myself signed up under 23ps (as a saver), but I also know for a fact Mort is helpful.
    Good luck SS..
    oh yeah , I forgot to remind you….Did you make your mandatory purchase from one of Ginny’s stores this month yet? You wouldn’t want her to deactivate your mall and take over your team like she has the other now ,would you?

  • mortimas

    Sorry Spiritstrings, did not see you up there ;} well it looks like you may be doing better than anyone else in the whole company, so good luck with it… Have you changed the world yet or are you just in it for the money like I was, because that is a no no, and with your new debit card, how much is taken off your earnings and the new “have to pay” every month deal, how is that working out? May I ask how many referals you have and how much of that money is from your own buying? If it is from your own buying then that is great, save the money, that is what it should be about anyway…. Come on over to the darkside, check out the bc link on my site, (ignore the Obama humor) But since you are Swedish there is not much risk of you being an oversensitive supportor of either US candidate.

  • Spiritsings

    So Mortimas,

    I don’t count huh. :-)

  • Andrea

    Mort ,Maybe the fog has lifted and some are seeing the light.lol
    For the rest ……….Oh Well ! Let them dole out $29.50 here ,$15.95 there and whatever fees it will cost to reload those BS Debit cards (version 2) and then figure out how much more they’re going to be behind once they shell out for the $100.00 per pop for an informercial.
    At a minimum, they’ll be looking at well over one hundred bucks per month. How much needs to be spent in a mall to re-coup $150.00? With shopping the way it is , Guess who the only one making money will be? You got it, Ginny ( I love your money Dye).
    I Wonder what flavor of “Kool-Aid” will be featured next month? :)

  • mortimas

    Good thinking Jeff!!!
    Andrea, have you noticed that the kool-aid drinking mpm supporters have stayed away from this discussion and many others? I think the battle has been won on ivetriedthat.com

  • Andrea

    Be careful Jeff…You may be accussed of being negative and a nay sayer. lol
    Glad to hear you’ve seen through the haze of Ginny’s hype to read the writing on the wall.

    Ginny has said more in her absence then she ever did by posting here. Ginny ,you have lost your way! Too bad CEOs often get egoistic.

  • Jeff

    Wow, I’ve been a powermall member since Oct ’07 – I stopped promoting it about March of this year…couldn’t bring myself to sending people to a company where I couldn’t even get the commissions owed to me. I was one of the big believers in the beginning too…but fail at the easy stuff ( crediting your shoppers ) and you fail in my eyes.

    To see that it COSTS money now doesn’t surprise me…people weren’t able to make much if any money at all before. I haven’t checked myself, but I’ll assume that each person gets a percentage of the “sign-up fee” and the “monthly fee” from those they bring on board?

    Right back to the traditional MLM, make money off people joining rather than people purchasing products/services.

    Congratulations on becoming what you said you’d never become MPM.

  • Spiritsings


    I joined MPM sept. last year.
    I started to get comissions nov. or. dec. Can’t recall.
    Since then I get money EVERY month, and still do, ranging from $26. to $164 (the christmas shopping), promptly and without fail.
    Last pay out I got $42.
    People in my up line and down line get money too, though I have no numbers.
    Everything I ever ordered was delivered.

    Will it make me rich? I doubt it, but I do enjoy the extra buck!

    I live in Sweden, and I still get it to work. And yes, it is more challangeing belonging to the international crowd.

    Some people hate it, some people love it.
    Sounds like life in general to me… :-)

  • ArmyWifeMBA

    And the business mall is now World Changer Mall at a “cost $29.95 for the initial set-up, and only $15.95 a month for the ongoing subscription cost!” This used to be FREE…..

    20:17 EST Oct 19 08

    New Members Today (MST) 22

    This concept is basically a done deal. Time to put it to rest.

  • Andrea


    The new MPM infomercial is coming out soon. For a mere 100 bucks you too can hope somebody signs up .Yep another added cost being passed on by Ginny and the good folks at MPM . Couple this with the 15.95 per month charge and the the fee to get paid on the Newest version of a MPM debit card, and say good bye to this free financial security plan.
    If anyone has any doubts that MPM is on it’s last leg…check out the recruitment numbers .as of noon EST today 145,000 supposed members have only managed to sign up 5 (yes Five)new suckers today!
    Ginny you can’t out give the universe ,and you can’t continue to flop around like a floundering fish out of water and expect the world to believe you. All those year you spent in MLM are starting to show the ugly side of MPM Ginny. To bad the kids and those who really trusted you have had to suffer!

    12:25 EST Oct 19 08

    New Members Today (MST) 5

    Total Members 146,859

    Countries Represented 220

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